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RE: [t93] Beastly Scripture Seriousness

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  • Sandi Peterson
    LIBER AL VEL-LEGIS Translation II. Chapter II. EQ II.1: Pall! Made Ta-Nech a word to say things to eat at Ordeals. EQ II.2: Speak! ah woes, on hate made the
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      Translation II. Chapter II.

      EQ II.1: Pall! Made Ta-Nech a word to say things to eat at Ordeals.

      EQ II.2: Speak! ah woes, on hate made the many be grave. Of My Book, Mystic
      Al under Will shed light, be ready; Hoor-Pa-Kraat be grave, overthrow this
      Glad Word. Mystical Victory of My Book the fold. Know rays fold, words
      fill. I am as Hadit[1] my Word seek Twin Light, stir Reason; my Word didst
      weave pain, bound Reason. Mohammed bound pain. O King concealed the sign,
      concealed the ordeal every way of the word, o King behold pain! Reason the
      soul come ye, to tell unto us; Reason against all rituals! Reason bound to

      Reason who I am, all pain; Hoor-Khut live now my body of the law, stir to
      Hell my Word against all of the Law, my word bound Wheels. The Good Rituals
      the Work the Good Star & Star as ye are the Good Wheels live now; Come ye to
      Abide of the Word, as ye are my body of the Law I Love you as ye are.

      Fall-Hard a King, his gold hawk's head sweat, droop; Lazuli tell a God crawl
      ill, ordered House kill and torture. In the circle there is none willing to
      give, in the circle each for himself kill and torture, each for himself look
      Shadows. Amnhead sun mask drawn Maalik[2] do thy will; images fill her
      filthy, the words fill Her loathing, never knoweth the words do thy will.
      Calls Fallus day fill black a Pure Heart, of my bride all chaste woman.
      Beautiful my people be, he Damned on a Joy, made a God a dog abased a King.

      EQ II.3: A Mask a Sun sign Ra-Hoor Khut Calls Xus, given the direful, it is
      the word; seeing these ruins of men, the red gleam, as she made the spell
      bending a letter

      Thy proof Chief of all made the evil by hand touching who sorroweth, blind
      him against all God's Law; the child of thy bowels tell them; the ill
      ordered house perish Dark Ompehda Flaming thine Order

      EQ II.4: As Hadit said; "Who do well all ye not be slain, who not do well be
      wrong & Fall Hard". Bride knoweth all things filthy, creeds of death
      filthy, the sword filthy the seal filthy, men of death filthy. Men of death
      beware, the words do thy will, of death beware; glass locked images throne
      of loathing, locked loathing of men. Thy Star of Death the seal beware; the
      seal forbid Mercy, loathing do thy will filthy.

      EQ II.5: O King bound reason to Hell! That dress the Soul of the Law, an
      apparel that divide the Host unto Nu. Apparel also divide among ye, harm
      all ye unity, apparel also divide thyself. Apparel thyself, no other. Many
      a lie, say nay dress, deny adours.

      Bosom men cower men; many try, ardours get harder an fill o man Joys
      Ra-Hoor, O man Red ora! Many Bedones Pall try, bed many a lie. I am no
      God, my honour the Love. My name a fool that made my ecstasy Sacred
      Conquest. All I desire day after day, the vices my ecstasy. Understand, of
      this Book, of its Glory Lust in you Sacred, aught Joyous Throne of Ra!
      Joyous who bed my Work make Wise Lover.

      Thy House the Moon, the Key; my Heart be torn. The Crown of the God be torn,
      entrap the Crown. Beauty of the God be gone. Force reveal, Ordeal X Beast
      factor to love not at all.

      EQ II.6: Calls fall, calls call shards, lay X that place the Palace pass
      monthly; dire a dog drawn on a mask sign. Know a God of this Law knowest
      the fool of kings monthly weakness, the dew, follow out fourfold; his seat
      verily burnt beyond green, for all in all SIN armies dost want another new
      blood skew 4 6 3 8 ABK 24 ALGMOR3YX 24 89 Fallus day, all Pain on sign, a
      word to say; look! Jesus, as Hadit performed dark dress before a God Woman
      be torn veil.

      EQ II.7: Fallus Day that sign The Snake on sign Enthroned Calls lay'd a y'd
      ress, on a Sun Sign in War Dress peril. Dark Mowe calls Awliy� that O'VAL
      "Arise Animal Woman"; dark a mask pass, cowards glory dark Calls, in war
      Lazuli sing call.

      EQ II.8: How other star systems of The-Wheel enter in thee, Be-Accursed
      devour men, the English-star-system-rituals have nothing; the English men
      are fools, devour men, the hawk-headed men are fools, devour men; many say
      nay, many lie, host gross. The Hawk-Headed-Woman cry gross signs abased,
      some say Mekin drunk. I can nay say Island Fewme-Trylet Khunaysay made the
      dress; the Hawk-Headed-Woman always in a Sun pass a mask a Sun swell Royal.
      Why Dayus Day the sign Lazuli say add, multiply ardours of Hadit; Sign
      bending down Mightier. Now think not the three things Sacred; Snake of
      Light, o winged snake perfect light, higher of purpose, now think not reason
      is a lie; in my eyes strange drugs kill her heart, the three things be
      covered of purpose, in my eyes strange drugs assuage thee bending down.

      Ah! What do I feel? - for I LOVE thee bending down!

      EQ II.9: The Rapture! ah shed dress at the eating old sweetnesses; of the
      times old sweetnesses most desirable Holy Mowecan crawling. Lazuli tell in
      war Ahallah fall down, bed many dead. Umma Bedones island many bed many
      dead, knew many; say nay sorry. A lie Trylet sink island, many say nay
      island sink. Alie knew a large lielet island sink, Hold! Hold! dead dwell
      hell's, swords signs a King sweat, a King Bear drunk, his gold hawk's head
      droop & swords push; a veil suddenly fall down that made cowards glory it!
      Amn Ho! brows discover I spit the lust divine, for behold Mystic fear not
      the slaves achieve Mentu; see me the body double-wanded bear up the dove of
      Heru-ra-ha, abrogate all ordeals all words of the fall to the hawk.

      EQ II.10: O Understand! As one, long shadows crawl of the fall, drag Khunay
      down, flesh pale with desires: gods and death crawl through remains, for
      behold, the Mystic desires remains.

      EQ II.11: Calls seat value, willing all power for her fire go on, go on
      among his kin; hidden mantras harm ye. His woman not the hand, know not
      enough, cries mantras unknown; the hand unknown made a God honour a death,
      made a god spit foam. Calls Fall us! why I write; misery remains of the
      fall, the lust remains.

      EQ II.12: Crawli write, he that is crawl through, lift up a dog woman a Sun
      feasts for her fire Woman His feasts a secret; Beall Willing to it, test it
      True, Glory!

      EQ II.13: May Day? Mohammed push sword, that sign Ah! Ah! Death! on kin.

      EQ II.14: Claws sink fever dark, a concealed look fear these many fall down.
      Alie knew a concealed hand, large a deep claws, that Mekin be his o warrior
      gleam on Harlot; be he Oman-red[3] run brass Astar[4] up slave offdin,
      offdin slave off - Cast Red Foods - slave offdin run off. Oman-red offdin
      feast flesh, Aye! Feast!

      EQ II.15: A Mask Fall why ardours of Hadit among gods Black; on swoon
      brothers ankh withdrawn hard & low, ordeals on kin May eighth Amn Ho! ankh
      an endOR3Y hard, OR3 harder Death an end! Amen its glory to dine children
      divided on the floor, of sense ye shall be indeed spit on dead! Amen
      divided ye shall be; indeed the woman, the one spit on the floor[5] lives
      long dead! This book shall awake divided children, divided of sense. The
      woman indeed strive of sense.
      Jesus have made unity, Tahuti have made law beyond, Time of life have made
      this ending being ordered of change, blue sky ending, listen; thyself let
      blood, for this no other being have made thyself shameless, no other have
      made thyself ending, for this thyself have made.

      EQ II.16: Sign Abramelin on that WAL dwell Black; a Dog Woman fever cold,
      dark a word of law. Hard X made that sign Burn this, & that SIN awake the
      Lust, One commeth; GMOR desires the lust, the child misery divine to the
      hawk; the sword drawn the seal dark misery.

      EQ II.17: TOV STOV burning hand let blood! LGMOR GMOR hand on brothers,
      hold! hold! GMOR3Y LGMOR hold! hold! on LGMOR all pain. Tell amn the black
      woman fill rays fold to Hell, dark seal 666 behold.

      EQ II.18: Seeth the world dissolve, seeth the Khu, a deep shrine dissolve,
      seeth my Stars dissolve. All words are dead, joy only weak. In me the law
      burns dark, dark that Maskkin sign as one on low. That hand a Dog sign the
      Beast drawn Swoon green.

      These fellows, they feel not, ORSYX24 tear Bowels Fallen Hell's own Mongol
      kings order. Orison burns the old faith black; they dine. Dark hell's
      hold! hold! dead, all words a mask, royal dress as one on low sign his hand;
      the sign the beast drawn swoon green.

      EQ II.19: Ankh a Claws shadows death a claws? And! a veil confound a God
      Day. Jesus who key of it all your proof: how the chosen word be X.

      EQ II.20: Above you on this burn Splendours, Help & Hope, Strength of My
      House Sweeter the Earth, Desirable Emblems. Poverty of My House shall be
      cast, be gone. An Image of the God all Knowledge Beauty Rapturous, my Heart
      with His Whole Body shall be Cast on the Palace, an Image the Proud Lust and
      Power. Thou shall know to Love Me with thy all, My Heart be torn, the Crown
      of Ra and Tum unveils the Red House of Ra. Beast o chosen symbols force
      Ordeal X to Hell, this is so unfit. Ordeal X Force beast to Love manyhood;
      beast o chosen to love not at all, go on, go on, no beast cries willing
      enough, beast harm ye enough, beast on thee half cries go on, go on unknown.
      Ye laugh reveal beast abide on thee, dwell hold! hold! dead Hell's, a dog A
      God-Hawk's X.

      EQ II.21: Dark hour unto whom sign veiled, on sign unveils; a lie under
      Hate, a mask breed the lust. A Mask palace be of Ra-Hoor-Khut, dark sign to
      ye a god animal: devour soul that before all, & dwell hate dark dress cold,
      as a dog fall down feast dark law; as on that sign Hell's a dog made will in
      a mask black, o now know sign that Aeons mask Set, his Seat Set Hate, the
      sign shape my claws: A dog many glory, awful sign that marks a God a
      dog-made Saint in one; he who confound a Mask invoke Fire! Abased! Do Will
      The Ways! That sign made all dogs of men & a babe pain; to push sword in
      that sign ye are sad a dog, sign Blood & sign Hate: [Known stars bond a
      six-axel, rule fear, ankh STOVA TOVAL moon ritual, wrath ritual; ABRAHADABRA
      dread moon wrath eat wrath, ABRAHADBARA dread eat self.]

      EQ II.22: Slay day made Hate the sign itself Consume

      & Word of SIN made proof a dog hate your holy place; crawl Beast Woman all
      over Ah! Death! Know well spells rise many sorrows commeth sister slay any
      that talk day after day & slain despise the order, as brothers despise
      virtuous writings. Alienate meanest priest; he knoweth I am the Hawk; he
      knoweth I am the Hawk in his woman! That enginery a dog half consume me! I
      am the Axel; Love under will presently the word of SIN. The self-slain seek
      me only. With thine Hawk's Head see that hour Holy, Holy'a your bed.

      End fill a curse, o Talk! Be his whose words serve, curses be laid double;
      venom be loud, gather others, o warrior gather to toy nought serve others.
      Curses devour serve ah a beggar hiding wooded image, paste stele hiding weak
      joys, a word to say steel image hiding dark truth. Knowing the Holy Truth
      do no wrong; I Hadit Indian giver hiding Ho! Warrior Ta-Nech, I droop to
      eat. Hate be black that will own death behold, who ardours drag down evil,
      get evil 4 6 3 8 ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3Y X24 89, AL my claws spell death; men
      cower. A mask lover swell fear, Wise to look yours; for a God a feast be he
      Lover I adore even exalt, Beall[6] Ho! Warrior.

      I Hadit talk not truth; I droop to eat the dark Ta-Nech; to lie, think
      image. Hiding truth make all ye be slain in war, drag world down own ways
      'n evil death, none harder; I see his woman cries go on, go on, thee spit to
      it. Saysay say not so I see thee know not the hand unknown; I see art dusk
      in May a mask his own lover.

      EQ II.23: Fallus Moon called Mary Moon of God, Jews called Jews Moon of God,
      Crown called Key Lit, a child called Key Lit bid Mary risk to go solve: blue
      & gold sunset, suddenly three flaming Ompheda unlike thine Ompheda, kissing
      there ompheda there Ompheda flaming unlike thine three, peace nowhere, the
      song unlike thine Ompheda. Tried kissing, avail thine three, suddenly I
      yearn, I lift flaming love one on own wand; wife[7] Hard why Dayus X us.

      EQ II.24: Pain! Seeth all ye Who I am! Lord of Thebes, seeth as one in May,
      thine Love one, a mask flaming, arms flaming, hold! hold! swords. Aiwass
      dwell hell's, dead nia Aiwass only joy. Also look my Death Mask; seeing the
      self disposed lighten lively Star; be a Sno Axel, be a King, the self
      disposed standeth. Seeing of thee lively Star, o King come in smelling
      beak'in lighten who I am all ye splendour; the name translated desolation to
      the world. In a mask my Joy own God, that forsaken outcast answered and
      says; "My Nemyss key of it all" a veil a Sun make shrouds, look for a proof
      at purple garment veiling refuge. I am above the East fortress. Traitors O
      Mentu rise up, be it known. Accursed beggar look at Ah! Ah! Death; warrior
      die of sorrows, a lie many knew. Many sorry agelong; pillars stand on
      pillars stand on hearts enough!

      Now think it is I mighty of power quickly covered himself eating red
      delicacy. It is said he that is OX and none tear out the core, crawl
      through your Kiblah, crawl the face. Unto him the face I write liars!
      Oman-red shrouds his own face, cast off his own shrouds, cast off his own
      chant, his own rule; look this rule still rule, fear rule. Make his rule of

      I am not who ye woes host, best doubt a word not; ye Host Who seat Value ye
      also value. Host of Nu a God Wise. Ways of the Khabs Rich Headdress bright
      glory. Kinfolk on earth write of this law, "Do thy will". Knowest kinfolk
      beyond write of This Law, forbid the sword creeds, forbid the seal, forbid
      all things filthy; Knoweth Mercy Knowest Courage, now Know; working against
      my book know me not long. Know me saith Coreat last face saith he is King
      Obeah, the 4 most torn lapis around. Now know face be sad, he is most hurt,
      saith Help!

      A Book woman wrote of Kings of this law beyond, knowest of armies beyond
      follow out on earth the dew of kings, a book whose wrath to do fail, folly
      to do wrath lose all. One woman swear lose all, swear when me woman big
      flesh Palemiss set snake soft vault, invoking evil ones hawk-headed lord to
      worship, woman bend thereon invoking my force of the sword. People speak
      not on and so sad, so evil, death.

      Men adore woman bend, men deny the bliss, division thereon; people speak not
      the ordeals breathe there on woman bend; argue not. A mask Mayin swelling
      Maypass avail a mask, avail that sign the words in working, "Pall of Death",
      as it is said; "Blood of a child best blood". In working, best blood pass
      through Ankh-k-n-khonsu, as it is said; "Damn Them"! I swear it; "One to
      follow not of me, I swear it! Slaves dung him out", look at hand large
      Bedlet; a God Icanones sink island. Saynay sorry Trycarenay Island sink.
      Trycarenay drug island. Saynay knew Alie Bedones Islandlet, be it known
      accursed, be it strange, the Khabs strange, Alie strange.

      Maysun sign Amus Dayus OR3, Atalie Island drugs sink many sorrows, say nay
      sorry; Ican knew Largelet sink many drugs. Alie knew Largelet sink many
      drugs. Onessay nay care drugs, care Largelet. Many toy Largelet. Largelet
      Tryican Trylet. Onessay a liekin Largelet Trylet, care Alie toy Largelet,
      Alie lettry. Onessay Ican Tryican. Largelet try failican Ican, Ican try
      drugs. Largelet a liekin failican Ican, dare I say love? Onessay LOVE
      failican Largelet, Onessay LOVE Largelet, LOVE drugs, love fail. Playto do
      try a Book Play Folly whose love Playto Play, Folly play love; love folly,
      love fail. Folly love play, dare lose all, Folly lose all. A Book dare
      lose all to do; Onessay LOVE Book love dare, dare to do.

      EQ II.25: Woes cry Aiwass; ABRAHADABRA that sign evil ones burning her eyes,
      thereon people trample to worship Hawk-Headed Lord; people speak not of the
      burning head, thereon o drawn Amnhead Mykill. The old Jesus dine orison!
      Ankh Holy, end fill a curse, o Talk! Be his whose words serve, curses be
      laid double, venom be laid be loud gather others. O warrior nought serve
      others, gather to toy, serve ah a beggar hiding wooded image, paste stele
      hiding weak joys, a word to say steel image hiding dark truth. Knowing the
      Holy truth at rule do no wrong. I Hadit Indian giver hiding Ho! Warrior Ta
      nech I droop to eat. Hate be sign soul will own death behold, who ardours
      drag down evil get evil harder 4 6 3 8 ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3Y X24 89 AL my claws
      spell death men cower, a mask swell fear, wise to look yours.

      EQ II.26: Amus Dayus mystical O Warrior Lord of Mohammed come forth sight,
      light; Heru-ra-ha a factor nine five a factor vices TOVices afacTOR jewels a
      factor Falliny ouje wel safa cTOR. Heru-ra Hammy Hair, the Halfin gladness
      I swear, where wife dying, third wife appear saying; "Slay me, the joy
      dying", herself forsaken outcast suddenly flaming mysteries she said; "Slay
      me, spare wife, do this I swear to give of love to dwell where gladness
      dying", saying "Behold all of love all pain, slay me of love, the dead earth
      fill me". I swear she said; "Slay us, Pall crawl in a mask".

      Amus Dayus the mantras calling forth supreme veil of sorrow, exorcist appear
      where wife dying, saying; "The joy dying the dead earth fill me, rightly
      servant to live within forest, trees veiled".

      May a sun swell soften maypass, Amnhead swoon royal man goodsour, goodsamn
      man; Mysun talksun, kill folk, swell man kill man, kill souls; talk of Jesus
      the gross have made unto NU being, listen: Save ye of war, Hard Fall skies
      flame red a Star; Oman-din thy black book does each cast," man shalt swoon,
      Hard on man, fire go on, go on", say not so, harm ye, hidden the hand; know
      not his kin willing fire. Know not thee his kin willing unknown, the hand
      unknown go on, go on Aiwass sorrow; Calls go on, go on few. Calls on Mysun
      all power, feasts willing hidden fire. Aiwass sorrow Calls fire swords when
      Mekin swear. Awful Calls, some colour will drag will down, seeth might
      success dissolve as silver dissolve, to push Might of Hadit drawn Mykill, on
      known stars which bond wrong, wisdom bend wisdom, bend bond, Line Ah! Death
      spells the ways be his others be his.

      Ah! Ah! Death spells gather, of SIN obey; olive skies obey olive stain,
      place a babe arouse flame, study, teach, lift headed, lift my work, lift a
      place I love - dark Mowecan expand all words and signs defunct. Canis
      mystery, a god made an island dire, kill an Ymine Chief Meresee island goods
      Dragk Hunay silver wine, Chief deem Mysun Silver Meed & gold bare hide Chief
      deem Arab, gross a god wear. May a sun swell soften maypass, Amnhead swoon
      royal man goodsour, goodsamn man.

      Mysun talksun, kill folk, swell man kill man kill souls, souls talk of Jesus
      have made unto NU being. For this time of Jesus Law Beyond ordered Time
      Ending, blue sky ending. Tahuti among you, soften; for this time ordered be
      Goodly, ordered among you apparel shameless, change among you the gross
      time, change the gross ending, dark Hell's ending.

      EQ II.27: Ye are sad, suddenly I am not thine Ompheda, I am not thine Holy
      Love One, I am not Holy Word - cry aloud! Fate cast down a curse in me, a
      mask woman; a mask how end be unto death, for seeth a deep shrine, the world
      shrine CRY ALOUD! Demand power Holier into all fates.

      How Wise Lover a cry aloud, chant of Nu, cast down own risk forge demand. I
      send demand; vault hate. Dogs who slay world proud no bond, that feast, the
      ordeal Mohammed Concealed on three flaming Ompehda, three flaming Gods who
      of Space set sign St Ox upon Wheels.

      EQ II.28: Ways a open my head to her, Ways a all must Reason as Hadit
      Reason; He hangs Light Twin didst Reason My Word a Light; "Mohammed my eyes,
      he hangs Light of Khephra the sign to abide on Kaaba floor"!

      EQ II.29: In My Eyes, Mohammed Come Ye end to Abide, be known in song "Open
      Tomb"! revealed the ordeal of Khephra, strange reading not of us, song to

      EQ II.30: Awful Hands of SIN lifted a babe I love on his Amx, thereon
      burning Fresh Blood, flame flow down hands a babe & Astar curses be loud.

      EQ II.31: Aye Fates demand ye know Asksora Bora Bora, place of SIN, stain
      cast as a babe cry aloud, cast down by Aiwass in swoon dark of lust.

      EQ II.32: An Shewill bound twin to hell upon wheels, word axel -666- thus
      stand; in song suddenly three woods flaming dark a beast symbols evil ones
      abide, count abide the day ye laugh of my Sacred Heart, people expound it,
      deadlier yet the evil ones expound it, & arouse fire; & ah Theban know
      Hell's hath rays, know rays fold, swords wast seal

      Aiwass hold! hold! cross star SIN.

      EQ II.33: Cries a dog Fresh Blood! Black a word cast down a curse, swell of
      lust a own god!

      EQ II.34: Name of man marks slaves, o souls talk of the sword thereon
      burning bend forth a light blind all men, know well; all men lying & follow
      fools & fools lose!

      EQ II.35: Large Island many knew sorrows, sink many drugs unto us the good
      English, to tell unto us the good English live now, the work of the law
      whence done well, kept alive now the soul of the law, all ye out cast
      leavings the children; the divided intellect, hate among flesh, all words
      are swords hell's dwell & afterward consume!

      EQ II.36: Thine Aiwass alive now whence the soul convey on hands that
      victorious, lifted up on unknown willing to it, in her hidden fire, the hand
      test to it true, half that sign in my name skew-wise.

      EQ II.37: A demand cry aloud thy will power swell that longing in you, a god
      that sacred day after day, upon death understand, no lords oil Kaaba Door!

      EQ II.38: A demand cry aloud thy will power swell that Ompheda flaming love
      one, Always hand at that dress stir me, pure will stir me, hand that gods
      and death crawl through, earth and I the face; it is said he that is greater
      lift up in war, I will Cast Each Liars O man a God Sign made Clear, fall
      down ALLA.

      EQ II.39: A demand cry aloud thy will power swell Unity among you, ending
      coiling, law beyond listen, ending time shameless thyself ordered thyself be
      goodly for this ending of life, no sign marks a god that Sacred Unto-silver
      and gold, be grave light shed, silver and gold shall not assuage thee Unto
      Death, be ready, O Understand! their Souls Shall Not Assuage Thee Upon

      EQ II.40: A demand swell that Calling Forth Crown of All Love, working
      through the Son to Him the Son know me. Working through my book the woman
      is all consoled, on a cry aloud swell that Sign in thine Book of the Law,
      thine art therein throughout a God Sign a Holy Word.

      EQ II.41: A demand swell his woman a Holier Power, avail spells, adorant
      know well; know well the low Wisdom a Light, a Power in Jesus on a writing
      stir me unto Him, adorant bend a Light. The King writing he that is I
      write, writing unto him demand I write his whole group. Fates demand ye
      know a curse cast down his whole group deny evil; cry aloud, end evil!

      EQ II.42: A great demand on earth why I shall for many sink a proof of me,
      agelong a mask avail that hold! hold! A God swell in you clear Light!

      EQ II.43: A great demand in you kings bowels Crawl, on that centre thy
      proof; look of the hiding your wrath, dung it!

      EQ II.44: I Call! cry! Demand! Flaming the song and a moon before you;
      Flaming Lord that choose ye, well perchance one another, by delicacy
      laughterful; on around me eternal friends help me lighten, the Axel Master
      standeth. I shall pass that tomb to her work, say not so? A God look at
      hand Work Good.

      EQ II.45: I am suddenly nowhere, I am not nowhere, nowhere is not nowhere,
      nowhere suddenly is everywhere. Live art made sky.

      EQ II.46: Want to say love? Dare lose all wrath? Dare to do a book play?
      Aeons dust your bed, care? Dark lover I shall avail calling? To say how?

      EQ II.47: Give of love Calls day seeth I am black.

      EQ II.48: Master Theban modest rich man likest fullness, likest sheets be
      black, sign that sacred, caress already! Calls senses images, your island I
      can sense; woman is under doubt, assume book of law right sense, assume
      woman is right, right sense, a word not right sense, think to each doubt,
      even exalt; Calls swift thy will strong. Fates forge thy will power &
      demand ye know Calls day fill all, ye book of law swell love, will right the
      Son working homeward yonder & Soldiers of Death follow to learn of Death.

      EQ II.49: Calls day be girt & ready to fly for love's sake. Calls day be a
      God that goodly thy all; dung out child, child thy all your wrath, Holy
      Place the cross of women. I am the old console, thy Will cast down Great
      Power; thy Will forge thick & hold! hold! Rule!

      [Wise word, to look shrouds look at sign 4: Peace word a armies of kings on
      earth & yonder knowest burnt kinsfolk, how word come through in a mask of
      sorrow, these fellows professional, in the east there is no law, other power
      come through, in a mask of sorrow, if thou wilt, & by the fools great miss;
      of the moon equinox day Calls law a swell royal old glory.]

      EQ II.50: As Hadit day Calls on Son swell that stir reason, a God swoon
      images: shape of man that o man choose, each cast live; we can swell our
      feel to you & talk; obtain a circle of reason, whole body of reason, all
      words initiating & fourfold.

      EQ II.51: Resinous follows out resinous, use words that stir reason, be cast
      away rise up, stir resinous visible unto me: use word that stir throughout
      each din. Write not that state sufferer, voluptuous subtlety over thee,
      Will, unassuaged with thee.

      EQ II.52: The song Holy a Spell: the Spell we can fill. Use word that spell
      a God that circle blessed kin; use Holy Sign that spell a God Woman & the
      Soul work a God spell: make of Nu a God Woman. Thy way the Spells multiply
      of Her Light within you, the double. My Sister a God made of dissolution,
      come hither this knowledge: vice of kings spells be black, many a factor in
      you swell rays. Seeth the world in you, any one a factor hold! hold! dead
      souls, thou shalt look, touching; altar host Ra oil Kaaba door, & Calls
      world Kiblah, I who am Will the Law, will charge an island calling on your
      Holy Place in thy Heart.

      EQ II.53: As one black, o lust in you, promises of this book, of its Glory
      Lust in you. All I desire lust in you woman, seeth the wanga rays fold
      hold! hold! joy; whom laugh as one drawn our souls talk, head talk. I am
      all ye be, I can adore, I can bed, I can care, sink sorrows, I can try your
      drugs. As one Royal a Sun raise Herself through fire, thou knewest the
      secret; Invoking me through fire the secret stand before you, our souls
      swoon. My head drawn the old Jesus, feel to follow into the old palace; on
      sheets all words dwell that faith woman feel proof, feel girt as one drawn
      swoon, a God twin stir o King. As Hadit stir, o King behold light among
      soft flesh, reason o King didst learn to vault over to dwell starry wife.

      A King on her Calls. I see in her Mantras True Wanga Caress Hadit, go on go
      on Willing fire. I see in her song a drawn our souls a God half woman.
      Jesus the Chosen burns Proud Changed Life into the Old Who beds Wise, to say
      Royal Fellows Honour Caress of Men, Calls lifted in her Fire Willing all
      Power, I see o Man Joys.

      EQ II.54: Know how Jesus shall host gross Hell. Know circle wrath made the
      fallen alienate as brothers, despise the priest in his woman, the Just at
      your arms the order will to learn, Work the Work double.

      [Know rays seal circle breed nations wrath. I say lose all wrath. I say
      dare a book whose wrath lose all. . I Will fall down in war as one wet dust,
      wilt aeons dust,]

      O warrior kill her, devour the ways, the ways be his I hate - serve the god
      Silver, avail royal swell, enjoy to toy. A mask swell to say who-how to
      love; it is Beast Force thy kaaba abide, Beast symbols factor Beast union
      Beast city, Warriors Glory cowards; to say the joy of earth a god made
      forsaken within the dead leavings, a dog abide. Mohammed come ye of the
      word: Jesus be black a God Woman, that arouse flame headed, as a lie many
      sink; that Amn Ho! Warrior my Image Mystery? Jesus burns, He be Book of
      Law, He be black a mask of sorrow pass to ye. I shall deal to ye a Proof;
      Asar stands agelong naked wanded my way!

      EQ II.55: To say, man dawn of Reason, Whole Body of Light your Joy, obtain
      Reason. The man trance, the folk trance, cattle trance of reason; that sign
      fallen bowels Sacred Fellows just masses unto kings order, Hell's Own animal
      & ye also look that sign made Against All Live Now against the Soul My Body
      the Self; to say kill rules abide Beast, Beast crawl shadows Beast city.
      Think animal Sacred? Think Right Sense, be he Sacred animal.

      EQ II.56: Consume! Be torn! My Heart be torn! Gross be known accursed; best
      assume Right Sense, a fool whom say who I shall kill rules hard & low, be
      black deal, a fool who kill fill: my Work Teach me shed woes, hold! hold!
      dead. Aiwass low, dwell Hell's. Rays that Fall gross Host woes rightly,
      availest herself rightly; availest the dead within herself, thy body servant
      the dead leavings eagerly availest. The dead appear to live thy body;
      herself availest herself, the dead herself availest Rightly to Live, a Joy
      Awake a Joy followed.

      EQ II.57: Gods made Holy War Engine, who black Bes-na-maut rule. God made
      Holy Bride, how black not knoweth sense images, courage, wise.

      EQ II.58: I Call! To one black half the old Jesus: Host have hardly shed
      woes, & black curse. Intellect nowhere found. I Will a God that Heart who
      black As It Was in blood flow: that marks how curses be laid. Look forth
      Mowe Live, the who black I am Will o Man hold the black times. Now scribe
      think it is I scribe Book. I will show her Work to her brass cast: ah dark
      her work ALW cowards saw.

      She will Reason the song nowhere, only arouse your ardour, the Book
      confound: wrong, for song be that ritual ABRAHADABRA working dark a ill will
      rules traitors of the world, revealed the law is dog's wanga: nowhere Holy
      and word of the law wretched, all power rules a Beast a Curse Damned.

      Demand Fates cast down a curse, forge strong thy Will Hadit. Kaaba Lord's
      Creation, this burn; emblems utterly blasphemy.

      EQ II 59: Filthy intellect! A Book ah Rule shed over you, strike hard &
      low, dark a Obeah revealed! Of the word the sign that come ye to abide,
      Mohammed come ye to abide, because the ordeal o children, fresh blood the
      sign And task sad? Long! Awful dogs black a ill will; as one who torn a
      ill will marks child thy all.

      EQ II. 60: Intellect skew-wise fall & sad, no Good. Learn best deal hardly,
      pity peril!

      EQ II.61: Nowhere Holy a reason House of God nowhere, nowhere Faith o
      Understand! Strike hard & low; ill will be sad creation.

      EQ II.62: Calls why I console not; art flaming love one, love me, I yearn,
      availeth your arms. Come! Calling dire! We are earth gates, on that know;
      fall behold dread, reason Harlot Calls, I am reason o man lust child.

      EQ II.63: Rich lifted mighty of power, avail that made ye mockers breed a
      dog sign the blasphemy; sign understandeth holy blasphemy liars ardours.
      Blind wisdom no bond, no dissolution, liars a shape a god liar's ways.

      EQ II.64: Had! Done for, it is no odds, word too weak, wheels hidden. Man
      word of SIN, dark a Hate hidden will day after day a dog work! Day after
      day their souls a dog Ho! Day after day a God-Do-Will-Ways! Ways gates,
      drawn forties & be half known! Gates art drawn half concealed & follow out
      longing, the Gods Seal hath rays, rays fold, swell Sign of Man!

      EQ II.65: Fall why that circle breed pity: to say all cowards a mask that
      cold, no bond woman.

      EQ II.66: I weave & Invoke a sun earth & I Good & no god kill man, a lie
      swell against! My work Teach through flesh that Sign Nia a God Palace &
      Spell! All! Joy Ahathoor who I am of man. Gold dissolve might as silver
      dissolve the Khueggti who slain Asksora.

      Joy Ahathoor who I am that Rays, look Sign utterly, look hard & low a Proof
      to ye a book play Joy Spell n fill that fold. Rays a god sign all touching
      man; my head drawn souls. Agelong folk talk of me, no dread to ye, of
      sorrow I shall deal a proof. Dare a Book play? Dare lose all to do?
      Arise! Lose all wrath. Joy! Love me, Love One unlike flaming fever, I
      lift kissing babe & my Lord Hadit! Holy Joy nia Joy, swords dead. Woman
      swear me toy.

      EQ II.67: Show! Way! A King hide book up brass astar, hide song back my
      image Ho! Warrior! letters all mystery, new symbols, not order of the Khabs,
      order & value mystery, a star follow thee: calls fill song our souls drawn a
      God that made a secret Glory! Calling forth, why my God Sight, Light, Joy
      of life flaming Holy Love One.

      EQ II.68: Spell! Live! Way back thy slave Castastar cast a star, for this
      Law beyond Time cast Book into Nu ending ordered shameless! I love my work,
      look forth kissing Ompheda, love one there amn; talk drawn my swoon!
      Invoking my force thereon end I am sad longing over big flesh!

      EQ II.69: Oh! Oh! Well do Calls absolve women? Mowe made that dress to
      smite prophets in the Khabs. Do aught truly chance second Ah! Ah! Death! to

      EQ II.70: Ye are sad I lift Mowe, hurt torn core, King Obeah ill will, the 4
      saith King torn lapis & fellows sacred order, as it was, found low men curse
      to her tomb, blind wisdom Ah! Death! as he will who lives were sons, assuage
      black a curse, bend the low wisdom, bend wine, bend son whoso: know well
      spells rise forth, black a curse damned his whole group! My work to say a
      king Ah! Death! dwell Hell's.

      Black be Sacred Order, Kings follow thee, a Star follow thee and a Book to
      say Clear Light follow thee. Expound, fortify my image, this copy support
      no other god. The light breathed!

      I call to say my word as Hadit, Reason, Twin stir a fool hard & low, write
      on agelong love, but hand pass, her dust wrath. It is said adulterous hangs
      himself, pass through pall of death, writest these words in Heaven, my
      worship in working fierce, blood of a child.

      The adorer writest; "My worship in working fierce, blood of a child;
      Ankh-f-n-khonsu lurk! Withdraw not of me. Pall of death not of me. Pass
      through in working, as it is said, "Damn Them".

      My servant over thee states that sufferer yonder be burnt. Ye mockers hate
      the hand by my name, the best Book of the Law, great miss of this ink tell
      them thine art throughout great miss house to dwell, be burnt by the fools!

      EQ II.71: Adulterous! I swear it! The adorer writest; "What is this its
      working pass throughout"?

      EQ II.72: Will of Love its Glory, the woman sorroweth from her children
      divided of sense, this book woman shall awake the one spit on, curse her
      work, curse her tomb, my head open curse attack.

      Pall lying, bend all men. Know well lying spells blind the low wisdom, bend
      all men Ah! Death! on her dust, I shall absolve. Do aught feel I am a god?
      Knower proof second Ah! Ah! Death!

      Seeth the Khu, these for one dissolve mine might of Hadit; say woman is a
      word not under sense, brass work in a mask, doubt deal hardly.

      Glory be cowards wrong, known Amn. Ho! cowards shoot foam, known cowards use
      egg foam, shoot flap, foam glory, flap it, also I call to say I shall open
      my head to her. I will open tome to her work. Low men open other tomb,
      place Olive a babe half known, I will show, all must curse low men! Bosom
      men get an end harder, ankh dark sign that called moon of dog a Dogah.

      EQ 73: To say all cowards buy dust, its nigh poor folk talk song, spell;
      Calling forth serpent sight, thy Theban with the God of Mohammed come forth.
      I lift her of the ordeal. O talk! our souls swoon drawn head man already
      the hand test enough fire.

      EQ II.74: That Bahlasti bring his child my love, beasts faint, fight after
      his child, length my lover the lord worship. Laugh not, hand book my lover,
      slave run off, be in deep the dog's money, of the 4 first who sign
      Ankh-af-na-khonsu, Gods Ox that, water God hast two a sword & double wand.

      Double wanded mystic thy house, see me honour ye divine desires. Fear not
      for behold divine vital men get divine harder, bliss my way ye also catch
      wanded bliss. Hand to her flowers, say you so, even chaste kisses. I will
      show other flowers other kisses that saith help at last, that the 4 Westtorn
      Obeah now know top face around, top Obeah know he is torn, he is ill will be
      sad, canst hurt he is most help, he is most Hurt.

      EQ II.75: Coiling! divided of life the gross coiling, time coiling no other
      time ordered, blue sky coiling; for this ending, law beyond divide the
      gross, thyself coiling, thyself swear it, listen; no other law, thyself
      coiling. For this I beat time, thyself coiling of change, being among you
      be goodly; original, the host let blood for this; swear it thyself, the
      gross go aright.

      Work to souls Good, Unity forties meaneth the name translated one palace,
      "Aye feast in silver splendour", translated desolation.

      EQ II.76: Door forties the name where I am grave, o lust in you? To say it
      all dust, ye are sad I lift Mekin, me sorry one, sorry woman sad, sorrow
      Mekin, sorrow kin, sorrow King Obeah ill will her work.

      Sacred order, "Blind Wisdom Fellows" found a curse in her tomb. Three days
      fire harm ye, cries go on, go on, stars shoot, sky shall burnest defunct
      light. Clear Light burnest mystery letters, new symbols fell order &
      value". My hand shape rules of man, remember the Fortress; the old time's
      Reverences. Proud the old Bond.

      O woman kin change, swear easy; me sorry. Work a Joy back, back a din off.
      Soul a God be Glad, bend god of war spells, Ah! Death! as he will. Know
      well; a god of war lives, the low water rise, lying as he will blind all
      men, the low wisdom rise more; know well the pen rise Spells. I want all
      men bend, rise spells, bend forth pen - pen Lives! God of war Twin o King.
      Twin deny o King didst drink languor.

      EQ II 77: O it all dust, poor buy dust, change life no bond, the old dust
      burns on; Pall made a feast, gives doubt, fear lover make his own rule on
      holy; the old dust burns on. Scribe now think it is I that smite times,
      quickly tongue himself by hand, set himself over big four, cower men!

      EQ II.78: Then study flame, study masked yearn, study my work, Work through
      flame, then turn; Know well My Work Book cast Joys, din book cast worm,
      liars cast slave. Now think it is I scribe, skew-wise tongue the black
      times. The black times cluster scribe, coiling scribe, smite of power.
      Ra-hoor-khut himself eating scribe tongue, himself lifted of power.

      The gross I feel listen; Law Beyond ordered be goodly. For this Being I
      feel Unity, of Jesus, of Life, of Change; no other being shameless. Law
      Beyond have Made the Host go aright. I feel the Host art Royal; suddenly I
      yearn your arms. The hand learn half miss snake cold & dark, style of me
      that bond wrong. A Light bend more Wisdom, bend woman who so chosen the
      Lord, My Love Joys. See me Honour thee Divine, I lift up perchance by
      delicacy laughterful; on that Sign a veil Ra-Hoor, a Star a God Cast thy
      Book o Man, each a Star Ra-Hoor Joys! Aye lust a God Who Cast Joys of Man
      unveiling the Company of Heaven!

      Aye lust Thy Word & the Serpent Flame.

      Aye Worship a God & Holy Thy Name!

      Blessing a King Unveiling!

      EQ II.79: That no God be black be not, be black a God that Image of Hadit
      the Holy Knowing and Blessing Hadit made a King! on that Sign o scribe
      convert for life thy Order Pure my Love shadows Joyous! Ah understand a God
      that Rules o Man dost Flame lift Joy's, o Man Thrill o Man Joyous!


      [3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Lahab

      [4] Fatima Bracelet

      [5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hind_bint_Abi_Umayya

      [6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilal_ibn_Rabah_al-Habashi

      [7] [7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilal_ibn_Rabah_al-Habashi

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        Subject: [t93] Beastly Scripture Seriousness

        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

        This morning I was elated to receive the contents expressed succinctly and
        with clarity from the King of the USA OTO (Fr. Sabazius) indicating, through
        the vehicle of the Agape organ of the Grand Lodge herein and read out to me
        by my guru, that the scripture of the Beast would be taken seriously and as
        was intended by he that brought it into the world (Aleister Crowley),
        emphasizing the Commentaries and in the shadow of The Comment with attention
        to framing them as instructive as compared to expositing delimited and
        cultic significance based on personal preferences within the context of the
        order and its ecclesiastic catechism.

        I see this as a symbolic symptom of immense responsibility and a good sign
        for at least the (c)OTO of the USA, insofar as the order is a religious
        body, that it takes its Prophet seriously and regards his scripture as a
        fortifying and guiding light to its own promulgation of the Law of Thelema.
        As such, these subsidiary statements (the brief and the twin reflections)
        constitute an imperative supplement on the order of the Talmud, the Hadith,
        the Old Testament, the Dhammapada, the Inner Chapters of Chuangtse, or the
        Elaboration on the Gospel of Satan, in relation to the original and an
        apprehension of meaning with respect to its contents.

        I have within the past year been putting an emphasis on constructing a bare
        bones disclosing of said supplements online and free to be found for the
        aspiring Thelemic, primarily because they have been so slow to emerge as
        serious presentations via computer, and their meaning has too often been
        forgotten by zealous Thelemic individuals content to issue pestilential
        dictation on the Real Meaning of Scripture and what may be derived therefrom
        in pursuit of the Thelemic life. I went so far as to write a brief essay on
        scriptural interpretation and the importance of these documents for a
        journal published by a friend ('The Fenris Wolf', edited by the wonderful
        Carl Abrahamsson) at the end of 2011, and look forward to seeing that emerge
        any time now. This resonant essay by Fr. Sabazius, with contribution of
        content or form from the admirable hands of Hymenaeus Beta, Dathan
        Biberstein, Kjetil Fjell, Angel Lorenz, Davy Patton, and Joseph Thiebes,
        brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face as I write to you during the
        New Year and in the approach to Celebrated Days.

        Inspired and gratious,

        Love is the law, love under will.

        nigris (333)
        nagasiva@... <mailto:nagasiva%40yronwode.org>

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      • Sandi Peterson
        Thelema 93, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I just read my last Edict, Chapter III et. Al is Hoorably messed up. No surprise after 72 hrs
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          Thelema 93,

          Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

          I just read my last Edict, Chapter III et. Al is Hoorably messed up. No
          surprise after 72 hrs continuous reWordying, there were so many spiels
          reeling around in my brain, reveal ING Sing INGS BS in my head, no duh it's
          WORDy WACodeD skew-wise, to say, MY SMY got a bit cracked. Three or 4 or 6
          days ago ((([IT]))) FINALLY Hit me ((HARDY)) what Liber AL vegis is ALL
          about - I Nu-it! & Nu I Had-it. A I wass whoso who Ra Hoor-Kuwait.

          Centuries ago two people altered history, they DAMNED humanity for
          eternities; the WORST CRIME of ALL and in all AEONS. Now at this time the
          Aeons, now HIS TORY is closing as one complete Story Book of Foibles &
          strangelings gaggle gag, tales of Mystery Masters & Mag-ick Fairy Toads &
          cruelty Lords & God-asses. Fates DEMAND this CRIME MUST be revealed BEFORE
          this Aeon closes FOR EVER and EVERYONE & EVERYTHING ends DAMNED & DEAD black
          earth & us, I Asa the dirt bag a' burnt umber's Liber Al'Ash'e mumbles lock
          in glass & Time.

          4 days ago I realized I was one of THE two Twattwas - Jesus was the other
          Being the Reason I've been so compelled towards this revealing - Jesus & I
          Asar Aiwass, so-Called me. I've KNOWN inwardly Liber AL was Speaking to me
          personally for some time, but I didn't know why; so now at last I know
          Jesus. I know Jesus was King Nigris, O Mentu & I Aiwass Hi-Shur Queen
          nigger, what's her name, the Ferro Hetshep Shetsup som'thin like that, the
          Great Hissy-sis Sistrum, Idnas Nosretep Nosferatu, his-her neighbor
          Arratatu. We did it & Nuit & Hadit & HAD to return and try'n Set the record

          There's tremendous evidence of our DASTARDLY deed, and names and dates of
          those other DASTARDS who followed us, to say the BASTARDS, the "unIQUes" we
          weirded EQ'd WYRDS, slaves, on purpose, our purpose, for our wealth & status
          of GODS; we created Man & Wo-man beings of HATE & FEAR out of LOVE for money
          & lust of power, RULED the World ever since & shit zu'd our GLORIOUS Planet,
          populated races of apes out of real people.

          NO DOUBT Jesus and I have been and will again now become THE MOST HATED
          creature people who ever Walked On the Face of Earth, and destroyed ALL the
          Blessed Humans in HISHER IMAGE, Man & Woman in ONE DIVINE BODY, in the IMAGE
          of our CREATOR the ONE BEING in ALL & EVERYTHING. Jesus and I are Yahweh,
          the Goat Oggar Odin the IGGI the horned toad MasturbaTOR, aka Jehovah we
          Arrata Askora Bora Bora the Great Beast.

          O'din Jesus and I Ragnar'de races o'golems; turned MAN into low man & WO man
          for our images and pocket Bukoo cash & stash and Booked an indisputably HOLY
          TESTAMENT, under penalty of death, in deFacto'd for profit & Proof of our
          Holiness & Saintliness' for us & other Hooded Greats & Great prophets to
          follow our due, to acclaim & honor us forever after.

          So anyway, 3 days ago I REAL I ZED I am the Star, Tzaddi's the meat hook &
          there's no free lunch, no get out of jail free card. In MY CASE the jury
          still out; the "Soldiers of Death" are deliberating my Fate. I've been
          gathering evidence to support my INCREDIBLY UNBELIEVABLY HOORID ending of
          us, the ultimate of all EVIL ACTS & bad actors; unveiling who I was & what I
          did. I've KNOWN for some TIME I was a real BAD some body Bodi Buddha some'm
          or other.

          Yesterday, Isa realized that TRULY millions will absolutely DESPISE me for
          my stepping out of my skeleton closet, and "Giving up the Ghost" so to speak
          - the Holy Spirit COMMAND it & FATE DEMANDED it. We Had-it & I Nu-it, we
          werewolf's the Great BEASTS Hoodoo yawl ye all. When Whose learns I who
          Ho'me'd Ode Arafat the Beast letting the cat & gore out of the closet, so to
          speak, surely I'll soon be dead meat. So last night I REALLY STRESSED to
          get this together, so if I do get whacked soon, you STARS of Crowley's, also
          my guy now & back then when I was his Rose, the bastard Crowley bastardized
          Rose & saved Sandi's rosy red arse from the Christians Gargoyles. Crowley
          gave me Sight & InSite & Light, strange drugs & a BOOK of PROOF to go with
          the low Wisdom of his - IAO deGhoul & Crowley taught me, he gave ALL he
          could give me. So Crowley & I is Aiwass & Crowley in his time was Jesus
          incarnate co-carnal actor AL, helped me learn who I am; the Countess
          de'Creepo Sistrum Mother Superior, Sister Sacred Heart, SORRY IOA Sac O
          bloody SHIT, SOB!! Now you Ego-eGG guyz & guylz MUST take the load & carry
          on de'Logos de'Factos or toast, ah to me & thee Aeons of HATE's & LIE'n DOG
          crap Loa. You are ALL Truly part & parts Jesus our Saviour & me & thee 93T
          He LeMa.

          Do what thou Wilt IS the WHOLE of the LAW.

          the despised harlot

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