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RE: [t93] Mystery of the Letters

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  • Sandi Peterson
    Thelema Frater hoor-paar-kraat, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. How nice! We were just talking about you; Crowley s very interested in making
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      Thelema Frater hoor-paar-kraat,

      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

      How nice! We were just talking about you; Crowley's very interested in
      making himself known, so I'll begin here;

      ("Hoor-paar-kraat; stooping");

      Amn Ho! Warrior!

      All words & signs Order & Value be half known. Pity rich man, an-hungered
      in pride, adore thee prophets of earth; see them the coiled, trembling the
      night, exhausted in pride. The Law is for all.

      Crawle a sykin me when woman ink "The Fool" of this Law; kinfolk beyond know
      I weave; - the fool knowest. The fool verily of Kings; - his seat of Kings
      weakness. Knowest I write of this Law burnt the fool verily green, burnt
      our bed - four fold another breast, eight the dew monthly. Verily ARMIES
      his seat our bed! The Fool o near the very kinsfolk follow out the dew.
      Knowest I weave another fold, armies of Kings beyond a Sun.

      Al-Uzza seeth the Khu a deep shrine, seeth; success for Me given Mine Might
      to push the world, for Me middle among God's Might; Mere'a Mongall the
      Knowledge upon thy body, force vigour. I am Powerful. I write not
      Intimate; I Will on aright Force. Symbols reveal the day o chosen Ordeal X;
      ye force factor. See me Mystic thy house fear not; of thy hair see me the
      child eleven, for behold eleven, Hearts of all Honour thee.

      Drug sican Aliesa, Y'n marks body, marks out slaves. I who am all reason,
      as Hadit reason, reason Twin didst drink; Crawli Canones a lie - Sorry:
      foolish word girders.

      I that go left bahlasti beggar at rule, whence I am, alone, bring word
      against all, as ye are live now. My body of the Law against the Work,
      against the Soul. Hawk-Headed Calls Abslayon, as ye are in it live now, the
      Good Star & Star, to tell the Work of the Law; I amend; fillsh all. I am
      black. I am no God. Fillsh all.

      How that child see me methe Mystic, behold Rose. Ra-Hoor-Khu is the body
      misery, the slaves discover desires double. Lazuli called all ordeals all
      words moon meal.

      A child Mary loves risk to go of God; a child shoot child, a child alone
      called a lone Mary-Mary risk to go solve. A God look at Stars which shoot,
      shoot glory ah.

      I love my work, sky lifted, study through thrill, study fear behold blue
      twin, blue twin wheels blue line light behold twin souls bound dark a Rose:
      my work make wise. Ecstasy of Nu master, Theban write "modest". Soldiers
      of men poor and sad of death make wise soldiers. Of Ahathoor poor and sad
      of men, the Lord's Soldiers of Death visit at an end.

      Nemyss of Death O Nuit poor and sad, Nemyss of men makest result, death of
      men, visit My Nemyss a mask Aeons, close as one dust, its nigh done, all
      cowards close it all, rich push the end.

      O Judas this kiss cold! Mary lifted Jew's crown, bid LOVE ALL of GOD, a
      Child risk to go. Mary of God risk a Child alone, to go alone; riskkey bid;
      a child bid to go alone.

      A child Abell moony & old, say; the Son Higher'am hot'o him, Crow. No fall
      to him Crown of All Consoled. To Him, Stars shoot'n do well; oil His Kaaba
      door well. Abel body Goodly, dark dove dung body & sing strange love &

      A lie bed many sorrows, many sink drugs sink sorrows dung body, a Bel dovelu
      stout body, avail for I shall swell Royal Song.

      Thy longing to fly the low men thy longing the tomb. O Ankh-af-na-khonsu
      written; "All I can give, nothing is. Thy longing to destroy the whole of
      the Law disappear". I am the Lord Whole of the Law written in Ecstasy.

      The Comment written to destroy thy longing to destroy, thereby the low men
      loam, loaming kin dark cman Ankh dark & dogs hard. Calls hide ordeals, a
      king sweat his gold droop, glory droop.

      EQ III. 48: Dogs make shrouds to look wise, shrouds all words and signs,
      order & value the pain, and fortify their gods to do thy will, not other,
      and a book to say their god burnest clear light and woman is to do thy will.
      Order & value be half known. A dog'e hand sign to say fortify, their god
      burnest the pain, we ankhcan rich Aeons, as one it all done Aeons.

      As one Aeons done, all cowards done. All cowards say no, calls of war want
      sin in all blood, for all cross kissin' new blood work our law for all dost
      hear kiss work good Call - say Crawli Will that keen, power of lust strong,
      forge great group, demand thy will to kiss ye know..

      Fates cry aloud, a curse thy will, demand his whole group keen Holier as a
      babe runes. All is not thy will to lust, pit thy will, pit his whole group,
      as a babe demand is not keen. A babe arouse my Work flame Joyous, lift
      masked headed, through thrill study flame arouse my flame to fly. I Love
      old Crowly.

      EQ III.49: Fall'am Aluzza in a swoon for Song art Royal swellin' a Mystic AL
      a Light shed, be ready, she bends, beg - RAVE! of my Book this Glad Word
      thy, victor yo Warrior Lord under Will Light shed Wonder, ful of Heaven, thy
      name on earth verily the fool, follow out word, the blasphemy dark,
      desirable emblems, splendour empress incense promise, all gods of men
      promise splendour, think not thou must this burn, the Lofty of My House
      think not, utterly.

      Abramelin, THIS burn, utterly! clerk house creation, poverty the earth the
      lofty creation, emblems.

      I desire Help & Hope The Son not long homeward woman is through my Book not
      long, know me through & through the Son ah sky O'X a word at hand, look an
      end at hand. Ahathoor Bosom Vital!

      EQ III.50: My Head Attack low men! All must Attack! Low men kisses
      Discuss! Ever even doubt right sense?

      AL III.51: Y die with snake? Souls talk why amn drawn? Our soul stalks
      layman head good skillour, fall a curse. Fates Demand keen into all, in
      swoon forge Great; look that ordeal, absolve, truth bends as yet, proof do
      aught no wrong? Do aught feel faith to you?

      Woman look into the old life; eyes as yet no bond Law, O'X dew fly hard &
      low. A fool who behold my goods bound my word rob'e o'King, robe o King
      damn our Law, dress a star in all want.

      EQ III.52: Slay'amn co-ward, use wrong, it glory Headman Set S Score the
      four Obeah. King Lapis say hurt most, he is around most, aught be sad,
      canst face he is not King Obeah, be sad, ill will. La Pishe is most hurt;
      now know King aught be sad, ill will a dog a god every way of the word, the
      ordeal, the sign to abide & lying. As Hadit behold o King bound Wheels,
      rise pen; know well the low wisdom lives, water thy all body drink.

      EQ III.53: A mongo V'er set a mongo verse set snake among flesh amn drawn my
      soul, stalk folk, folk talk soul samnam, n mysun drawns woo n' goo d'samnam
      n' mysun go odds, o'u ram n swoons woo'n goo d samnam mango od Sado GO d'
      goo, d' SS woo'n drawn Amn sun dog do GO d' GG o'd gown God odd St Claws now
      own dog town, odd snow, oddsway slay fall hard, as it was fallen fellows
      found bowels thy way mongol order this Law body slaves lust thy all; that
      Set a dog cake Don'e ID, roops the dark Ta-Nech stele, "things to eat".

      NE cheat, knowing image talk not truth, we a Kab eGG Arab EG gars teels.
      Tele talk Truth Joys, the Holy Image to say love, Joys hiding truth, to lie
      the dark things. Stele in Diana word to say, weak, tolie to lie, the I Mage
      among miss flesh, pale snake, pale Set.

      AL knot a dog cake; that cake clear glass. Lazuli tell that glass fall
      down, made ordeal fall down. Y Lazuli sing; image steel ta nech. I Mage a
      Trule a T at Rule. Do no wrong; a beggar a ppe a Lap pe AL Ho! Warrior. I
      droop in Diana word K He p Hr a T-he Hi Ha DiT talk not the dark truth,
      steel talk not to lie, talk to eat steel - talk not stele in Diana, talk not
      a beggar hiding stele.

      Joys talk not the dark knowing Truth. Knowing appeal Truth, past ET ol'Ie a
      BB a on o'nosa. Y no'm's Ay say, that a secret any force beware! Hell's
      own worm hold, convert for life. His own risk hurt him, hurting. I am none
      J as Minek, NE. We stmy left. Night sky object her light, o scribe object
      of worship, the Aeons they shall fall, they swell the bowels thy order to

      After beast's vigour his child in red, length my love worship; length brings
      o chosen soul of god until Bahlasti! my love faints. Beast's bahlasti his
      child until so chosen Beast's beggar - until Beast's vigour faint - laugh
      not Beast's bahlasti until folk folly bowels, in can - He fall bowels in
      red; faint art a mask, his child amask bowels. Beast's faint, laugh not;
      the Lord Beast's His child until Pure Vigour single Pure Worship Soul of
      God! My Love His Child single Soul of God single BAHLASTI! Ompheda flaming
      Love one suddenly blue & gold sunset. I am not Love one!

      Fall Allis, not for her, know not hidden Allis. I see Allis not lithe,
      unknown Allis feasts thee unknown, unknown mantras harm ye. I see his woman
      know Allis is not true the hand lithe. He li, his woman cries! - his woman
      lithe to it! cries sink. Drugs sink his woman, on a lie many sink, say nay;
      many adore bed, sink drugs - many sink sorry.

      Line drawn the Stars; at thy Kaaba Queen of Union, Love of Nu My Light
      Hrumachis do thy will, beware loathing filthy breath. Hrumachis sense, fill
      Her filthy images, all things filthy, filthy breath sense loathing

      EQ III.55: Bedones bed ICAN sorry bed many sorry, trybell island ICAN sink
      law love, ICAN a lie; Trylet sink sorrows called trybell moonkey to go
      solve. A child of God called Crow 'n alone risk to go solve. a child alone
      thy breath trembling an-hungered exhausted in pride see them the five bend
      upon thyself, against self, too eagerly to smite a love, ill Willobe AC.

      Ah saith make swift the night; King Obeah most hurt, canst face Westtorn
      core, now know Westtorn King torn, face be sad; as Hadit behold o King
      reason she drink; o King stir to hell, o King bound pain, Robe o King yet.

      Blue light behold I who am all pain; she Will o King to Hell. Light bend
      forth langour upon twin, reason she stir my word, as Hadit stir pain upon o

      A Sun Song art Royal, a Mask swell; a Sun Pass in May art Royal. In "Hair",
      song I call; "I Doth ye awful of War!", Aye Cry, "Sorry"!! Ah! "Absoulon"!!
      "Absoulon"! My head other tomb. Low men attack low men curse, Absoulon
      blood flow, say you; "So"? I will open other tomb, Absoulon absolve, bends
      to her Ah! Ah! Death!

      Woman feel I am not slain, mine head incense, thou must blasphemy all gods
      of men, poverty of my house, the earth. The lofty torture Empress, Empress
      promise help & hope thou shall know to look forth of the book your armour,
      time is your proof, that place the lofty their fold "Mountain Time" is key
      of it, "scalars" their words of Ra and Tum lust & power scalars their fold.
      Key of it, HATE! - old-Khabs hate aum lose! Fools! You lose! Rejo ice
      vault! A word not known hate awake.

      EQ III.56: Old art a mask royal a sun in May pass a mask I shall pass, in
      song her Heart be King's before the four stamp down, silence her Heart, the
      flesh, thy light trouble, the four word Abrahadabra cry; "Shed hair"!
      Nobell Jews risk Mary to go solve!

      EQ III.57: Agelong Love shrinking thereof not Faith, the Kings the order
      Virtuous sweet words. Will to Learn, the Kings despise agelong Love a
      Splendour! Love of me shrinking. Love of me as Brothers at your Arms. The
      Priest Order the just unique sweet words. The Order Priestage long writings
      your light un-IQ-u.

      The Ju Stalien ate sweet words, nine ty the fallen, the Kings there of
      unique fourfold word, he knoweth, love of me the Order fallen a spl end our
      love alien ate, alienate as Brothers. Love of me in his woman of sunset,
      his light as Brothers , be girth! Unique Fourfold. Sweet Words fourfold,
      shrinking the fallen, shrinking the Kings the order. Love of Me be GIRT
      VIRTUOUS! old ah Glory; now rejoice, innermost invisible presence come

      Ra-Hoor-Khuit other power with the Joy come through of God and Beast. With
      the Joy there is no Law if thou wilt innermost Presence. With the Joy, if
      thou wilt innermost Presence come through in a single Robe, with the Joy
      there is no law of sorrow, now rejoice. These fellow come through with the
      Joy, my Number of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, style or value in the East, if thou wilt;
      Presence invisible.

      At an end Consoler of Ahathoor follow me Her Love. Lord Hadit poor and sad,
      death of men poor and sad reign result soldiers squared thy Star of
      Ahathoor. O Nuit Nemyss its rays Jasper, makest Thy Star poor and sad,
      reign of Ahathoor. Ye do well to learn, its rays squared death of men poor
      and sad, reign the Lords of Death reign, how shall I say a Book dare lose
      all to do, dare lose all wrath to do, to do lose all love, be black end, no
      God, no odds, all ye be slain.

      After bahlasti, beasts, beggars faint fight, folk folly stones the lord
      worship my Love so chosen soul of God, a men find Honour of man rules shape
      lovely, caress my hand; lose all wrath.

      Ah Khabs meanest Priest shrinking, he knoweth I am the Hawk of Sunset, the
      Order, agelong Love, as Brothers fourfold your light unique, Work the Work,
      the Just Writings your Light, fourfold, be girt, at your arms a splendour of
      sunset, thereof I am the Hawk!

      EQ III.58: Amen choose Honour, Honour Name of Man, of man in war that ordeal
      sign clear that a curse rain hard, runes thy will, damned, cannot console,
      thy will taken of lust. Demand Holier Fates, forge great Feast, I send into
      all, strong own risk demand own risk, cry aloud his whole group rain hard,
      to kiss, power Ra Hoor Khu rain hard, strong of power, demand, cry aloud as
      a babe cannot his whole group is not into all of lust, runes ye know say
      that Orison, the old dine into Jesus. The old they into dinel. I will
      tell; I fed Ressin warm ade & Orison cakes. A sun swell, cakes ala light.

      Life burns change. Change burns, Life lidded, no Proud Palace. The old
      life no bond, no wrong. Jesus change, the old change Life Proud cakes
      Lazuli made swell Maypass avail a sun for in song a God arise calling come,
      lofty means to say how we are hardly gross, host have Sop that foam to o
      line drawn, my light of manyhood the known the glory, adorations at thy
      Kaaba, crapulous daughter Hrumachis deadlier love of Nu that foam the known!

      EQ III.59: Alla establish all the sorrows regret over much, ye shall see the
      Lord Beast's Host!

      EQ III.60: Suddenly blue & gold sunset, woods flaming, love one nowhere,
      nowhere dark and Alla verily weakness. Ra Caddra laid last Kaaba push lords
      door close Aeons as one, all cowards buy dust.

      EQ III.61: Look forth Love One nowhere, availeth Peace; suddenly I lift your
      arms kissing thine Love One, ye are sad an khold. I am no God, hand half a
      god that Holy hand that now half concealed come forth Mystical Lord, Supreme
      Sight Light, Passionate our Delight, Because of Mohammed, with the god ye
      shall gather veil of sorrow. Joy of Law Supreme Sight Light our Delight,
      Joy of Life, Kissing her Serpent, with the God it is Delight. Wise Mystical
      Lord, I lift her of the ordeal of Mohammed.

      Love is the Law Supreme, with the God ye shall gather O Prophet of because,
      with the Prophet of Mohammed our Souls swoon Feast, ye also both naked, ye
      also Zeus. of the Great Certainty in Splendour I will reward, the times thy
      stature faint & faery thou art fallen, our agelong love secret Glory Sister
      Cometh my house, whereof a God made tell Lazuli sing, Lazuli crawl to Work.

      EQ III.62: Crawl good to woman, swear few rah'air altar remember me In Thee
      sweetnesses of resinous woods! good Soul woman we are hardly gross; know me
      not long, woman is all My Book Working Higher State not long all is ever as
      it was, my colour is black, a God clear, Stars shoot woods dark, word cold,
      cold ye also.

      EQIII.63: In war I will fall down all gods, long hast fool deal my name, my
      Honour nothing unto whom warrior lord. Desert heathen readeth my lips o'Ra;
      Run! Worm o'man,

      Love is the Law, Love under Will.

      The despised harlot

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      Behalf Of herupakraath
      Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 9:52 PM
      To: thelema93-l@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [t93] Mystery of the Letters

      6 / 27 / 12

      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

      Some might think me overly critical of the TEQ and NAEQ English gematria /
      Qabala systems over the last decade, but all of my criticisms were valid as
      well as necessary in order to clear the way for what lay ahead.

      All efforts at finding the English gematria system that unlocks the secrets
      of the Book of the Law have fallen short on one essential point: none of
      creators of the systems have demonstrated any genuine authority. The
      authority required has been concealed in the letters of page 60 of the Liber
      L holograph all along, waiting for the Child of the Prophet to utilize them
      in a demonstration of power: that day has come.

      The link below is to a web page that contains stand alone evidence of the
      divine origin of Book of the Law.

      Love is the law, love under will.

      The Child of the Prophet


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