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New England and the Bavarian Illuminati

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  • Brandon Lashbrook
    New England and the Bavarian Illuminati 
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2010
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    • Manuel Christen
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. We, from Astarte Lodge (Berlin), invite with great pleasure our brothers and sisters to join us for the very
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 25, 2012
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        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

        We, from Astarte Lodge (Berlin), invite with great pleasure our brothers
        and sisters to join us for the very special visit of Lon Milo DuQuette
        in September.

        There will be 2 events on following nights.

        Dates: 25. and 26. September, 2012

        "The Gnostic Mass, the Holy Grail and the Holy Guardian Angel."
        Lecture & banquet exclusive for OTO members, at Astarte Lodge.
        25.09 (Tuesday evening), at 19h.

        "The Magick of Thelema... a Sacred Heresy for the 21st Century"
        Open lecture & music, at King Kong Club.
        26.09 (Wednesday evening), at 21h.

        The private lecture costs € 25 per person to cover up expenses. We also accept further donations.

        The public lecture will be held at King Kong Club (http://www.king-kong-klub.de/).The private lecture address can be sent to people who register and confirm.

        As we have only a limited number of accommodations, to attend as many people as possible, please write back to us until the 5th of September: alexandrasoares888@...

        About Lon Milo:
        For those who are not familiar with Mr. DuQuette's work, here is a brief description:


        Author of 16 critically acclaimed books (translated in 12 languages) on Magick and the Occult, Lon Milo DuQuette is one of the most respected and
        entertaining writers and lecturers in the field of the Western Mystery
        Traditions. He is also gifted singer-songwriter and recording artist
        whose career has spanned 40 decades. So far this year his magick and
        music have landed him a one-man shoe at Southern California’s Chance
        Theatre, New York City’s famed Caffe Vivaldi, and later this year he’ll
        be lecturing on Magick and giving concerts in London, Glasgow, Gdansk
        and Berlin.

        He is an internationally recognized authority on tarot and western ceremonial magick and has collaborated on books with Coast to Coast friends Dr. John DeSalvo, and Dr. Art Rosengarten.

        Since 1975 Lon been a national and international governing officer of Ordo
        Templi Orientis, and is an expert on the life and works of the O.T.O.s
        most famous and infamous leader, Aleister Crowley.

        He is a faculty member of the Omega Institute in Reinbeck New York, and Robert Anton Wilson’s Maybe Logic Academy.

        He lives in Costa Mesa, California with his wife of 44 years, Constance.
        - - - - - - - - - - -

        We believe this to be a great opportunity to strengthen our fraternal
        bonds, and to take part in two very interesting events with an important and active member of our O.T.O. community. We welcome you all with
        great happiness and joy!

        Love is the law, love under will.

        Soror Urania
        -Astarte Lodge, Berlin.

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