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Upcoming magickal workshop of David Beth (OTOA/LCN, Fr. Borealis) in Italy

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  • draqquolo
    The Path of the Shadow Power Shaman: Sorcery and the creation of a Spirit Familiar - A 2 day experiential seminar in Italy with David Beth from December
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2009
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      The Path of the Shadow Power Shaman:
      Sorcery and the creation of a Spirit Familiar

      - A 2 day experiential seminar in Italy with David Beth from December 4th-6th -

      For millennia sorcerers and shamans of different traditions have been working with the so-called Familiar spirit, an entity which is uniquely bonded and attached to an individual sorcerer. The spirit Familiar becomes probably his most intimate metaphysical aide and assists the practitioner in a great variety of magical and spiritual operations. Dream Control, accessing spirit worlds, sexual magic, esoteric creativity such as automatic writing and drawing as well as initiation are all among the areas in which the Familiar may exercise his unique powers.

      Based on initiatic knowledge and transmissions of various traditions such as Voudon Gnosis and Kosmic/northern Gnosis, David Beth will lead us in the individual reception and creation of a personal Familiar through techniques of sorcery and spiritism. Methods of feeding and empowering the entity will be taught as well. Due to the intense and individual character of this work we have strictly limited the number of attendees to 8, possibly 10 people and require participants to be of mental stability. This workshop will have a lasting powerful magical and transformative impact on everyone.

      The Teacher:

      David Beth is an internationally renown authority on Voudon Gnosis; a close associate of Michael Bertiaux he serves as Sovereign Grand Master of Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua and La Couleuvre Noire. He is also a dedicated non-dualist Gnostic Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna and Grand Commander of the Fraternitas Borealis, two organizations working in their unique ways with the so called Kosmic Gnosis. His latest book ´Voudon Gnosis´ was released to rave reviews by talismanic publishers Scarlet Imprint.

      Details/further information:

      The workshop will take place near Modena, in an hillside region of northern Italy. A secluded but welcoming lodge in the woods will be at our disposal for the complete seminar, with traditional meals prepared by the owner family. Details to reach the place will be given to the participants. Bologna international airport and Modena rail station are both within an easy 1 hour reach of the destination.

      Participation fee is 280€, including 2 nights of accommodation and all meals. We require an advance payment of 100€ as a confirmation, due by November 15th. We expect the limited slots to fill very quickly, so booking as soon as possible is recommended.

      For more information and reservation, please contact Marc'Aurelio Pozzi, email: marc.aurelio.pozzi@..., facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marcaurelio.pozzi.
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