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Re: [t93] Black Brothers or Brothers of Darkness? Choose We Must?

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  • John Handcock
    333 : ... thanks for informing us of your revelation. ... yes, i have written of them
    Message 1 of 191 , Jul 30, 2008
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      333 <nagasiva@...>:

      "oldsaintnick11" <oldsaintnick11@ yahoo.ca>
      > http://mystic. supertarot. co.uk/magic/ brothers. htm
      > The recent photo taken by astronomers of dark matter surrounding
      > distant galaxies in a kind of halo came at the same time that we
      > understood the nature of the Black Brothers or Brothers of Darkness -
      > they are the embodiment of the mysterious dark energy that
      > astronomers are still searching for. Some of the information has been
      > available in esoteric literature, but the significance has been
      > missed, until now.

      thanks for informing us of your revelation.

      > The Black Brothers are mentioned a number of times in Aleister
      > Crowley's writings. He is careful, as is his protege Kenneth Grant to
      > make a distinction between Black Brothers and Black Magicians, but I
      > have been mystified as to what they really mean.

      yes, i have written of them also in research of this information
      and reflection thereafter, so find that essay here:

      http://www.luckymoj o.com/avidyana/ shaitan/libernig ris.fn.txt

      how ignorant might have been my Latin or my appreciation of
      the developing qabalistic expression of those such as Grant.

      > There is only one way to learn what a Punditt knows.
      > You have to earn it, and he has to be disposed to
      > allow you to learn. There is no other way.

      I don't think that this is entirely accurate. knowledge
      leaks out without the purveyor being aware of it. even
      Masters slather excess knowledge beyond their contextual
      determinations unintentionally, as a kind of wake to the
      course of their willful acts (cf. Arthur Conan Doyle
      and the Sherlock Holmes stories). many who think of
      themselves as masters display the complete quality of
      their condition and its results as a byproduct without
      being aware of so doing (see Professor Moriarty
      in the stories aforementioned) .

      > Now you know why desperate magicians have to resort to
      > theft - their own cupboard is bare - they do not even
      > have the means to conjure something from nothing.

      so they perceive their condition. they know not their
      bountiful abundance, as everything seems pithy and
      alike in substanceless mediocrity. unable to see the
      wisdom in tradition, unwilling to grant the power of
      the Candidate, so their cupboard is always barren
      as they perceive it. endlessly they acquire therefore.

      > The "Adepts seem like pyramids" their only chance is
      > to be mute, pretend to be something they cannot be,
      > so they remain motionless. Crowley appears to be
      > seeing at a High Place - and what is there? Nothing.
      > Whoever they are, the Black Brothers work at
      > High Levels.

      at the behest of some coordinating authority?
      we might wonder at the social networks forming
      amongst those such as the Typhonians or Red Dragons.

      > The word for brothers reveals a secret Fire.
      > Brothers represent a fraternity. ACh also
      > indicates Unity, as in AChD or AChTh, but
      > it can never be completed. The missing D,
      > which is full of feminine characteristics,
      > such as the breasts and nourishment is lacking,
      > hence the curious perversion and hatred
      > engendered by black magicians towards women.

      maybe its feminine characteristics and attributes
      had been absorbed completely and restricted by
      association with Binah or Daath. this is likely
      a helpful distinguishment between black mages
      and Brothers of Darkness therefore (even in
      the English language, the former without a 'D').

      > To identify with the Brothers of Darkness is
      > to experience incredible inner tension and
      > torment, so naturally the inclination is to
      > share this pain with as many as possible,
      > and that is what they do.

      broadcasting explicitly their birthing pangs?

      > I must confess, until my colleague mentioned
      > the phrase, Brothers of Darkness, I never
      > understood what the Black Brothers were about.

      are they or are they not black mages?

      > The Brothers of Darkness relate to Hermes
      > Trismegistus, an inspiration to alchemists,
      > and his identification with Thoth, the
      > Egyptian God of Knowledge, and the Tarot.
      > The colours red, black and white are clearly
      > alchemical.
      > I found this received piece of knowledge on Hermes Trismegistus,
      > which unites the Pyramids with the Black Brothers.
      > So, are the Black Brothers, or the Brothers of Darkness evil? In my
      > experience they are the driving force for spiritual knowledge and
      > power. It is the amelioration of pain and discomfort, the search for
      > solutions, the relieving of suffering that drives the thirst for
      > knowledge that results in liberation.

      > So, are the Black Brothers, or the Brothers of
      > Darkness evil?

      of course this is one of the issues that Soror
      Satanas and i have been discussing in some depth.

      the problem presents itself as one of proximity and
      of relation. there is no moral character to the cosmos
      in any absolute sense. that said, each agent and
      intelligence has character by which it regards certain
      aggressive, tormenting, or abrasive antagonists as
      inimical to its purpose and being. they regard these
      with a certain defensiveness and rejection, opposing
      its energies and, in their wisdom cherishing it and
      knowing its true beauty as part of the Great Work.

      to those fashioning the sandals of the Black Brothers,
      the lightworkers of the New Age, surely these dwellers
      in the Abyss must seem to be the enemy and bastion of
      the perverse. constructing in blocks of Good Form what
      will become the New World Order of Things Sublime, the
      Brothers of Darkness are not other than Black Brothers.
      cast as such, they must indeed appear to be quite evil.

      Yes i would like to get deeper into understanding
      exactly what a blackbrother is this a subject that
      i have been deeply interested in for a while now
      i am wondering it seems that kenneth grants idea
      of what a black brother is could very well be
      different from how crowley sees the blackbrothers
      also what the connection is between the blackbrother
      and the qlippoth

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    • Sandi Peterson
      Thelema Alla Ra Adam, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. ... Um, hi there! How are ya? About yesterday? The ah... you know, stupid & stuff?...
      Message 191 of 191 , Jun 20, 2009
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        Thelema Alla Ra Adam,

        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

        > Thelema concerns that one arena which he wished
        > he was gifted in, but was not. coincidentally that
        > one arena that the most drastic advances have
        > occurred in ~ creative visual arts. It completes
        > him. If one does not there masterfully excel one
        > is not equipped to comprehend transcendent
        > will. And I certainly do not refer to the
        > mediocre talent of a Harris.
        Um, hi there! How are ya? About yesterday? The
        ah... you know, stupid & stuff?... well I'm sorry...
        I see I might not have understood your meaning.
        Would you please tell me what makes you think
        Crowley wished he was gifted in "Therion Thelema"?
        How do you know he wasn't? ... and how do you
        know he wished he was gifted? I don't understand
        why you see it as gifted - seems to me it's learned.

        Love is the Law, Love under Will.

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