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FWD: Original Falcon Goes Live

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  • nagasiva
    ... TO OUR FRIENDS, Hi everyone, this is Nick Tharcher, formerly of New Falcon Publications and Linda Miller, the widow of Alan R. Miller, Ph.D. (aka
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      ----- Forwarded message from Nick Tharcher <nick@...> -----


      Hi everyone, this is Nick Tharcher, formerly of "New Falcon
      Publications" and Linda Miller, the widow of Alan R. Miller, Ph.D.
      (aka Christopher S. Hyatt). Today we are announcing the opening of a
      new press: "The Original Falcon Press".


      Because of recent events, some of which are described below, we have
      felt compelled to create "The Original Falcon Press".

      Linda and Nick are well-qualified to do so. They created "Falcon
      Press" with Alan and a small team around 1980. Linda was his wife for
      30 years and is a highly respected and experienced registered nurse;
      Nick was his friend for over 35 years and managed the day-to-day
      operations at Falcon for the last 20 years.

      "The Original Falcon Press" begins operations with the release of Dr.
      Hyatt's audio and video works, among them the Energized Hypnosis and
      Radical Undoing series. This includes the newest, Radical Undoing Volume 4: The Core .
      In the months to come, we will add many of his books as well as previously
      unreleased material and titles from other well-known authors such an
      Antero Alli...

      We're delighted to be back and invite you to visit our website at


      First, Who's "In Charge"? His name is Michael Robert Miller. He is
      the biological son of Alan and his first wife, and works at Los
      Angeles City College as Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach.
      He is a successful community college basketball coach, but has no
      experience, background, training or interest in book publishing,
      metaphysics, psychology or philosophy. According to him, he has never
      read any of the books published by New Falcon Publications, including
      Dr. Hyatt's.


      The story is very sad and quite sordid.

      "New Falcon Publications" is a division of a California religious
      corporation called "The United States Ecclesiastical Society and
      Seminary" ("USESS"). Alan was the sole director of USESS. As it turns
      out, his being sole director was a critical weakness in the

      In July 2007, Alan was diagnosed with inoperable, metastatic
      esophageal cancer. As the year progressed, his condition worsened
      despite an aggressive course of chemotherapy. His wife, Linda, took a
      leave of absence from her work to care for him full time. Nick
      continued to run the business. And despite Alan's increasing weakness,
      he and Nick tried to create as much new material as possible...while
      there was still time. No thought was given to the directorship of
      USESS: Alan had legally appointed Nick as his successor many years
      earlier and it was planned that Nick would carry on New Falcon and its
      publishing traditions after Alan's death.

      By December, Alan was largely bedridden. He suffered from numerous
      issues related to the cancer, including blood clots. Despite
      medication he began suffering small strokes. By January 2008, he had
      become increasingly non-communicative and was unable to care for
      himself. In mid-January he was taken to the hospital for treatment of
      dehydration. Just one day after he was released, he fell out of bed
      and was again taken to the hospital. Neurological tests, including an
      MRI and CT scan, confirmed that he had suffered at least 7 distinct
      strokes. A physician explained that it was as if someone had fired a
      shotgun into his brain. The tests showed that he was both
      neurologically and cognitively impaired. He was released from the
      hospital on home-hospice care. Around this time Michael came to stay
      at Alan and Linda's home.

      From January 22nd through the 25th (just 2 weeks before Alan's death
      on February 9th, and without the knowledge or approval of Alan, Linda
      or Nick), Michael called Alan's lawyer of many years. The attorney,
      Paul Basile, had handled many matters for Alan over the years,
      including drawing up and filing the corporate documents for USESS as
      well as handling all of Alan's personal, trust, estate and succession

      Michael informed Basile that his father was gravely ill, and
      instructed Basile to prepare a document appointing himself as the sole
      director of USESS/Falcon. He had not been authorized to do so, nor was
      Basile authorized to so much as talk with Michael about USESS'
      business. Nonetheless, Basile did not attempt to contact Alan, Linda
      or Nick to verify what Michael had told him. Instead, he prepared the
      document and sent it to Michael. On January 26th Michael had a notary
      and a witness come to Alan and Linda's home where he had his
      nearly-comatose and heavily-medicated father "sign" the document.
      Based entirely on this, and with the support of Paul Basile, Michael
      acquired control of USESS and Falcon. To add to the unsavory quality
      of the situation, Nick and Linda were informed of this by Basile in a
      face-to-face meeting on February 13th, the day after Alan was buried.
      Michael was not present.

      Within a few days Michael began to cut Nick off from Falcon's bank
      accounts, warehouse, mail and website. Consequently, on March 31,
      2008, Nick resigned from USESS/Falcon.

      You may ask why we don't simply go to a judge and have the document
      declared invalid. That was our initial thought, too, but we soon
      learned that such an action would be very expensive and could take
      years...by which time we expected nothing would be left. Such is the
      U.S. legal system.

      For those who have speculated that Alan intended this to happen, or
      that he left Falcon to Michael "in his will," etc., nothing could be
      further from the truth.

      Other than the "document" that Michael Miller put under his dying
      father's hand on January 26, there is not the slightest shred of
      credible evidence to suggest that Alan ever intended Michael to be
      involved with Falcon in any way. To the contrary, there is abundant
      evidence that he did not.

      Nonetheless, as of today, Michael is "in charge", and in just a few
      short months "New Falcon Publications" has gone from a respected
      publisher to a travesty. He is selling "magickal artifacts" which he
      claims were Alan's...but which neither Linda nor Nick recognize. He
      claims to be selling books from the "Regardie Library"...though we
      know of no way he could legitimately have acquired them...if, in fact,
      they are books Regardie ever owned. And his treatment of customers and
      authors has been nothing short of outrageous.


      So we are here to restore the Falcon Press that once was: "The
      Original Falcon Press". We deeply appreciate the support that so many
      of you have given us in recent months (thank you all!), and invite you
      to visit us soon.


      Nick Tharcher & Linda Miller

      PS: Of course, this is only the barest description of what has
      happened. If there is enough interest, we will create a forum to
      fully detail these and subsequent events including documentation to
      support our claims.

      The Original Falcon Press
      1753 East Broadway Road #101-277
      Tempe, AZ 85282

      Phone: (602) 708-1409
      Fax: (602) 708-1410

      Email: info@...
      Website: http://www.originalfalcon.com
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