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Re: The Spread of Thelemite

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  • Joe Marek
    Judging from the many references to worship in the Book of the Law, I would most definitely say it is a religion. Joe M.
    Message 1 of 49 , Aug 5, 2007
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      Judging from the many references to "worship" in the Book of the Law, I
      would most definitely say it is a religion.

      Joe M.
    • john rohlfs
      ... parasite ... latter ... Got some nice Scappyness going on in here!So know i just was finding myself here in Elysuim (my after life),or (wheat field of
      Message 49 of 49 , Dec 17, 2007
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        --- In thelema93-l@yahoogroups.com, "marqswinkels" <marqswinkels@...>
        > --- In thelema93-l@yahoogroups.com, HornedGod93@ wrote:
        > > I want each individual to act in accordance with their own
        > >intrinsic nature.
        > Humans are parasites. They behave like parasites. Thus, they behave
        > in complete accordance with their intrinsic natures.
        > No I idea what you are 'waiting' for.
        > > With that understood as my viewpoint, yes, I want the whole world
        > >to do so.
        > What on earth is better about a parasite that behaves like a
        > as opposed to, say, a parasite that behaves like a mammal? The
        > is a far more creative parasite. Does that prospect scare you?
        > > The intrinsic nature of each
        > > unique individual is not an imaginary concept.
        > Wrong. All concepts are imaginary.
        > > You are taking a few words from Liber AL out context from their
        > verse,
        > Wrong again. I took nothing out of its context.
        > Marq
        Got some nice Scappyness going on in here!So know i just was finding
        myself here in Elysuim (my after life),or (wheat field of dreams)so
        to speak.And well jus' figured i add my 2 cents worth,but do my best
        not to pull my 2 cents back out after i break it off into this group!
        The way i figure it all ,we are all initiates.And well the path i
        believe we should be taking in this group is suppose to be more less
        along the lines of working our bodies out to a new drum beat that
        conforms to strengthing the mind ,spirit soul,and conditioning our
        inner facilities to bring about a new man,with higher
        awareness,enlightenment,and self taught discipline if need be to
        achive such higher standards of humanity.To build within this society
        a new grade of human,that few can achive even if they have been
        following this path all thier miserable lives!And so as Initiates we
        are so suppose to go out in nature and find how nature found in the
        earth and it's elements relate to our bodies ,states of minds,and how
        these elements can help in curing the sick.We are to choose a
        Alchemincal formula or at the very least try to find how these
        formulas are working for the greater good amongst thier selves if we
        as initiates can't seem to do it amongest ourseleves.As initiates in
        this Crowley ring of brotherhood and adepts of the Ancient days,we
        are supposed to be quite literaly pushing our outer bodies to the
        limt,taking notes on our progress of such self disciplines and
        exscreises,jotting down how far we run,how long we can practcie forms
        of meditation and yog,taking notes and comparing our abilities to see
        if we are slacking or jus' screwing off!Next as we ASPIRe to free our
        selves from the Dross(shittyness)..of the lower ego or undisciplined
        self we push up a virtcal path not unlike the Fuckin' damn Gaza
        Pyramid...up,up,up,up!Push!!! WE Mountain climb! we don't jus' do it
        for our selves but for humanity !!!And if that is'nt enough...!..Pput
        a tail on Mr.Crowely ..tie yourself to the man as he climbs Mt.
        Everest as a Initiate! Then if ya got so smack to talk about ,like
        some damn bug thats not pckin' nearly frozen to yourself bring it to
        me,for i have climbed up a mountain in his name,and thought as i
        climbed about this initiate crap,and yet how i'd like to climb
        higher!!! Yet!It's about reading your books living out in the cold or
        heat and building new man seldom seen.I kinda see us... as
        like ..?...!?...as initiates of any "order" we are to be as the
        Spartan,or no less then the Greek Olympians of discipline in our
        Royal Art and how we use this knowledge for the greater good.Be a
        Thelemite,Neophyte,Zealoter,Theoricus,Adeptus Minor....i mean who
        among us can really jus' go to the hills ,valleys and mountains,and
        hot ass deserts and servive man like you haven't tried to LIVE
        before?!! Or do we jus sit here in our stuffiness and slander ,and
        throw poo like some freakin' ape at a dinner party? hum? THrow more
        POO! Poo throwing for all ya POO lovers of this Buffet bar of POO
        worshiping ...?Woooo! here comes some POOO! *throws poo*...thier way!
        THis is about.....LVX ...right?!.....or is it POO throwin' time?
        hehehehe! Puckin' POOOOOO! time! POOO thrown' time! HERE's more
        smelly lovely POO! for ya! WOOOO! throwin' More poo! Climb Poo
        mountain or be buried in the PUCKIN' POO mountain! Woooooo! poo
        thrown time! Hey i know what ya had for lunch last nite Thelemite,and
        hey you Neophyte know what ya ate yesterday why you puckin' poo
        eatin' poo throwin' idiot! hahahahaha! All hail to the greater
        puckin' mystery of poo talkin' and throw in' poo! Just never mind
        me ,i'm built to climb over ya' poo thrown arse's! hehehhee!
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