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Re: [t93] Re: Aiwass and Liber AL

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  • David Jones
    ... itely brought a smile to my face. I remember the story from a foot- note to AC s Notes on the nature of the Astral Plane , to be found in one of the
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      >That is amusing. I read the posts this morning, and yours defin-
      itely brought a smile to my face. I remember the story from a foot-
      note to AC's Notes on the nature of the "Astral Plane", to be found
      in one of the appendices of Magick in Theory and Practice, albeit
      I had forgotten that AC called him an Assyrian, although on what
      basis it is unclear. It may simply be that he thought him to be an
      Assyrian, in the same way he thought he thaw an Assyrian, or a savage
      demonic king in what might have been Assyrian garb, in Cairo, on
      those fateful days in 1904, simply from the fact of the surname
      Aiwaz, and its possible kinship to Sumerian deities Anu and Adad to
      be found in the Babylonian Genesis account. Would Assyria here be

      No it is Iraq. Samuel bar Aiwaz was a Jewish Iraqi who was living in NY and
      publishing how to manuals for Near Eastern immigrants in Assyrian (still in
      use then by Assyrian Jews and still in use by the Assyrian Christian Church
      in Iraq) and Arabic. I have seen one on how to become an U.S. citizen in
      the O.T.O. archives. I own some correspondence between Mr. Aiwaz and C. S.
      Jones, it is amusing Qabala. He seems to have been a nice enough chap.
      There are several references at the time by AC, both in print and in his
      diary to the fact that Aiwaz might be a living person manifest in the real

      Love Jones

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