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[t93] Re: Thelema Vs. Satanism?

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  • SuperCrip666 (M.B.Abrams)
    ... SuperCrip666: i ve recently completed a paper that may help. i m pasting the whole thing below, after the link to where it s officially published, on the
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      > I feel a very dire urge to know the connection or non-connection
      > between satanism and thelema.

      i've recently completed a paper that may help. i'm pasting the whole
      below, after the link to where it's officially published, on the
      website of Ordo Antichristianvs Illvminati. i welcome anyone's
      comments & such.

      In the Bonds of the Orders,

      Fr. L.S.A.A.
      Editor, O'.'A'.'I'.'


      Thelema and Neo-Satanism
      by Matthew B. Abrams, 32�, MPS, F... & A...M..., A.A.S.R.
      (Frater Lvciferi Sophia Anima Architectvs)
      copyright � e.v. 2004
      all rights reserved.

      Neo-Satanistism exists in heterogeneous constructs, all equally
      ineffectual in the Great Work of Scientific Illuminism. Our silent
      Order of the �Antichristian� Illuminati is the antithesis of
      Neo-Satanism as a spiritual practice and philosophy. The O...A...I...
      is an Illumined �Antichristian� Order with restricted visibility to
      the public Eye. The O...A...I... is a Spiritual and Worldly Vessel of
      the dark feminine in the archetypal �Antichrist� dedicated to extend
      the Dominion of the Law of Antichrist, the Living Law of Thelema, "Do
      What Thou Wilt," a New World Order, and to the promulgation of the
      Archaic Mysteries of the Sancta Femina. The sovereign Initiatic system
      of the sacred feminine in the O...A...I... endeavours relentlessly to
      Create the Beautiful Spiritual Union, a great experiment to which
      self-proclaimed "satanists" are either oblivious or opposed. Our veiled
      "Antichristian" Brotherhood of Illumined Ones, is Dedicated to the
      Dominion of a New Order of Religion, a New Race of Royal and Elect Men
      and Women. Brethern, Matrons; verily, Neo-Satanism seeks only to
      divide, to retard Our Occult progression.

      Ordo Antichristianvs Illvminati is Dark and antinomian. The Order
      thrives upon and is eternally recreated by the seething Battle and
      Union of the Sexes. Such a tumultuous undercurrent, well utilized by
      the solitary magician, relentlessly destroys worthless illusive egos
      and begets Growing Gods. Fratres and Sorores of the O...A...I... are
      thus Initiated into previously un-experienced, unexplored, unexpressed
      Natures of the Sacred Feminine and other Antichristian archetypi. The
      Order is intolerant of Fundamentalism, in any form. Natural beauty and
      the Earth witness and suffer incessant injurious problems as results of
      Fundamentalist insanity. These neuroses are far from absent in Occult
      currents. Even Thelema is developing them by the proverbial
      psychological case-study. The futile practices of neo-satanism,
      conversely, possesses such failures of "Toxick Magicians" by a
      wholesale spectrum, and is presently breeding fundamentalists at a rate
      akin to fish!

      Analogous to all of Thelema and the Occult, Our August Body is
      preconceived as satanic, insofar as It contains sabbatic and
      Luciferian elements, views, and aims. Initiates of the Ordo
      Antichristianvs Illvminati set everything to merciless question,
      inclusively; philosophies, creeds, teachings, dogmas, scriptures,
      methods, results, angels, daemons, even High Principalities and Gods.
      Nothing should exist untried. In Our Presence, Nothingness It-Self
      must prove It-Self, or be trodden under. The Real, the True, and the
      Strong will quench the Fire. Personal responsibility and individual
      effort are the only honourable means of progression in the Work of the
      New World Order; hence the Self-Initiatic structure of Our silent Body.
      The zealous, independent, battle-veteran Soul is Our Kindred.

      The Soul of every Man and every Woman has difficulties inherent to
      Incarnation. One Fights or fails. The Warrior is both welcome and
      affluent among Us. O...A...I... contains these aspects, which are
      commonly misperceived of as �satanic.� The O...A...I... includes such
      elements as part of Its entirety. Let It, however, not be confounded or
      grouped with mere Satanism, where some of the laziest �armchair�
      Occultists, compounded with glamour thrill seekers, find comfort in
      sloth and massage obese egos, where the dead and the resigned play
      "let�s be wicked" with children�s sorcery. Gifted with health and
      energy, largesse of opportunity, the mere neo-satanist flippantly
      refuses the Work, choosing to follow the fallow drives, deceived and
      self-deceiving into lowest degeneration. Satanism, when carried
      through, is anti-evolution.

      It is not enough, in addition, that Brethren and Matrons of the
      O...A...I... be not mere Satanists. Moreover, We are Working in an
      Order that is the very antithesis of neo-satanism! Oxford defines
      �antithesis� among institutions as those having �direct or striking
      opposition of character or functions.� O...A...I... is certainly and
      observably not in direct opposition to neo-satanism. The O...A...I...
      is arrayed directly counter to the institution of Christendom, and the
      cult of Christ's most widely established anti-Nature doctrines.
      Christianity is the Great Sorcery referred to in The Equinox vol. I.
      The true archetype of Christian doctrine, beyond the rose coloured,
      stained glass windows, is spiritual and material sacrifice, slavery,
      and submission. The modern televangelist apostles and their regional
      imitators sell poverty to the poor, sickness to the ill, captivity to
      prisoners, pre-packaged and tagged as promises of blessing and
      beatitude, like piles of so much ordure. Neo-Satanism and satanic
      magicians, so-called, do the same, with less excuse. To imitate, reuse,
      recycle Christiandoms anti-Human refuse, to continue as a cohort in the
      promulgation of such a race-defeating World Order, is a deplorable
      atrocity. Neo-Satanism is a Weeping Blemish on the Face of Liliths
      voluptuous Occult Body.

      The O...A...I... is in striking contradistinction to neo-satanism. To
      the extent neo-satanic practice is a bleed upon magickal vitality,
      Initiates of the O...A...I... advance remonstration to its continuance.
      The antipodean nature of Existence, vis a vis neo-satanism is
      ideological, practical, eternally discordant. Whilst Our silent Order
      of Potentates performs, ever more Perfectly, the Great Work of
      Self-Deification, advancing the Law of Life, Light, Love, and Liberty,
      satanists pat their own flatulent illusive egos, seeking what
      temporality they may devour. The Cult, and innumerable "Churches" of
      Satan are nothing more than an inversion and perversion of the
      Christian religious institution; a rebellion against the authority of a
      decrepit Christian cartel. Subjectively, neo-satanists do categorize
      themselves thusly: "modern," "traditional," and "devil- worshipping."
      If such afore-mentioned names fail to evoke clear demarkation Brethren
      and Matrons, condemn the usual lack of spiritual ambition!
      Nevertheless, neo-satanism always aggrandizes base gratification and
      servitude, never Initiation.

      Modern symbolic Satanism is in actuality no more than Atheistic
      Humanism. It is Temporal Mortification, where Satan is only the
      symbolic focus and representation of the practitioners� own futile
      ego-interests. Neo-Satanic Atheists consider egoity an epiphany to
      which One may aspire. My Kindred, We, Babalon, and The Beast represent
      L.V.X., Man made God, Self-Deified, Self-Illumined, Self-Initiated, and
      Self-Unified with the Beloved, One and None. It is put forward by
      alleged �Churches� of �Satan,� and �Councils of Satanic Masters� that
      true Modern Satanism acknowledges and Initiates spirituality in its
      private teachings and practices. If such attitudes are consumed with
      objectivity, if the atheism is only a protective front, it is only mere
      Satanism, an extremely narrow worldview. Satanism is an adumbration of
      the Vast Dark Occult All.

      Amongst the Neo-Satanists who accede the material existence of the
      Prince of Darkness, there exists a cleavage akin to schizophrenia.
      These are Traditional �Theistic� Satanists who hold the stable
      knowledge that all labels used to denote devotees of a personal Satanic
      entity are thusly the same. Such schizophrenic pathological behaviour
      materializes when certain Traditional Satanists, owing to what only is
      manifested as sensational ego imagery, decide and announce that their
      god is beyond the title of Satan, a Universal Devil. Thereofore, it is
      clear, without wasted breath and brain in debate, that �Satan� and
      �Devil� are interchangeable. The banality is adolescent. Sophomoric
      gullibilities in tepid adherents of neo-satanism is horrifically
      endless! Good and free Initiates of balance often possess a biting
      distaste for the whole Christian-Satanic paradigm, thus triggering a
      manic revulsion.

      In all means, the end is the same. A neo-satanist is only a mere
      satanist. Neo-Satanism is thusly mere Satanism. As Initiates, we are
      given, Dare, and Do create every experience, every event, in the Body
      of Nuit, as Divine Tools for Initiation. The mere neo-satanist, in hir
      lesser black magic, prodigalizes each theoretical centre of Hadit,
      laying waste to the nectars of N.U.I.T., partially retarding Initiatic
      progress. The mere neo-satanist, deceiving hir lower self, starving hir
      Higher Self, creates and indwells a paradoxical Citadel of Slavery.
      Satanism verily is an inverse practice of Christianity, erecting
      immense metaphysical prison-houses in the Name of Freedom! Life,
      Light, Love, and Liberty are stridently and knavishly proclaimed among
      echoing Walls of Restriction!

      Delusory "oracles" of the Travesty of Philosophy that is neo-satanism
      abound. The Magnum Calamitas of Anton Szandor LaVey spouts, �the
      highest plateau of human development is the awareness of the flesh!�
      (The Satanic Bible; pg. 81). Such a low unenlightened sentiment is
      self-damning! Anton Szandor LaVey would have aught above instinct held
      worthless! Verily, every animal, every beast is flesh-aware! Eat!
      Sleep! Copulate! Nothing is more worthy, fellows? It is
      categorically observable dogs have more highly organized thoughts and
      feelings than instinctual flesh-awareness. As Illuminates of the Ordo
      Antichristianvs Illvminati, Brethren and Matrons Will to Win Freedom
      from the failures of guilt and fear in a pseudo-religious confederacy
      of Christendom-Satanica. Satanism is Not a religion of itself.
      Neo-Satanism is but a shadowed projection, a darker toxic half of the
      Slave-Religion, Christianity-Satanism. One exists not without the
      other, schizophrenic doctrines notwithstanding. The Cults of Christ
      and Satan intertwine externally and internally, in the use of Spiritual
      Evolution as pretense for material ends.

      Christianity-Satanism is a theological failure as a religious
      institution and spiritual system. The Devil as a malevolent deity
      alongside the Christian patriarchal solar-myth is interdependent, that
      is, they are One. �Diabolists are insipid, rather pathetic�an
      historical curiosity only; a footnote in the psychopathology of the
      Nazarene religion.� (�Satanism and Satanic Influence�, Anton Long,
      O.N.A.) Yahweh has thusly manifested neo-satanism as dark alternative
      trappings. Such a Demiurge, seeking to retain men and women in a highly
      organized and architecturally orchestrated bondage scheme, devises a
      grand devious hoax in neo-satanism, in a manner of speaking, a means to
      beguile the bedeviled. The latent Beckoning of Our Mother, the Serpent
      hearkens to Gnosis, to conjoin with the Great White Brotherhood, to
      become as Gods, to enter the City of Pyramids. Such an epiphany is
      feared by the Demiurge, abnegated by a co-Christianity, neo-satanism.

      Brethren and Matrons, the hordes of hell-harrowing Sheep are not only
      those who call themselves Christian. Such Lambs also are Satanists;
      led as blindly, ruined as certainly. Neo-Satanists, are
      self-destructive False Brothers, and petty Scarlet Whores,
      parsimoniously refusing their blood to the Cup of The Black Concubine,
      trading Beautiful Enlightenment for lecherous profit. In a
      self-admissive tradition initiated sensationally by Anton Szandor
      LaVey, neo-satanism is the best devotee in the vile and oppressive life
      of Christendom. This is a theurgical alliance; a cancerous covenant
      which invokes a malevolent, WoMan-Destructive, servile system that is
      mutually perpetuative. Such is a pale and distorted reflection of
      Baphomet. Initiates of the O...A...I... Purpose to Grow. Growth and
      change are synonymous, Brethren and Matrons. Change is a constant of
      Creation. Neo-Satanism again reveals itself to be nothing save a
      low-witted black twin, in ceremonial stagnation. Initiates of the
      silent O...A...I..., in the emergent traditions of the Occult Arts,
      must contravene the Christ-cult stranglehold upon Us, embedded with
      endless repetition of black masses against the integrity of nature,
      which retard the practitioner just as seriously. Blasphemy possesses
      its right and good position, essentially in Our intimate rites.
      However, addiction to incessant profanation keeps the soul in the
      depths of spiritual peonage. The True Aspirant adeptly transcends mere
      neo-satanic denial of the slave-Gods, initiating progressive strides
      toward Illumination and GodHead.

      As of recent years, a fledgling and swiftly dying "Unity Movement"
      existed within the confines of the neo-satanist community. The
      O...A...I..., in the Noble Spirit of Occult Fraternity & Sorority,
      supported unitive and cooperative attitudes without amendments to
      O...A...I... principles and organizational foundations. The
      sovereignty and sanctity of the Ordo Antichrisitanvs Illvminati depends
      Not upon organizational Chiefs, self-glamourizing founders, or its own
      �Articles of Covenant� (e.v. 2003 reconstituted Charter). The
      O...A...I... is Not a Brotherhood that can be put into a final stage of
      silence, nor does it amend sovereignty to occult, Thelemic, and
      neo-satanic, "unity movements." When egoitic pride of small "Masters"
      choose organizational suicide over cooperation, the O...A...I.... casts
      greater doubt upon visibility to the public, and imparts greater Veils.
      Efforts of recent "unity movements," so-called, die under self-imposed
      starvation via narrow ideology and temporal egoity.

      Neo-satanic organizations, which, while of much greater integrity than
      a compendium of "Churches" of Satan, still mire in a refusal to
      eliminate Ego and Unite with B.A.B.A.L.O.N. Such neo-satanic attitudes
      and organizations are Not atheistic and Not commercial-glamorous.
      Initiates in the Occult Sciences often exhibit utmost respect for their
      Brethren, and their Adepti. Nevertheless, neo-satanic philosophy
      intentionally perpetuates that which To Mega Therion proscribed as the
      only real impediment to the Magician. Adherents of the misguided
      neo-satanist undercurrent passively choose to become what Aleister
      Crowley refers as Black Brothers, Adepts, who refuse to relinquish the
      Tifaret-addiction to the Ego. Such a failure induces the inept to
      fantasize she, or he, will succeed, procuring entry into the City of
      Pyramids with the personality intact. Aleister Crowley warned that
      such unfit Men and Women will only set themselves up in the Towers of
      the Abyss, eventually to give way to perpetual entropy. The Beast
      believes such Beings Will Fail. Good Brethren and Matrons, let Us
      Understand and differentiate Black Brothers and Ourselves as black
      brothers. Initiates of the O...A...I... Work in the Darkest of
      Regions, yet are Willing toward Union with B.A.B.A.L.O.N., to Abandon
      the fixated personality, joining the Magi in The City of Pyramids,
      surrendering aught and Nothing to the Beloved, enshrouded in the
      Shudders of She Who Satisfies.

      Our August and silent Order of Antichristian Illuminates has naught in
      communal or mutual auspices with mere neo-satanism, and the means and
      ends of neo-satanism. Neo-satanism, regardless of the starting-point,
      only possesses one means to an end in its magical mire; the satiation
      of illusionary lusts. In all of human experience, it is the only
      religious conviction that advocates the intensification and
      fortification of the low self. This is diametrically opposed to the
      cardinal aspirations of True Religious Pursuit; the object of
      Scientific Illuminism; the Great Work of Thelema; the Charge of Our
      Father, The Beast, and Our Mother, Lilith. Initiates of the
      O...A...I... are Bound in Blood to the Path of Perfection. The Ego
      must Annihilate, be utterly disestablished, as only the Elect Cross and
      conquer the Abyss, entering the City of Pyramids, becoming One with Our
      Black Concubine!

      There is No Law. Love as Thou Wilt.

      Matthew B. Abrams, 32�, MPS,
      Fr. L.S.A.A., Ed., O'.'A'.'I'.'
      There is No Law. Love as Thou Wilt.
      "Probably," added Mr. Crowley, with a smile, "the authorities are afraid that I may kill and eat 800 Oxford graduates."

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    • David R. Jones
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. ... Remember that Do what thou wilt is taken from St. Augustine via Rabelais. And that Crowley resolves this
      Message 2 of 7 , Dec 4, 2004
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        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

        > It should also be kept in mind, that anything that is contrary to
        > Christianity is automatically defined as Satanism.

        Remember that "Do what thou wilt" is taken from St. Augustine via Rabelais.
        And that Crowley resolves this dichotomy via a mystical synthesis of the
        Devil and Christ in the Wake World. Crowley too identifies the Holy
        Guardian Angel with Satan, repeatedly in Liber Samech. This synthesis is
        largely the whole crown of what AC is doing, in theory, in O.T.O., though of
        course this is never revealed to the men of earth.

        Love is the law, love under will.

        David R. Jones (not speaking for O.T.O.)
      • livingstone
        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. David Jones wrote: And that Crowley resolves this dichotomy via a mystical synthesis of the Devil and Christ
        Message 3 of 7 , Dec 4, 2004
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          Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

          David Jones wrote: "And that Crowley resolves this dichotomy via a mystical synthesis of the Devil and Christ in the Wake World..."

          That seems an obvious conclusion due to the magnificent balance provided by the two magnificent opposites, equally loved by their FatherCreator?

          Crowley also wrote in "Magick in Theory and Practice":
          "This "Devil" is called Satan or Shaitan, and regarded with horror by people who are ignorant of his formula, and, imagining themselves to be evil, accuse Nature herself of their own phantasmal crime. Satan is Saturn, Set, Abrasax, Adad, Adonis, Attis, Adam, Adonai, etc. The most serious charge against him is that he is the Sun in the South."

          Love is the law, love under will.


          From: David R. Jones

          Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

          > It should also be kept in mind, that anything that is contrary to Christianity is automatically defined as Satanism. >

          Remember that "Do what thou wilt" is taken from St. Augustine via Rabelais. And that Crowley resolves this dichotomy via a mystical synthesis of the Devil and Christ in the Wake World. Crowley too identifies the Holy Guardian Angel with Satan, repeatedly in Liber Samech. This synthesis is largely the whole crown of what AC is doing, in theory, in O.T.O., though of course this is never revealed to the men of earth.

          Love is the law, love under will.

          David R. Jones (not speaking for O.T.O.)

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