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Thoth Atus Æon & The Magician, & The Fooled

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  • QDSh ThN
    There was a time when I didn t like the Æon Trump where it s at. I ve grown to rather appreciate the symbolism of it being there now. The Magician switched
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2004
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      There was a time when I didn't like the Æon Trump where it's at.
      I've grown to rather appreciate the symbolism of it being there now.
      The Magician switched with the Æon Atu serves better for
      Philosophus work, but to the Zelator, Hod, the Prince of the Outer
      Order, indeed plays deceiving tricks on thoughts, desires and senses.
      The Æon/Last Judgment redirect in Crowley's Thoth deck gives some
      interesting examples of the differing schools of thought in our
      midst. For example: is Chochmah, which is Hod, the wrathful god of
      the Jews? Is Chochmah to the G.'.D.'.er or Jew alike the Cathari
      Neo-Manichæn Satan and Kether Christ? Let's remove the element
      of fear and ridiculous monotheistic non-sense (hypocritical positions
      though they may be) and admit that in the Judaic-Christian schema Last
      Judgment as the much needed realization of the non-automata called
      Satori to the Outer Order Aspirant (of the S.'.S.'.), the
      Memphite/Eleusian Ideal to the Adeptus Exempt, and the plights gods
      face concerning entering Nirvana may be lost on them. The Æon to
      the Magus is a good thing. He or she has made their mind up. They're
      not falling for it (& only a Fool would). The Universe, which they
      create to the whims of their Will, isn't going to be sacrificed to
      only some imaginary god knows what. Create! Notice too, Æon is
      singular. To the Magus the seasons don't change and he or she is
      forever the years; unfortunately, many of the Western Tradition have
      been tempted and duped into believing the same is so for the Second
      Order R.'.C.'. Adept, grossly mistaking the source of the seasons for
      the source of the years. Tai-Chi, Wu-Chi, respectively. Their fault:
      they do not heed the wisdom freely given in Hermes' axiom "As Below,
      so Above." The R.'.C.'. Adept refusing to cross the Abyss, or indeed,
      is not aware of there being an Abyss ordeal to be traversed, is
      subject to the Æons by reincarnation, as I've previous here gave
      my opinions on the matter.

      I've more times than I'd care to admit heard adherents of the Western
      Tradition claim "There's East & The West & never shall the two meet",
      or something similarly related. Ask yourself, why? Ego attachment of
      individuality and fear of the unknown that's why. Da'ath is
      propagated to be disdained, hated, feared. Some even think Da'ath is
      an entity walking the Earth whose sole reason for existing is to
      receive the weight of the metaphysical sleight, as if some make-
      believe scapegoat. By whom are these memes wielded? Those who
      will have you not conquer Life & Death, and instead, wish upon you to
      either succumb unto another as a "Master", or advocate egoism, self-
      indulgence and materialism. "The Question" isn't to be questioned. For
      after all, it's Tradition, right? How dare! someone question the
      Tradition. Keep in mind too orthodox Old Testament metaphysics not to
      include Kabbalah is without the Formulæ of the Rose Cross; is
      without Egyptian-Grecian Oedipal Mysteries. It can be argued that
      neither the Kabbalah in all of its glory to the occult Rabbi is with
      the inclusion of our Rosicrucian secrets. Mary as Salt of all of what
      we experience in the mundane? Jesus as Mercury, being both Air of the
      Astral and Water of Soul? Joseph as Sulphur and Fire, being Oversoul,
      and perhaps beyond, experienced by the Formulæ of the Rose Cross?
      None of it. Jehovah is their Light god; which really is something
      considering Light Fell.

      Fraters & Sorors, here is a contemplative quote I have found in
      the Mahâyâna Buddhist canon that proves the Eastern connection
      to the Eleusian, thus, Western Mysteries in the Abyss Ideal, and is
      written with such striking parallels to Tarot symbolism that the mind
      should reel. Second Order Adepts, whether in the actual or symbolic,
      are being lied to, and I for one have had all I will of it;

      "1. The prince, he of the broad and lusty chest, having thus
      dismissed the minister and the priest, crossed the Ganges with its
      speeding waves and went to Râgagriha with its beautiful palaces.

      2. He reached the city distinguished by the five hills, well guarded
      and adorned with mountains, and supported and hallowed by auspicious
      sacred places [1],-- like Brahman [2] in a holy calm going to the
      uppermost heaven.

      3. Having heard of his majesty and strength, and his splendid beauty,
      surpassing all other men, the people of that region were all
      astonished at him who has a bull for his sign and is immovable in his
      vow [3].

      [1. Tapoda is the name of a tîrtha in Magadha.

      2. Svayambhû.

      3. Siva.]"

      --"The Buddha-karita of Asvaghosha", Book X, page 104.

      Conscious immortally is not realized, nor is having the choice of not
      reincarnating, until having gone through Abyss without complication.
      The only way to assure this being so with any certainty is using eko-
      henso every moment one is in the Light. That's just it isn't
      it. "What of my mastering Robert Johnson's 7-string guitar finger
      style"; "What about my 'fly on the wall info.' for my spin news
      journal"; "What about my portfolio and its 100% accuracy", you may
      ask. We're allowed to master the arts we wish, true, for as long as
      we wish, true. Hit your state lotteries, master trend following day-
      trading, master that art(s) you can't seem to get right on your own,
      or use the Light to master things past that only can be mastered in
      the Light history being lost to the art, but the more time is spent
      tarrying about in attachments it's likely if one day you plan to get
      serious about becoming an immortal you're at odds against chance
      making the ego annihilation complete. Keep in mind though your
      attachments to these things need to be alleviated to enter void.
      Only a Fool would go straight through Initiation without giving him
      or herself the means to own castles in Europe in hir immortal stay
      through the æthyrs, we're Royal! But structure your priorities.
      The gifts at manifestation are said to be lost upon being received
      into S.'.S.'.. Personally, I don't buy it, but cover your bases just
      in case. The Light post-Abyss is still a part of each's sole
      creation; it's only the illusion that the planes, and past, present
      and future within the planes, are separated within one's self that's

      I've read it stated in my Buddhist studies that the Master Templi may
      choose to be reincarnated in whatever form hir wishes but is subject
      to the laws of Malkuth while amid the hub-bub. The Magus may choose
      whichever form at whatever time and is beyond the law. *wink*

      "There is no god where I am (meaning of course Nirvana's
      denied)"; "Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

      It's time to get serious. How's your asanas coming along?

      QDSH ThN
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