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Satan vs. Iblis

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  • Alex Bennett
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. In starting this thread first I must define my terms. Satan: The enemy of Christianity and/or Christ
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      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

      In starting this thread first I must define my terms.
      Satan: The enemy of Christianity and/or Christ (supposedly). He is the angel
      that refused to bow down to God's creation and in so doing was thrown out of
      heaven. At one point he was the 'Lord''s highest angel but is deposed.
      Iblis: The enemy of Islam and/or Mohammed (supposedly). He is the angel that
      refused to bow down to God's creation and in so doing was thrown out of
      heaven. At one point he was the 'Allah''s highest angel but is deposed.

      Now for a theological history lection:

      The Hittites of Ancient Syria invaded Egypt (Khem), took it over and set up
      the Hittite dynasty. This included all the Rameses, including Tuthmoses III,
      the Egyptians greatest warrior king and of course Seti I, the first Hittite
      Pharaoh and the builder of Abydos. They brought their own pantheon of Baal,
      Astarte and Anath (Chaldean Gods) as the main gods/goddesses and quickly
      identified Set (a god in near disuse, just used to identify foreigners then)
      with Baal. Set was the enemy of, Horus who had become very popular (Osiris
      and Isis were not really known yet, at that point Osiris was just meaning
      'man' and Isis a part of any temple that only women could go into). Horus
      though was a many cult god and various groups worshipped him in different
      ways depending on where they came from. In Heliopolis (just south of
      Memphis) he had been identified with Ra, in the form of Ra Hoor Khuith (Ra
      (or the Sun) Lord of Strength/Light [Hoor or Horus means 'Lord' in
      Egyptian]). Memphis was the capital then and they used an old myth that said
      that Set (renamed Soutech at that time or as he has appeared to me, Set Ha
      Ka [Set that which determines the double]) was the only god that could
      defend Ra from Apep (the destroyer of worlds [not the Greek Apophis, Apep
      was not worshiped in Khem ever - he's the eternal bad guy]). Everyday Ra, in
      his bark travels the sky and at dusk and dawn draws near the abyss, at this
      point Apep tries to destroy Ra by hypnotism. The only god that cannot be
      hypnotised by Apep is Set, as he taught him how to do it, so Set harpoons
      Apep (a hippopotamus with no hind legs and a great snakes tail) and in so
      doing allows Ra Hoor Khuith to pass the Abyss. Set is called the protector
      of Ra Hoor Khuith as a result of this (see Liber Al). The Hittites reinvoke
      the old (New Kingdom) Set/Horus ideal of the old unification of Upper and
      Lower Egypt, Horus the chief god of Lower Egypt and Set that of Upper Egypt.
      The whole civilisation splits into Horus and Set worshipers. Worshipers of
      Horus are called the 'Followers of Horus' and that of Set, the 'Companions
      of Set'. Horians being right hand path and Setians being left hand path. It
      becomes that politically too (despite Crowley's insistence) in that Horians
      are right wing politicians and Setians left wing. As part of this
      reunification process the war between Horus and Set is solved peacefully.
      Horus is given his left eye back, the eye of Horus (the right eye being the
      eye of Ra) and Set is given his testicles back (important as he was both a
      god of fertility and contraception at the same time). Horus becomes the
      chief god of Egypt again (especially in the form Ra Hoor Khuith) and is
      remarried to Hathoor (meaning house of Horus, and the first concept of what
      we now call 'Isis' in truth) [Venus and Mars in love]. Set is married to
      both Astarte and Anath, and becomes a bit of a stud god, like Chango in
      Santa Ria. Set is also the god of storms and lightning too at this stage
      (his very earliest form predates Egypt altogether, as a god of rain in the
      Libyan grasslands, that is now a desert).

      Eventually the Hittites are deposed and banished from Egypt (see Exodus).
      They take with them the original Chaldean Gods but have changed them. They
      call their new god Jehovah but he is still Set or Baal in essence, in that
      his twin brides are still Astarte and Anath. Jehovah's brides are later the
      Asherah, the Metronit and of course in Spain in the Kabbalistic period of
      1300s, Lylith. His first brides were Astarte and Anath though, as were
      Baal's and Set's (see The Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai).

      Later on (about 400 ev) in a really pathetically humble and backward part of
      the world, news of Baal had finally got to the Bedouin of Arabia. In a small
      town there was a temple that had over a hundred gods. The town was called
      Mecca. The cause of a 'one' god, that was dominant, disturbed them. It
      started a lot of infighting but eventually they destroyed all of their gods
      but one. That god was, up till then an unimportant god, Allah, who most
      resembled Baal/Jehovah. Mohammed personally destroyed the icons of all the
      other gods under threat of the townspeople's deaths. The original devotion
      to Allah still took on the form of the Chaldean worship to Baal though. The
      British Army invaded Mecca and drove everyone out in the 1800s. They took
      the only photographs of the inside of the cube at Mecca and guess what, the
      inside (never seen now), is a temple to Baal. [These temples were identified
      with the name Beelzebub (lord of the flies, Baal is Chaldean word for lord,
      Beelzebub means 'Lord of the Flies') as the daily blood offering would mean
      the place buzzed with flies in hot climates.] This identification with the
      god Baal is the basis for Islam saying it has the same god as Judaism and

      Well there you go, all Judaism, Christianity and Islam come from the same
      god, no big secret there I here you think. Hah ha, there's more! Well Iblis
      is also called Shaitan in the Koran. So in terms of etymology, Shaitan
      (Iblis), and Satan both come from the word SET (most books on the occult).
      Curious as Set could be defined as that which predetermined the gods of
      Judaism, Christianity and Islam, historically as I have pointed out. Could
      it be that their god has forsaken them? With the possible slighter exception
      of Judaism. They are the Semites still or Din as they used to be called and
      so are not entirely free? They lost their Ark after all! The Semites are not
      nearly as bad as Christianity and Islam though.

      Crowley identified Set as the Ark of the Covenant of Thelema. This would
      mean that this weapon is now in the hands of modern day Thelema, amongst
      it's left hand path no less! For some idea as to what this weapon is, please
      read my article

      Enjoy, as the war for freedom is upon us, divide and rule!


      Love is the law, love under will,

      There is no law beyond do what thou wilt.
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