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HOLIDAY SAVINGS!!! CosmogrAmulet Action (Talismanic Fetish Sale: original) NECROMANCER'S COSMOGRAMULET EBAY AUCTION AUCTION!!) I AM I!!)

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    Summary: Coupon for Free Delivery for AP/T93-L Members of an Aeonic Amulet if redeemer has won the auction.
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      Summary: Coupon for Free Delivery for AP/T93-L Members
      of an Aeonic Amulet if redeemer has won the auction.

      2323 version :: 4-9-4 CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION GALA

      t93-l / AP [23:23 ArkaotikA time]) coupon ebay amulet!!

      [from http://www.yronwode.com/543210/

      Necromancer's CosmogrAmulet (Occult Magical Talisman)]





      @ 04-04-04 4:44:44

      This Necromancer's CosmogrAmulet opened for auction at

      [ http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4160151495 ]

      It is simultaneously

      *AN ARCANE

      keyed to the #universe#
      and the #magician# who constructed it
      via *occult symbols*
      placed at an _unusual cosmic moment_:


      1st HOUR of the

      2nd DAY of the

      3rd MONTH of the

      4th YEAR of the

      5th MILLENIUM of the

      Kali Yuga

      (see below for details of its composition)

      OF AWARD*

      bestowing upon the winner a status of


      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/certificate.jpg ]



      "Certificate of Award: THIS CERTIFIES THAT _____________ [name
      to be filled in by the mage after the winner is decided at
      Ebay] Has, through diligent study and practical application,
      merited the award of this certificate, and is hereby
      recognized, by our standard, as being eminently qualified to
      instruct, practice and ethically administrate the principals
      as a NECROMANCER _____________ Date [the date that the
      cosmogram is won] _______________ Director [signed by the mage


      #THE ENVELOPE# (Containing the CosmogrAmulet)

      The Protective Talisman was placed within an envelope made from
      the images of wrathful divinities at midnight on the following
      full moon after its construction. It was lightly powdered with
      Graveyard Dirt from the Queen of Demons' Altar. This altar's
      charnal ground composition includes the remains of sacrifices
      like the flesh and blood of the devotee who maintains it. The two
      sides of this container contrast in their fiery colour and ashen
      grey the polarities of the cosmos:

      #Envelope Side#


      #Dakini Simhamukha#

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/envelope01.jpg%5d

      A breathtaking photo-reproduction of the black, lion-headed
      wrathful Dakini Simhamukha: one of the forms of the Lotus-Born
      originator of Vajrayana Buddhism: Padmasambhava -- see the bio
      by Yeshes Tsogyal: "The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation"!

      Envelope Side


      Mahavidya Dhumavati

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/envelope02.jpg%5d

      The 'Smokey One': Kali who reduces the universe to ashes,
      representing the terminal conclusion of the cosmos. The Great
      Destroyer Goddess.



      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/cosmogram.jpg ]


      This object is an *astonishingly rare* Protective Talisman. It
      was created at a *numerologically significant moment* in the
      annals of history as detailed above. The CosmogrAmulet is
      composed of

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/nigrisseptagram.jpg ]

      [The symbols above are the *#Seven Planets of the Ancients*#,
      set into a septagram in *#The Nigris Sequence#* (see below).]

      #Elemental# and #Alchemical Symbols#,

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/elements.jpg ]

      [The pentagram symbols are a composite integrating both the
      *#Aristotlean Quaternity#* and the *#Quintessence of the

      as well as
      #Identifying Geometric Figures#

      indicating both the

      #1#. *#Source of the Issuing Authority#*

      (*Nigris*, the Sorcerer and Magus)

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/legalsignature.jpg ]

      [The figure above is the legal signature and identifying *#Glyph
      of the Sorcerer#*, registered with social authorities and
      legally binding.]


      #2#. *#The Occult Planetary Sequence#*

      (*#The Nigris Sequence#*, discovered by the Sorcerer)

      [ http://www.yronwode.com/543210/nigristetraktyskamea.jpg ]

      [The figure above is a *Tetraktys mapped to Planets* and its
      linear sequence was obtained by abstraction by comparing the
      *#'Chaldean' Planetary Order#* with the *#Gregorian Calendar's
      Weekday Sequence#*.]


      Contact the seller (mailto:yronwode.com@nagasiva)
      for additional details about this CosmogrAmulet!
      Copyright nagasiva yronwode -- 2004
      All rights reserved.
      keywords: occult talisman amulet magic charm
      fetish cosmogram good luck power object
      Gassho, namaste, & so mote it be!
      Check out the AUCTION!

      [ http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4160151495 ]

      7-day listing began: Apr-04-04 04:44:00 PDT
      This coupon posted: Apr-09-04| 23:23:23 APT
      Ends: Apr-11-04| 04:45:00 PDT
      Starting bid: US $5.4 3(2Re1serve not met)

      NEATO $5 4. 3 2 P1RICE

      Buy It Now Price: US $5 4 3. 2 1

      I CALL IT THE 54321 AMULET.

      Item location: Forestville, CA United States
      Ships to: Worldwide
      [(Sellerpays-w/this coupon!:
      Postal Mail insured to your


      Orig-To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.magick.marketplace,


      [[for subscribers to this Yahoogroup, shipping is free
      when this coupon is redeemed as the high bidder!!!!

      offer available only to subscribers of T93-L or AP;
      repeating this email voids it completely. only
      directly redeemable at the time of shipment.]]




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