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Fallen: Confessions of a Disbarred Lawyer

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    A memoir of recklessness and deceit . . . Did you ever see the Abel Ferrara movie Bad Lieutenant, with Harvey Keitel? It s about a NY cop on the edge of
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      A memoir of recklessness and deceit . . .

      Did you ever see the Abel Ferrara movie "Bad Lieutenant," with
      Harvey Keitel? It's about a NY cop on the edge of annihilating
      himself, whose behavior and character have so deteriorated that it
      is unclear that redemption is even possible.

      One might well call this book, which purports to be an anonymous
      memoir, "Bad Attorney." Only it's not fiction, and at the end of the
      book no gesture of redemption seems forthcoming.

      But it's a mesmerizing read. The author begins his tale by
      describing a single lawsuit over a fall from a horse in which he was
      never able to bring himself to file the papers necessary to go to
      court. He goes on from there to recount in affecting detail his
      grossly incompetent law practice, his systematic deceit of clients,
      the day-trading habit that he embezzled money from clients in order
      to support, and his eventual disbarment.

      Woven into this narrative of self-destruction, too, is the author's
      infidelity to his wife, the dissolution of two marriages (the second
      to a woman twenty years his junior), his brushes with various
      characters who wish him harm, and his attempts to make a living
      first selling cars and then as a pop-up advertiser and salesman
      for "work-at-home" scams. The tone of the narrative is neither
      apologetic nor proud; if anything, it tends toward shell-shocked.
      Read it as a cautionary tale about procrastination, or as a warning
      to take extreme care when picking out your next lawyer.

      Now in print. http://www.fallenlawyer.com
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