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Paralegal Needs Help

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  • stacy_pomerantz
    My name is Stacy Pomerantz and have been a paralegal here in the Palm Springs, CA area for many years and no after years of helping others I now need to reach
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2003
      My name is Stacy Pomerantz and have been a paralegal here in the Palm
      Springs, CA area for many years and no after years of helping others I
      now need to reach out and ask for help. My cousin in Florida is
      currently helping me ans he suggested that I write this and ask you to
      forward it on to everyone that you know. An article about my Dad
      appears below.

      I know how loyal this community is and I appreciate that. I am trying
      to get a fresh start in life. I am seeking to relocate from
      California to Florida and have become disabled during the process.
      There are programs in Florida that I am eligble for. If anyone would
      be willing to donate please contact me or send donations to.

      PO BOX 770746

      Coral Springs Fl 33077.

      Thank you

      Stacy Pomerantz

      Guilty plea ends Arizona murder case
      Palm Springs resident, the victim's daughter, testified during trial
      The Arizona Republic
      August 23, 2002


      PHOENIX--In a surprising plea agreement unveiled earlier this week,
      Valerie Pape admitted for the first time that she killed her husband 2
      1/2 years ago.

      Pape said she shot Ira Pomerantz, 60, in the heat of a domestic
      dispute, and she pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder charge that
      could carry a prison term of up to 16 years. Pomerantz's daughter, a
      Palm Springs resident, testified at the trial.

      Pape refuses to answer how or why Pomerantz was dismembered, or if
      anyone else was involved.

      Pape, 50, of Scottsdale was arrested Jan. 28, 2000, a day after
      Pomerantz's headless, limbless torso was found in a trash bin behind a
      supermarket in Mesa, Ariz. A witness said a gloved Pape drove up in
      her blue-green Jaguar, looked around, and then dumped her husband's
      bagged torso into the trash.

      Pape, who has been jailed since her arrest, appeared in court Tuesday.

      She did not speak; the only admission of guilt came from her attorney
      John Stookey, who described the killing at the couple's home this way:

      "In the midst of a domestic violence incident, she directed a gun at
      Ira Pomerantz," he said.

      According to his death certificate, Pomerantz was shot in the right
      upper back.

      Stacy Pomerantz, who lives in Palm Springs, remembers the night police
      knocked on her door to tell her that her father had been shot to death
      and dismembered.

      "It was like a really bad B movie," she said Tuesday outside the
      courtroom. "It was like it wasn't sinking in."

      She said the plea agreement brings her family some relief.

      "She is a murderess, and we wanted her to admit that," said Stacy
      Pomerantz. "Now that's happened."

      In January, the Pomerantz family filed a wrongful death lawsuit
      against Pape that has yet to be resolved.

      After Pape's arrest, she admitted to dumping her husband's body but
      claimed she found him dead on the kitchen floor and disposed of the
      body because she feared being blamed.

      Tuesday's plea agreement was reached after weeks of negotiations
      between prosecutors and defense attorneys.

      Stacy Pomerantz said she is glad her family will not have to endure a
      trial. "We will not have to look at grisly pictures or hear bad things
      about my father, who was the victim in the crime," she said.

      Prosecutors felt the lesser, second-degree murder charge was
      appropriate given evidence of the couple's stormy relationship.

      Maricopa County deputy prosecutor Vince Imbordino said the plea deal
      "seemed to be the fairest solution."

      He said allegations of domestic violence may have persuaded a jury
      that she did not plan the slaying. Proof of such premeditation would
      be required for a first-degree murder conviction.

      More details of Pape's admission may emerge Oct. 18, when she is
      scheduled to be sentenced.
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