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Patrick has the day off (tag Patrick)

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  • k.b. charles
      (Ali Masjed) Emily and Jack are settling down in their bungalow, for the night, after visiting the Tindalls, where Emily read a story to Indra.   
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      (Ali Masjed)

      Emily and Jack are settling down in their bungalow, for the night, after visiting the Tindalls, where Emily read a story to Indra. 
       Later, in their own bungalow, she spoke to Jack.  "I overhead him, on the way home.  I think he's done something to the sugar and salt, gas well."

      Jack smiled.  "Yes, he really went to town, this year.  But, I think we are all used to it; it's just that he should be careful not to damage things that are gifts.  He got off with a light punishment.  He'll be off duty, tomorrow and can sleep in."

      "Jack, is that all Patrick is getting this year?  I heard him say something about sugar and salt.  You think the cook's discovered that one yet?"

      "I'm sure the cook knows to be careful, by now, on the first of April and on Halloween."

      "I think you're right, Jack," she said, as she playfully kissed him.
      Jack returned the kiss.
      "Now, let's put the children to bed and have a little time to ourselves."
       "Yes, dear," it sounds like fun," she replied, thinking about how cold it got at night here.  She wondered how Patrick would fare.  He had gotten what he deserved, this time.
      As they got the twins and readied them for bed, Emily said, "Now it's our turn to help Miriam and Saya to bed."
      "Let's get to it; I'm longing for the comforts of our bed!'"
      Patrick thought how bitterly it cold it got on the post at night as he drew the great coat he wore closely round his shoulders.  The wind was biting into him has he did another round of the perimeter; he could not wait until he reached the guard house to warm himself up by the fire the men had going.
      Next morning, he felt a poke in his ribs as he saw jack standing by him.  Patrick was sitting by the now almost out fire.
      "Sir!" He stumbled has he hurriedly got to his feet.
      "It was a quiet but very cold night," he said.  "I've not seen it get has cold as this before."
      "It's over for another year," he said with a smirk on his face.  "Oh, wait I forgot, it's six months till Halloween."
      "Thank the gods!"  Jack paused, realizing that he had said "gods," instead of just "God."  He decided he'd been in India long enough to absorb the idea of there being many gods.  Perhaps that was too long!
      As he saw the Colonel approaching, Patrick said, "Good morning sir.  I just reminded Jack of Halloween; maybe you would like a nice, safe party?  And here's the money for the tea I ruined." He handed him the cash.  Don't worry sir my wife was not pleased either."
      "I think I'll take leave on next Halloween.  I'll leave you in charge.  How about it?"
      Jack couldn't help but smile at the thought of Patrick being in charge of the post on Halloween.  Who knows what would happen?
      "I think," said Jack, "that I'd take leave at the same time."
      "On the other hand," said the Colonel, "maybe I'll just go for a safe party.  Lieutenant, I can put you in charge of organizing it.  What do you think?"

      Just then, a Corporal came up and saluted.  "Sir," he said to the Colonel, "I've a message for you."  He handed an envelope to the Colonel.  It was from higher headquarters in Peshawar. 
      "Lieutenant, you are relieved from your guard duty.  You can go home and take the day off.  I'll see you, tomorrow.  I've got to go to my office and see what higher headquarters wants."
      "All right, Patrick," said Jack.  "You're off duty, today, at least here with the Company.  I think Lakshmi was probably lonely all night and may want you to, ah, satisfy her sensitive spots."
      Jack, himself, had a smirk at the thought of the previous night; he and Emily had satisfied each other's sensitive spots. 

      The Tindalls and de Montforts
      Ali Masjed
      -  K. B. Charles
      "This we'll defend."
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