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The de Montforts meet the future Tindalls (tag Jack, Girls)

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  • k.b. charles
    OOC:  Bronwyn, I put the Tindalls on Dolos III, which is to be the home port planet for the Excalibur. - Kim IC:     ((Ali Masjed)) Emily and her family
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2012
      OOC:  Bronwyn, I put the Tindalls on Dolos III, which is to be the home port planet for the Excalibur. - Kim

      ((Ali Masjed))

      Emily and her family were taking a walk in the woods. When Jack called out, "If they're gone in a cave, I'll spank them!"
      "They had better not," said Emily.
      But, the girls had on ahead and Emily saw a cave. She grasped hold of Jack and said, "They dare not, or would they?"
      "You know how children are; they don't always mind."
      Emily spoke. "I think a spanking is well-deserved, especially as we told them not to."
      Just then, the two little girls came running out. "It's alright, mummy and daddy. It's not a time cave."  Neither wanted to say what they really saw, but they couldn't hold back. "Daddy, we saw a big metal bird in the sky. That's not possible, is it?"
      Jack grimaced and feared that they had, indeed, found a time cave. A metal bird, he thought. It sounds like a flying machine. He knew that people had been trying to invent a flying machine since ancient times.
      Emily spoke. "Now, we want the truth, girls."
      The girls knew they couldn't withstand Mummy and Daddy together.  Looking real contrite and innocent, they said, "Oh, we're sorry. We thought it was just an ordinary cave."

      Frowning, Jack said, "I told you two not to go into any caves at all!"
      They were standing near the entrance of a cave, and all of a sudden, a fog bank seemed to reach out of the interior of the cave and engulf them all. Jack tried to grab everyone and run but he didn't succeed. He felt a dizziness and disorientation. He seemed to black out for a moment. Then, he came to, sitting on the floor of the cave. He looked around and saw Emily and the girls there, too, looking just as disoriented.
      Miriam and Saya looked scared. "We didn't mean go do anything bad! We were outside the cave."

      Jack frowned at them. "You're getting a spanking when we get home!"
      If we get home, he thought.
      "Emily, I think we better creep to the front of the cave and see what we can see. Girls, stay here, for now."

      "Yes, Jack. They both crept out and could see a family picnicking in the distance.  A young boy with ginger hair came over to them followed closely by a man with ginger hair.  It was William Tindall and his son, Willie.  William was the first to speak.
      "I am William Tindall and this is my son, Willie.  the rest of the family are over there.  Then he recognized the Captain.  "I should of known you anywhere."
      "I suggest you go back quickly."
      "I would not let the girls come out."
      But, it was too late.  Willie had gone to say hello.
      "I'm Willie," he said. "but I think daddy wants you to go back.  It's not safe."
      I know you're curious, but I'm afraid I'm not allowed to say anything."


      Emily Tindall de Montfort
      Ali Masjed
      William Tindall
      Dolos III
      Willie Tindall
      Dolos III
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