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At home in the evening (tag Jack, Indra)

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  • k.b. charles
    ((Ali Masjed))   Jack and Patrick have gone home from work.   Jack went up the front walk, opened the door, and said, Emily?  Saya?  Miriam?   Emily
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      ((Ali Masjed))
      Jack and Patrick have gone home from work.
      Jack went up the front walk, opened the door, and said, "Emily?  Saya?  Miriam?"
      Emily come in with her two adopted daughters.
      "Hello, love. Has Patrick been good, today?"
      "He's been positively industrious!"
      "I should hope so," said Emily.  "He's got a wife and twelve kids to think about.  I doubt Lakshmi would like a pay cut.  But, Jack, I wonder if he can hold out till April Fool's Day.  You have to be up pretty early to catch him at it. Would it not be funny if you caught him in the act by not coming home?  It would spoil his thunder."
      "I wouldn't do that!  I look forward to his pranks.  I think the whole post does! I suspect that Colonel Alwynn does, as well."

      "All I hope is he does not go too far, like last year and scare the whole village."
      Jack's two older daughters were impatiently waiting for their turn to speak. 
      Jack kissed his wife, then knelt down to hug his daughters.

      "Oh, Daddy, Daddy!  We have been in school, and are learning cursive!  And, see, mummy is showing us  about babies!"  Each girl held a baby.  Miriam held John, and Saya held Emmy.
      There was a low sound, and a certain smell pervaded the area.  Saya frowned.  "Mummy, Daddy!  Emmy has pooped!  This is the second time, this evening!"

      "Hahah!  That is easily remedied.  I'm sure mummy will show you how to do it."

      "She already has.  It's so smelly."
      "Well, you did it, when you were a baby."
      "Oh.  I don't remember."

      "Believe you me, you did."
      He stood up and gave Emily another hug and a kiss.
      "What's for dinner?  I take it you're for dessert?"
      "Your favourite, Jack.  I thought you like a good English meal for a change. And, it’s a good way for the girls to learn."
      “Yes, my love, they should start learning what a girl needs to learn.  I’m sure you will teach them to be independent in personality, like you are.”

      "Yes, of course, Jack. I teach them what they need to know, including how to have fun and dance."

      They went in and had supper, then retired to the parlour. 
      Jack spoke up and said, “Tomorrow’s a day off.  What do you think of going on a picnic, in the hills?”

      "I love it, Jack. Now you're sure the time caves are closed off?  The always seem to find us."

      Next door, Lakshmi noticed that Pahtreck was home.  She straightened up and cleaned up a bit and went out to meet him with a smile.  "Babuji!  Come in, come in!"  She gave him a hug and a kiss.  "Come in and relax.  I will get for you a snack, with lemonade and pastries."
      Their oldest child, Indra, ran out and hugged Patrick.  She was now tall enough to hug him around his waist. 
      "Dahdee!  Dahdee!  Come in!  Come in the parlour!  I have been knitting a wrap for you!  I will show you!  Come in!"
      Patrick smiled at his eldest daughter.  "Yes, let's do that, Indra.  You can show me how well you've been doing."

      Patrick looked carefully at his daughter's work.  "You  are coming along, love.  You'll make some man very happy, one day.  And, did you help mama in the kitchen, today?
      You know, even a nurse will need cooking skills."
      "Yes, Dahdee.  I have helped mummy in the kitchen, and I have learned how to change the babies' nappies."
      Lakshmi smiled.  "She is very good at it."
      "That great, dear but can we talk about something else rather than pooh?"
      Lakshmi smiled.  “Of course, babuji.”
      And, now, the next oldest children, the twins, Ranjit William and Victoria Sita, were walking on their own.  They came out, looked up at Patrick and said, "Dahdee, dahdee!"  They were learning a lot of their speech from Indra, though Lakshmi was taking time to make sure they spoke English in what she considered the proper way.  She was very concerned that if they ever had to live in England , she and the children would speak English that was understandable to the Englishmen and women there.  She didn't want she or the children to be thought of as "ignorant colonial peasants."
      Patrick smiled at his kids.  He had a feeling that even in the future, there be lots of kids, if his future relations were the same as himself and Lakshmi.
      It was a shame that he would not get another visit from the future William, as he thought of his ever-so-many great nephews.  He just hoped the future William was happy and staying out of trouble.
      "Come here kids, and tell me what you been doing today."
      They followed him into the parlour, while Lakshmi went to get lemonade and cookies.
      "Dahdee, Dahdee, I will finish your wrap in a week!  You will have a scarf for cold weather!  And, I have been doing this writing!"  She showed him practice exercises, on paper, of cursive writing.  "Miriam and Saya are in my class!  We all got distinctions in our practices!  The teacher said we are very good!"
      "Well done, Indra.  Keep it up, and I'll take you to the market."
      “Oh, Dahdee!  Dahdee!  When can we do that?”
      The next time uncle jack gives me a day off little one.you can think about what you would like,.and we can choose some candt for the twins has well

      Not to be outdone, the twins held up paper on which they had scrawled all sorts of vague, unintelligible lines.  "Dahdee, Dahdee!  We have made pictures of cows and horses!"
      Patrick looked at the rough drawings.  Maybe one did look like a horse.
      "Mummy said we could be artists!"

      Patrick looked at the twins' scribble and held back a smile.  "Well, with some practice, anything possible.  Now, would you like to choose a story book.  Indra will help you."
      “Yes, Dahdee,” they both replied.

      Indra took charge of them.  “Come, Ranjit, come Vicky, we will look in our book shelf.”
      “Yes, Indra.”  They followed after her to the bookshelf. 
      Almost like a mother, herself, Indra turned and looked at them and said, “You may pick a book out.”
      They looked at the books and picked out one with stories of England .  They took it to Dahdee, and said, “Read to us about Engaland, Dahdee.”
      "Very good choice Victoria and Ranjit."
      "Indra," he said, "would you like to help Dahdee?  We can both read a page to the twins."

      Patrick Tindall,
      Ali Masjed
      Emily Tindall de Montfort
      Ali Masjed
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