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Let's talk (tag Sita, Jack)

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  • k.b. charles
    ((Bruin XIX, 2442 A.D.))   It was a strange meeting for the de  Montfort and Tindall families. William commented, We have rather a large family for out
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      ((Bruin XIX, 2442 A.D.))


      It was a strange meeting for the de  Montfort and Tindall families.

      William commented, "We have rather a large family for out time.  Well, they were mostly multiple births."  Pointing them out, he said, "The twins, Hannah and Logan, followed by the triplets, Lakshmi, Patrick and William, Jr.,........"


      Emily's face lit up. "Oh, so you carried on the name of my brother, Patrick!"


      "Yes, you can tell Patrick that he has a descendant named after him.  I think he would appreciate it, don’t you think, Jack?"

        “I think he will, yes indeed.” 

      "Oh, Jack do you know why Patrick will not take promotion?  I know it took me a while to accept higher rank.  It's still a bit different."

       "Well, if you managed it, so could he.  I'm sure he could use the increase in pay.  But, if it makes him happy, I'm happy.  He's a topnotch XO." 

       "Oh and I almost forget the quads:  Bronwyn, Molly, Alan and Jamie.  We named Jamie after my older brother.  They're only about four months old.  There's a standing bet on my ship, and, probably throughout Starfleet, that next time we have babies it will be five at once!  What do you reckon the odds are on that one, Sita?"

      Sita laughed.  "Whatever you wish, my babuji.  We'd have enough for our own soccer team, plus a couple of substitutes, hah!  If you don't mind, I am quite happy to take on five more."

        With a twinkle, William said, “We have the room dear. If you really are sure, I would love to give you some more.”


      Emily laughed.  "I'd say both our parents already want grandchildren, eh, Jack!"

      "Hah!  We're not doing anything to stop it!"

      “Jack, be polite in company, please.”


      But smiling at him, she said, “No we will not.”

      "Well, we will have to find your time cave and hope you get back to your own time.  I would love to see Patrick again, but my Captain would kill me, and I don’t think Sita would let me either.  But won’t you stay and join us in our meal?  We have plenty. I am sure you're hungry, and Sita makes a lovely spread, all home cooked."

      "If Emily wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind."

      I would be delighted; we can talk families .  Is there anything that you would like to know, Sita?  I can see William dying to talk to Jack. Alright, you two,  you can go off and talk about armies." 

      ”May  I Sita?” he asked. “ I won’t say anything about our time. But I am sure Jack can tell me about his.  There been some things puzzling me for a while."

      "See, I told you so," said Emily.


      "Yes, please do come over and have a seat."

      By that time, the children had come in for food, and they were all curious about this strange man and this lady who looked somewhat like Papa, but they were already much too polite to say anything.


      Sita said, "Children, this lady is your Papa's ancestor.  She and the gentleman, her husband, traveled through time to see us."


      Logan spoke up and said, "It is nice to meet you, sir, and ma'am."


      Hannah said the same thing, as did the triplets.  The quads just looked at them and cooed.


      Jack held out a hand.  "It is a pleasure to meet you, young man, and young lady."  He looked at his bride.  "Isn't it, Emily?"

      Emily smiled at her descendants.  "Well Jack, we definitely have to go back and start making babies so this family can be born."





      CDR William Tindall, XO
      USS Good Shepherd

      Emily de Montfort
      Newlywed, Ali Masjed

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