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The Tindalls and de Montforts at home (tag Jack, Lakshmi, Indra, Vicky)

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  • k.b. charles
    ((Ali Masjed))   Jack and Emily are going to the verandah for some time alone. Why, thank you, Jack.  I best go help Lhasa.  The girls are having their
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      ((Ali Masjed))


      Jack and Emily are going to the verandah for some time alone.

      "Why, thank you, Jack.  I best go help Lhasa.  The girls are having their tea, now.  Lhasa promised us this time alone."


      "Wonderful!  I am in favor of us having time alone as much as possible; we are still getting to know each other.  Of course, that will continue as long as we are married."

      "I'm sure it will, Jack."

      Once they were on the verandah, with tea and biscuits, he told her about his day.  "Our main effort for the next few weeks will be to get ready for the parade for the general's visit.  I managed to arrange things to make it appear that Patrick is actually commanding a real rocket squad, for the parade."


      Emily laughed. "Thank you, Jack.  I know he's naughty at times.  I hope he will remember this the next time he gets a mad idea."



      "I fear, though, that gossip about the "rocket man" arrangement will get down to Peshawar and possibly even Delhi, and Patrick may become known throughout the Indian Army as "the rocket man."


      "Jack," Emily said, I hope it's okay with the general coming. But I do not think he will cause any more trouble for a while.  I am serious; if he misbehaves between now and our wedding, he can remain on duty at the post.  I don’tthink he will want to miss out on the fun.



      "May I pour you some more tea, Emily, my dear?"

      "Yes, please. A slice of lemon, too, please."

      "What did you do, today, dear?"

      "l was helping Lhasa with the children.  She has been teaching me how to cook. 
      There's still a lot I do not know about household management.  Mother did give me a copt of McBeaton (?)  household management and I have been doing some reading." 


      "Oh, and a letter from my mother arrived in the last dispatches.  She's thrilled to bits, Jack.  Here's the letter.  She's on her way, and she's looking forward to meeting her new family."


      "Oh, do you want to try the curry that Lhasa and I made?  I think it's ready."


      Patrick made his way home. News had spread round the base about punishment. And, he had received a lot of teasing from the other officers.

      Finally, Indra run out to meet him and had started in surprise at her Dahdee. 

      He said, "Let's go into the parlour and Dahdee will explain." 


      "Lakshmi," he called.


      Lakshmi came out and followed them to the parlour.


      "Well, little one," he said, with a wink to Lakshmi. "This is what happens when you're naughty.  Dahdee pulled at stunt at work; Uncle Jack and the Colonel were mad at Dahdee.  So, they chose to embarrass Dahdee.   Now, I am "Rocket Man;" that's what the nametag reads."


      Indra took on a puzzled look.  How could Dahdee be punished?  Dahdee was perfect!  "Dahdee, I don't understand."

      "You see, soldiers have rules, and Dahdee broke them. Just the same as little girls have rules.  But no playing with Dahdee's rocket; it's too heavy for you, little one, it's' not a toy."

      He could see Indra looking at it.


      "Yes, Dahdee."  Indra would obey Dahdee, but that didn't keep her from being curious.  If only she could just touch it, just once!  But, she was a good soldier for Dahdee. 

      "Lakshmi," he said, "you have some news for me?  That's enough about bad Dahdees; go ahead, Lakshmi."


      "Oh, babuji, the dokitor said I am pregnant!  Is it not most wonderful!  You are the most wonderful man in the world!  I am so happy!"  She started crying, from happiness.


      Patrick went and took her in a big hug. "Those are happy tears, are the not Lakshmi?  It's wonderful news the best I have had all day."


      "Oh, yes, it is veree wonderful!  You are the most wonderful man in the world, I know!  I love you so much!"

      "Babuji, please relax with your little soldier Indra, and I will get you some lemonade and biscuits."


      "That sounds wonderfull, dear."


      Lakshmi saw to it that they were seated, then went in the kitchen to fix the snack.  As usual, she had the twins nearby, so she could keep an eye on them.  She let them crawl around in the kitchen as long as they didn't get into anything they shouldn't.


      In the parlour, Indra picked up a picture book- it was about farm animals- and looked up at her Dahdee.  "Dahdee, will you read to me from this book?"

      "Yes, little one.  Will you help me, here, Indra? 
      Good girl!  Soon you will be reading it by your self."




      In a few minutes, Lakshmi brought in a tray of lemonade and biscuits.  "Here we are, babuji."  She then went back and got the twins and brought them into the parlour, where they crawled around, waved their hands,  and played with some of the wooden figures that Patrick had carved.


      Victoria Sita looked at Dahdee, waved her hands and said, "Dahdee, dahdee!"


      Patrick went and picked up Victoria.  "Well done, Vicky," he said




      Indra looked at the tray.  "Mummy, can I have tea?"


      "I will let your Dahdee decide."


      "Well, I think she has been good enough for a treat.  Put a little milk and sugar in it for her. Or maybe a slice of lemon.  Which would you like Indra?"



      The de Montfort family
      Ali Masjed

        The Tindall family
      Ali Masjed

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