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Christmas & the New Year at Ali Masjed (tag Lhasa, Lakshmi, Indra, Ranjit, Jack, Colonel

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  • k.b. charles
     ((Ali Masjed, Christmas Eve)) It was Emily and Jack s first night together.  Are you happy, Jack? Indeed!  I am very happy!  This has been a wonderful
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       ((Ali Masjed, Christmas Eve))

      It was Emily and Jack's first night together. 

      "Are you happy, Jack?"

      "Indeed!  I am very happy!  This has been a wonderful day!"

      "And, let's make this our first night together."

      "I am entirely in favor of that!"  Jack could hardly refrain from embracing Emily and tearing off her dress and underpinnings.

      "You can help me out of this dress, Jack.  I can see your dying to do that, Jack."

      "Yes, and I see you are just as enthusiastic to help me out of my suit!"

        "Why, yes, Jack.  Let's go ahead."


      ((The next morning))

      "I do love you, Jack, and Merry Christmas." 

      Lying next to his true love, Jack replied, "I love you, too, my angel!  Merry Christmas to you!"

      "The same to you, jack, and may this be the first of many."  

      Soon, they were up and in the kitchen, when they girls came in.

      "Girls, we have some very special news for you."

      "What is that, Papa, Mummy?"

      Jack smiled.  "I'll let Mummy tell you."

      "In a month's time, will you be my flower girls?"

      The girls jumped up, then hugged Emily.  "We will be veree happy to do that!"

      "And, merry Christmas, everyone; you can open your presents after breakfast."  Emily
      could see the girls eyeing the tree.

      "I think we ought to eat and go on in there.  I think there's something for everyone."

      "Yes, let's go. Lhasa , please come and join in."  Even Lhasa had been remembered.

      < Lhasa >

      ((Tindall bungalow))

      "Merry Christmas, dear." Patrick handed her a small parcel.  "It's not much but I
      hope you like it.  It was my grandmother's.  I have been saving it for a special occasion."

      It was a small brooch.

      "OH, babuji!  It is so beautiful!"  She dabbed her eyes.  "It is a beautiful treasure!  You are the most generous man in the world!"

      She leaned in and kissed him.

      Then, little Indra came running in.  "Dahdee, Mummy!"  she said, "Father Christmas
      has been by.  May we open the presents?"

      "Let's have some breakfast, first."

      Patrick replied, "Come here and give us a hug.  Let's get the twins up, and we can
      open them together.  What do you say to that, Mummy?"

      "Yes, let's all do it, together.  Babuji, I will go get the twins up, if you will entertain Indra."


      "Yes!  Yes!  Dahdee!  My Dahdee!"  Indra's eyes sparkled at the thought of a few minutes alone with her Dahdee. 


      "Yes, little one," he said, as he picked her up.  "Ready for a story?"  

      Lakshmi smiled and went on in to the twins' bedroom to get them up.


       Indra looked at her wonderful Dahdee.  "Dahdee, can we go in the parlour?  Can I sit in your lap?"


      "Yes, little one," he said, as he picked her up.  "Indra, how would you like to give out the presents?  Dahdee will hand then to you.  Then, we can open them when everyone has theirs.




      ((New years day))


      Soon it was time for the Indian ceremony.


      "I will see you latter dear. Ranjit is going to help me get ready.  I've a surprise for you, love."  He kissed her has he left.



      He meet Ranjit.  "She does not suspect the surprise.  I know this signals my acceptance into your family.  I will try to do my best by your niece, sir."




      [The ceremony]


      [The honeymoon]


      All to soon, they were on there last day of their honeymoon.


      "Well, love, we go back tomorrow.  Do you think we have made another one?  We have had lots of practice."




      Soon they were shopping for presents for the family.  "It's okay dear. Your uncle gave us a wedding gift.  He told me to use it wisely.  I have saved some, and you can choose something for yourself.  What would you like in remembrance of this special time?"




      All to soon, they were on there way home, where a delighted cry of "Mummy!  Dahdee!  Come out, auntie." 


      Both Auntie Indra and Uncle Ranjit came out to  greet them with a surprise.  "Look, Lakshmi, little Ranjit and Vickee are walking."


      Lakshmi picked up her son.  Patrick had Vicky and Indra.


      "Thank you, sir."  He said, I am not certain, but there may be another little one to join us, soon."




      Once back in their own home, Patrick said, "Well now we are back to normal life.  I hope you enjoyed this time dear."



      "Oh, I need to be on time, tomorrow.  I meet with the Colonel first thing."


      The next morning, Patrick was up early.  "Do I look alright, dear?  This is no ordinary meeting, dear.  I wish I was getting ready for a promotion but I am not.  I will try and stay our of trouble for a while, dear."




      Patrick knocked on the Colonel's door, and to his horror, both Jack and Ranjit were waiting for him with the Colonel.


      Patrick stood to attention, and the Colonel come over.  Ranjit handed the Colonel the badge, and it was pinned onto him.  Patrick sneaked a look at it.  Oh no, it was bigger than he thought!  The colonel handed him the rocket, and the weight took Patrick by surprise.




      Patrick marched out; Jack and his company were waiting for him has he returned to the office.


      Patrick spoke to them.  "You have one minute to laugh, then accept it.  It stays on for a month.  "After the parade Patrick went into his office.  Unaware that Jack was behind him, he threw the hated rocket down.




      "That was embarrassing, and it was only my own men.  So what's the Company doing for the next month?  Just do not tell me it's ceremonial work."




      "A parade for the general?  You are kidding me!"






      Lt. Patrick "Rocket Man" Tindall, XO
      B Company, 1st Battalion
      5th Khyber Rifles



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