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William's visit, and Emily meets Lakshmi (tag William, Patrick, Emily)

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  • k.b. charles
    OOC:  Bronwyn, I wanted to bring everything up to date.  - Kim   IC: ((Bombay, 1871)) Emily, the girls, and Lhasa were in the market choosing things to take
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      OOC:  Bronwyn, I wanted to bring everything up to date.  - Kim

      ((Bombay, 1871))

      Emily, the girls, and Lhasa were in the market choosing things to take to the Tindall family.

      Lhasa asked Emily, "What about this material for a weeding dress?  Will Lakshmi want to be married in white or traditional colours?"

      "I think she will want to be married in white." 


      Emily purchased a swath of white material for the dress.


      Patrick's things were found quickly, and a little surprise for Jack was found, as a thank you gift.


      Next come time for the children.  "So, Miriam and Saya, what do you think the twins would like, and Indra?"   So far, they were behaving well.


      After the choices were made, they made there way to the sweets stall.


      "Okay girls you may choose a box each."

      "Oh, thank you, Miss Emlee!!  Thank you, very much!!"  The girls picked a box each, and had satisfied smiles on their faces.  Being good had paid off, but they knew Lhasa was still watching them, so they continued to be good.


      Emily also brought some for Patrick.


      Soon, they were back at the wagon.


      "Thank you, Jack.  We have everything now, including things for lunch has well.  The girls were good and have their treat."


      "That is very good of you, Emily; you are very sweet."  Jack noticed that Emily had not gotten anything for herself, but that was alright; he had already, secretly, gotten something for her and for Lhasa, which he would give to them when they got back to Ali Masjed.


      So, finished at the market, they left Bombay, and, some days later, were nearing Ali Masjed. 


      ((Khyber pass, 1871))


      William shimmered into existence, again. He went outside, looking for Mike and Jamie.  They were no where to be found.


      "Oh dam!" he thought, as he looked at his surroundings.  The hills gave it away. He was not on Bruin XIX anymore.  When William walked on to the main road,  it was not long before a wagon approached him.  He recognized the uniform. "Sir, can you tell me where I am?"


      Jack looked up and halted the wagon.  "Why, sir, you are in British India, near the village of Ali Masjed, next to Khyber Pass.  May I ask your name?"  Somehow, though, the gentleman seemed familiar, in spite of his strange clothing, which looked like some sort of uniform. 


      Emily stared at the strange person. There was something about the hair and eyes that reminded him of Patrick.


      "Who are you?" asked Emily.


      "Ma'am," he said, "I am William Tindall of the USS Good Shepherd, formerly of USS Authority.  Could you tell me if Patrick Tindall is in the area? He can explain who I am."


      "Patrick?  Patrick Tindall?"  Jack looked at Emily, and she seemed a bit like the strange gentleman.  "Yes, I can take you to him.  Hop up.  You'll have to sit with the girls and their nanny, though."


      Jack introduced the gentleman to Miriam, Saya and Lhasa.


      Saya said, "You look like Uncle Patwick."


      "Yes," said Miriam, "you look like Uncle Patwick."




      ((Ali Masjed, 1871))


      Patrick and Lakshmi were enjoying some quiet tine together before the children awoke, when all of a sudden there was a loud knocking at the door.


      "Will you go, Lakshmi, please?" asked Patrick.  "I do not think I can get up yet."


      Lakshmi smiled.  "Of course, babuji." Carefully, she got out of bed, dressed and went to the door. 

      Soon Lakshmi returned with Jack and two other people.


      "Jack, what are you doing here?"


      "Oh, Patrick, we were notified that you were wounded, so I am come back from leave.  I have a surprise guest for you."


      Patrick took another look at the people in the room.  "Emily," he asked, "it can not be you!"

      "It is, Patrick.  I am sorry you are hurt but congratulations on your upcoming marriage."


      "Thank you, sister."


      Patrick looked at the uniform.  And, it's William, of the future, if I am not mistaken. "What are you doing here?"


      "I was checking the time caves after some strange events happened on the planet and the light took me again. So what happened to you, Jack, that you'd be with Emily Tindall?"


      Rather confusedly, Jack looked at William and Patrick.  It was almost like talking to twin brothers. 


      "Well, ah, Lottie is dead, and I went on leave to Bombay, to recover, and I met Emily, there.  She was visiting, ah, India.  She has agreed to come up and stay with us, as a guest, for a while."  Jack smiled at Emily.  "I hope she will stay longer than just a while."



      "I am sorry Patrick, but Sita is not with me this time. So I can not help you and Lakshmi," William said.  "The only thing I can tell you without getting into trouble is Sita had triplets.  A girl and two boys.  I thought you and Lakshmi should know we called the girl Lakshmi and one boy Patrick, after you, and the youngest boy is little William- Willie for short."


      "Oh, that is so sweet of you and Sita," said Lakshmi.  "We have named our twins 'Ranjit William' and 'Victoria Sita'."  Lakshmi still didn't understand time travel, but at least she didn't think "William" was a devil of some sort. 


      "I am sorry we can not come to your wedding.  I will be in enough trouble when I go home.  I have broken quiet a few rules by just being there."


      "You may as well know sir," he said, looking at Jack, "the Tindall tradition of playing practical jokes has been passed down through the generations. "

      Jack smiled.  "I'm not surprised."


      "Shall I tell you the latest?" he smiled at Patrick.


      "Yes, please do."


      "I sent a whole lot of paint over to my brother's ship and had it dumped on the bridge. And he kindly returned the favour."


      Patrick laughed at that.


      "I am not exactly in the First Officer's good books at the moment."


      Patrick laughed.  "I see nothing has changed!  he smiled at Jack.


      "Well," he said, "you know what holiday coming up."


      Jack rolled his eyes.  "Oh, yes."  Jokingly, he said, "Maybe we'll throw Patrick in the stockade that week."



      William winked at Patrick.


      "Now, said Emily, "you two stop planning."


      "Oh, Emlee," said Lakshmi, "I hope you can control Pahtreck!  I cannot control him playing tricks on the Colonel!" 


      Jack said, "Oh, Emily, this is Lakshmi, Patrick's contract wife, and they will be getting married at some time, soon, I hope."




      "Well, said William, "I am glad to see you again, Patrick, but I have to go back and face the music. Can someone take me back to the caves?"


      "Oh, of course.  Come with me.  Emily, can you stay with Lakshmi and get acquainted?"



      Soon, William was back at the caves again.  "I wish I could stay, he told Jack but the time line would be affected.  Have you been through it, yourselves?"


      "Ah, yes, I have fallen in it, once.  I'd rather not do that again!  It took me to the future, and to an alternate universe."


      "I see, said William, "it can take you back or forward. With me it always been back to my past; I have a keen interest in my family history."


      "Thank you, Jack, for telling me. Maybe we can solve the puzzle of the caves on our end.  Actually, I thought they had been destroyed."


      "Yes, I will make sure the entrance is sealed with an explosion with a bomb."


      "Goodbye,  Jack; it's been interesting meeting you again."


      "Goodbye, William."  Jack felt a bit strange, talking to someone who hadn't been born, yet. 


      He went back to Patrick's house.  "Ah, Emily, I see you've been talking to Lakshmi."


      Lakshmi heard some cries from the other room.  "Oh, Emlee, the children are awake from their naps.  Would you like to meet Indra and the twins?"






      Jack de Montfort, CO
      B Company, 1st Battalion
      5th Khyber Rifles 


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