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He'll be alright............

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  • k.b. charles
    OOC:  Bronwyn, you can have Patrick waking up, any time.  I had him fall unconscious while they were going back to Ali Masjed, and he s now asleep in his bed
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      OOC:  Bronwyn, you can have Patrick waking up, any time.  I had him fall unconscious while they were going back to Ali Masjed, and he's now asleep in his bed at home.

      (( Khyber Pass area, 1871)) 

      Patrick had been leading a patrol through the Khyber Pass area, and all had gone well until the last day, but a few miles from home.  They were ambushed.  Not knowing the strength of the ambushers, they all dove for cover, on Patrick's orders.

      Singh looked at Pahtreck, who was both his boss and his son-in-law.  "What are your orders, now, sir?  Sir, are you wounded?"

      Patrick heard Singh talking, but he must have grimaced.  He looked down at his arm it looked like a stray bullet had hit his right arm.  His face was rather white as the pain hit him. 

      "Singh," he said quietly, "my right arm. It fells like it's burning, but please check on the rest of the company as well, now the firing has ceased."

      "Yes, sir."  Singh was proud of his boss/son-in-law.  Pahtreck was acting like an officer should act, with bravery and concern for the men before concern for himself. 

      "Thank you Singh; how far are we from home?"

      "Just about a ten miles to safety, sir."  Singh was proud of Pahtreck, but also concerned.  He liked Pahtreck, and he didn't want his daughter, Lakshmi, to be a widow.

      "Just patch me up, and let's get out of here."

      "Yes, sir."  Singh directed the men to be on the lookout while he bandaged and splinted the arm.  He carefully place Pahtreck on a horse- they had to ride out of there as fast as possible- and led the patrol out of the area, at as fast a pace as possible.

      In time, they were riding up to the village, and people saw them.  People knew that if a patrol rode in at that pace, someone was hurt, and the word spread, as bad news always does, with the speed of light. 

      A neighbor came and told Lakshmi, who immediately gathered the children and took them to Auntie Indra's, but Little Indra wanted to go with her to see Dahdee.  Lakshmi was in such a fright that she just took the little one along.

      She was standing, with the rest of the wives, in the parade ground when the patrol came in.  She saw that her Pahtreck was hurt.

      "Oh, Pahtreck!  Oh, my Pahtreck!!!"

      Little Indra didn't understand.  "Dahdee!  Dahdee!"  When Mama started crying, Indra started crying.  "Dahdee!  I want Dahdee!"

      Singh led the patrol to the stables, where they dismounted and started to take care of the horses.  He detailed two men to take Patrick, who was unconscious, to the post's little hospital, where the new doctor, Dr. Jasper Lane, looked at him.

      "Dokitor!  Dokitor!  Will he be alright?"  Lakshmi was anxiously standing by.

      Dr. Lane, who understood the "arrangement system," looked at Lakshmi and said, "Mrs. Tindall, I have to remove a musket ball from his arm.  It will not be much trouble but you must go in the other room, please, and wait."

      "Yes, Dokitor."  She took Indra in the waiting room.  Singh was sitting with them, to take care of them and comfort them. But, she was crying, and Indra was crying.

      "Your Dahdee is hurt, Indra.  We must take him home and take care of him!"

      "Yes, I will take care of Dahdee!"

      Presently, the doctor came out and talked them.  "It was a clean wound.  I removed the ball without any trouble.  He will need to recover at home for at least a week."

      "Oh, yes, dokitor!  I will take care of him!"  If only Mo-yera were here, or Lhasa, or Lah-tee, she thought.

      Between the two of them, Singh and Lakshmi managed to get the unconscious Patrick home.  Lakshmi undressed her beloved husband and put him in bed. The doctor came over.

      "Oh, Mrs. Tindall, your husband has lost a lot of blood, but he can recover.  Only, you must be very careful about keeping everything around him clean.  Everything- bed sheets, clothes, eating utensils, the room itself, you, your children, any visitors, must be clean."

      "Oh, of course, dokitor........ everything will be clean......."

      "Good.  You must change his bandage at least twice a day.  It, too, must be kept clean....."  He gave her more instructions and left some pain killer medicine with her, to give to Patrick.

      Lakshmi sat and watched the still unconscious Pahtreck, her babuji.  She decided that it was not too early in Indra's life to start involving the girl in things that went on all the time in Ali Masjed, like taking care of wounded husbands.

      "Indra, Dahdee is hurt.  We must take care of him.  You and I must take care of him, here in the house.  We will be nurses."

      "Nurses........"  Indra repeated the new word.  "We will be nurses."

      "Now, the dokitor says everything must be as clean as possible."  So, they started seeing to it that everything in the room was clean, including themselves.


      Meanwhile, Colonel Alwynn immediately sent a telegraph off to Bombay, to recall Jack. 


      Ranjit Singh, 1SG
      B Company, 1st Battalion
      5th Khyber Rifles

      Lakshmi Singh, native wife
      Ali Masjed. 


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