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Jack & Rajiva: Can't stay here

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  • Kim
    ((Khyber Pass)) Jack de Montfort and his accidental companion, Rajiva, had come out of the time nexus cave in the year 1854. They had encountered a lady
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2008
      ((Khyber Pass))

      Jack de Montfort and his accidental companion, Rajiva, had come out
      of the "time nexus" cave in the year 1854. They had encountered a
      lady named Hadara Khan and her Circassian bodyguard, a man named
      Tabas Iskandar.

      Jack tried to explain things to the pair.

      Hadara Khan, clearly the boss between herself and Iskandar, looked at
      her companion, who nodded.

      "Indeed, Madam Khan," he said, "strange things do happen in 'the
      hills.' "

      It occurred to Khan that she could ask what had happened between 1854
      and 1871, but then it occurred to her that to know the future would
      run the chance of disrupting what must be, if, indeed, anything must
      be. At the very least, she, with such knowledge, might do something
      which would interrupt the interconnected sequence of historical
      events which was necessary for the birth of the two people she and
      Tabas had just encountered. And, what if the future were terrible?
      Did she want to know that?

      "Mr. de Montfort, I think it is dangerous for you to be in the past.
      You must go back to the cave and try to get back to your time."

      "I understand what you mean, Madam Khan, but the phenomena in the
      cave is random. This is not our first destination. Our first
      destination was a parallel world, a parallel history, which I will
      refrain from describing."

      "I understand, but you cannot stay here. There is too much of a
      chance that you and your companion will, even inadvertently, disrupt
      future history, even to the extent of canceling out your own lives."

      Finally, Rajiva said something. "What is she saying, Jeck? Must we
      go back into the cave of demons?"

      "It is not, I think, a cave of demons but a cave that has a phenomena
      that involves time travel. We are not harmed, just taken to
      different times."

      "That is true, Jeck, but I do wish we could go back to our own home."

      "We will try again, and if we come to our own time, we will seal the
      cave. It is dangerous, though I can't help but think that others
      know of it."

      Khan and Iskandar agreed. They waited until night, then escorted
      Jack and Rajiva back to the cave. The light was there. Jack grasped
      Rajiva's hand, promising not to let go, and they let themselves be
      engulfed, disappearing from view. The shimmering light faded and all
      was darkness.

      "Well, this is one event that we shan't report!"

      "Indeed, Tabas, indeed. Now, we must away to Peshawar, or at least
      to the village."

      They ended up spending the night in the village of Ali Masjed. The
      next morning, before they left, Madam Khan, who, among other things,
      was a brassware merchant, sold some of her wares to some locals. One
      man, named Singh, purchased some baubles for family members,
      including a bracelet for his daughter Parvati and a necklace for his
      newborn daughter Lakshmi.


      Jack de Montfort, MIA
      Khyber Pass
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