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461Amazons (tag Patrick, Emily)

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  • k.b. charles
    Oct 26, 2013
      ((Ali Masjed))

      Ali Masjed was now into October, and Patrick was ordering supplies for the proposed party. He was handing it over to Jack has he came in.  “Will company funds run be all right for this?  Lakshmi told me she would help with the food. The lower ranks will be happy with Indian food, and the officers would like a mixture.  I think it would be good if we got the families involved, what do you say sir?  Then, we can all sit down to some sort of meal and dancing later.  I’ll get in a few sweets for the children.  Let’s just hope the tribes remain quiet for that period.  I hear we’ve had rumblings over the last few months.”
      “Sorry, my Indian is not 100 percent, yet.”  Patrick had been learning the native language from Lakshmi, and he wanted to talk to his company in their own language; so far, the men had been respectful of his time.  Eventually, Patrick hoped to be a full Lieutenant. 
      “Yes, I’m all for full participation of families, both British and Indian.  You’re doing a great job so far, Patrick.  I hope the tribes will be quiet until after the party.”  Jack smiled at the thought of inviting the tribes.
      “Thank you, sir.  How about this?” he said, handing Jack the invitation.  Lakshmi translated it into Indian for me.”
      Jack glanced at the invitation.  His knowledge of Indian was rather elementary.  “It seems all right to me.  I appreciate the effort that you and Lakshmi put into it.”

       “Say, Patrick, how about asking Lakshmi to see if any of her family, and anyone else from the town, would like to come?  They might enjoy seeing how we British celebrate one of our holidays.  They might think it funny.”
       “As it’s a costume party, they may well do so.”
      After finishing his work, Jack went home to Emily and the four kids.  He kissed Emily and thought about how they would have some more fun, later on, in their bedroom.  “How are you, my love?”
      Hugging her husband, Emily replied, I’m well; it will not be long until the baby is born.” 
      “Things are going well for the party.  Do you think you’d have time to do cook some of the food?”
      “Of course; what would you like?”
      “I think some pots of medium strength, so to speak, curry, would be appreciated.  I have become adjusted to Indian cuisine, I guess.  Maybe you could talk to Lakshmi and see what she’s doing.”
      At that point, Sayankala came up to her parents and said, “Mummy, daddy, can I wear a soldier costume to the party?  I want to be a soldier, like daddy, when I grow up.”
      Jack smiled.  “What do you think, Emily?”
      “Yes dear you may be a soldier.  Who knows what the future holds; one day, they may allow women in the army.  What do you think, Jack?”

      The thought of a whole bunch of women in uniform and in combat took him a moment to conceive but then he remembered Sita Tindall.  “Well, women have fought in the past.  Perhaps someday, in the future, the Army will have them.  I wouldn’t be surprised.”
      Emily was thinking of Sita Tindall, but of course it was many years in the future.
      Saya smiled.  “Oh, then I can have a soldier suit?”
      “Well, we are in India, so why don’t we get you a suit like the ancient Indian amazons used to wear.
      “Amazons?  Daddy, what are amazons?”
      “Amazons are women warriors.  They fought with shields and swords and wore armor.”
      “All right!”  Saya went off to tell Miriam. 
      Jack turned to Emily.  “Can I help you with supper, my love?”
      The de Montforts and the Tindalls
      Ali Masjed
      -  K. B. Charles
      "This we'll defend."