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455Time to Turn in (tag Emily)

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  • k.b. charles
    May 26, 2013
      (Ali Masjed)
      After an adventure with the time caves, everyone's at home but Patrick, who got stuck with duty as Officer of the Guard for the night, due to his April Fool's activities.
      Jack found Emily over at the Tindall's bungalow, sitting with Lakshmi, discussing things.  They looked up at him, expectantly, and Indra came in, obviously expecting Patrick.
      "Where is my Dahdee?"
      "I'm sorry, but he is officer of the guard, tonight.  He won't be home until tomorrow morning."

      "Somehow, I am not surprised," said Emily.
      Indra was disappointed. Lakshmi looked at her and said, "Dahdee was a bad boy, and he is now being punished."
      "No!  Dahdee cannot be a bad boy!  Dahdee is perfect!"
      Jack laughed and looked at Emily.
      Emily sighed and took Indra's hand.  "Would you like me to read you a story tonight, as a special treat?"
      Indra smiled and said, "Yes, Auntie Emlee, I would."  She loved Emily's English way of speaking.  But, Indra still was puzzled as to how Dahdee could be naughty.  "I don't understand about Dahdee."
      Lakshmi just smiled, thinking that eventually, Indra would learn that men are far from perfect.
      Emily replied, "Your Dahdee was very naughty.  He ruined a very expensive bag of tea."
      Indra frowned in thought, but could only say, "Oh."
      Later, in their own bungalow, she spoke to Jack.  "I overhead him, on the way home.  I think he's done something to the sugar and salt, gas well."
      Jack smiled.  "Yes, he really went to town, this year.  But, I think we are all used to it; it's just that he should be careful not to damage things that are gifts.  He got off with a light punishment.  He'll be off duty, tomorrow and can sleep in."
      "Jack, is that all Patrick is getting this year?  I heard him say something about sugar and salt.  You think the cook's discovered that one yet?"

      "I'm sure the cook knows to be careful, by now, on the first of April and on Halloween."

      "Now, let's put the children to bed and have a little time to ourselves."
      The Tindalls and de Montforts
      Ali Masjed