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451The Aftermath (tag William, Emily)

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  • k.b. charles
    May 22 8:04 AM
      (Ali Masjed)
      Due to mishaps in the time caves, William, Sita and Willie have ended up at Ali Masjed, on April 1, 1885. They and the de Montforts came to the post in time to see Patrick and the Colonel. They all decide to pick up Lakshmi and go see the holy man who lives in a mountainside cave, outside Ali Masjed village.  Upon his advice, they go to the cave at sunset, and William and Sita prepared to step into the mist in the cave.
      The moment came, and they stepped into the mist, hoping for the best, watched, rather apprehensively, by Patrick, Lakshmi, Jack and Emily.

      William took his wife's hand with one hand and Willie's with the other, and they walked into the mist.  Thankfully, they came out to find a crew of Starfleet officers waiting for William on the other side, including a rather irate Captain Clifton.
      "I guess I have some explaining to do sir.  And by the way, a happy April fools day; I think I pulled rather a god one this year," he added, with the trade mark grin on his face."
      Clifton rolled his eyes and sighed, wondering what he'd do, now.  "Yes, I want to see you in my ready room, tomorrow morning at 0800.  But, for now, you need to go reunite with your kids.  They have been very upset."

      "Thank you, sir, thank you!" said Sita.  Right now, she didn't care what Clifton would do on the morrow.  She couldn't wait to get to her seventeen other kids.
      Shortly, they were joyfully reunited.
      Meanwhile, back in 1885…..

      Lakshmi looked at Pahtreck.  "Babuji, let's go home."
      Jack smiled.  "I second the motion, eh, Emily?"
      Patrick said, "Yes, let's go get the kids.  My little Indra will be waiting for us."
      Emily looked at him.  "First, Patrick, you have an apology to make.  I don’t think the Colonel will have left yet."
      "That’s for Jack to decide, not you."

      "Get moving before I take you myself."

      Patrick looked at Jack, without much relief.
      "We'll see what the Colonel wants to do, Patrick.  If I was him, I'd be very upset."
      Soon, the party arrived back in camp.
      Laskmi and Emily took the kids home, and Jack lead Patrick to the Colonel's office.  They both went in and saluted.
      "It's too dark, now, sir, but the time caves should be sealed tomorrow.  By then, the future Tindalls should be safely back in their own time."
      "I second the idea, sir.  At least we'll have those cave entrances blocked."
      "And, I have an apology to make.  I'm sorry about the tea, sir, and I'll pay for a replacement."  With a grin, he added, "Did either of you check the sugar and salt?  With a huge grin, he said, "You never learn sir; you've got be up pretty early to catch me out."

      Glaring at Patrick, the Colonel wasn't amused.  "Lieutenant Tindall, I don't appreciate you damaging a gift from my wife.  A gift can be replaced, but it's not the same.  I don't know what to do with you.  For tonight, you will be officer of the guard, and you must stay up all night to make sure all the guards are in their places, around the post."

      "That's pretty light punishment, Lieutenant."
      The Colonel turned to leave the office.

      Patrick said, "You're kidding, are you not, sir?"
      Patrick reflected that the Colonel wasn't kidding, as  he took up his position on the gate, at attention, as Jack went home to his family.
      He found Emily over at the Tindall's bungalow, sitting with Lakshmi, discussing things.  They looked up at him, expectantly, and Indra came in, obviously expecting Patrick.
      "Where is my Dahdee?"
      "I'm sorry, but he is officer of the guard, tonight.  He won't be home until tomorrow morning."
      Indra was disappointed. Lakshmi looked at her and said, "Dahdee was a bad boy, and he is now being punished."
      "No!  Dahdee cannot be a bad boy!  Dahdee is perfect!"
      Jack laughed and looked at Emily.
      The Tindalls and de Montforts
      Ali Masjed
      -  K. B. Charles
      "This we'll defend."