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  • Bronwyn Tindall
    May 21, 2013


      Here you go.






      (Ali Masjed)


      Due to mishaps in the time caves, William, Sita and Willie have ended up at Ali Masjed, on April 1, 1885. They and the de Montforts came to the post in time to see Patrick and the Colonel. They all decide to pick up Lakshmi and go see the holy man who lives in a mountainside cave, outside Ali Masjed village.  

      Presently, leaving a somewhat disappointed Indra, and the other kids, including Miriam and Saya and Emmy and John, at Lhasa's, they proceeded through the village and out to the hills on the other side. They rode up to the cave where the holy man stayed. He was sitting in the sun, reading a religious text. He looked up, as the wagon of sahibs and memsahibs approached, but said nothing.


       The group dismounted from the wagon and Lakshmi stepped forward and, with hands together as if in prayer, bowed to the holy man and said, "Oh, wise man of the hills, we have need of your advice."


      Regarding the whole party, he smiled and said, "I thought, oh, daughter of the hills, that that might be the case." He paused, then said, "I have understanding of the sahibs' language, anglezi, so you may tell me, young man." He gestured to William.

      "Sir," replied William, "my family and I need to return to our own time.  We do not want to contaminate the time line.do you have any suggestions regarding the mist?"

      The Holy man, originally from Tibet, thought for a moment.  "Tis best, young sahib, to step into the mists when there is a breeze blowing into the cave.  At this time of year, wait until sunset and there is usually a breeze from the hills.  Wait by the cave until it is blowing into the cave.  The mist will arise; 'tis best to step into it then."

      "Thank you sir we try that. As much as I love history, I know I cannot remain in your time."

      Sita glanced, none too surreptitiously, at the sky.  It was midafternoon.  Sunset would be along in about four hours.  She was all for going to the cave immediately and camping out in front of it.


      Patrick spoke in a low tone.  "Do I escape punishment this year?  I thought it was rather s good one this year.  No, your tea's safe.  I know it's expensive but I could not resist the colonel; he never learns, does he?  Besides the old man can afford to replace it," said he, with an evil grin on his face.

      "Young sahib," said the Holy man, "I don't see anything unusual in store for you, for the year."


      "Thank you, sir.  I just hope the Colonel's calmed down by the time we get back."


      Lakshmi saw it and spoke to Sita.  "He's either up to something or he's done it.  Do you know that look, Sita?"


      "I sure do!  Some things do not change!"


      Both women sighed and rolled their eyes.


      "Jack?" she asked, forgetting the formal "sir."

      "He has already done it, at least for now.  I don't think the Colonel was pleased.  The pot was a gift from his wife."


      "Pahtreck!" said Lakshmi, in tones of dismay.  She looked at Sita.  "I will have to call on Mrs. Alwynn and apologize."


      "Oh, I feel sorry for you, Lakshmi."


      "Lakshmi, leave it with me, and I'll talk to the Colonel. I'll pay for the replacement tea, and whatever else he throws at me.  But, hopefully, by the time we return to camp, he'll see the funny side of it. What do you think, Jack?"


      "I hope he does see the funny side of it.  One doesn't like to have presents from one's wife messed up by April Fool's jokes.  We'll see."

      "Oh, Pahtreck!  Please be more careful, next time," said Lakshmi.  She decided she'd still have to call on Mrs. Alwynn.


      "But, now I think we'd better get the youngsters here home."


      "By all means.  The sooner we settle this, the better, so we can get back to our, ah, somewhat normal lives."


      They went back to the fort and had an early supper, for who really knew where they'd end up once they waded into the mist in the time caves.  Wherever it was, they might as well have full stomachs.


      As sunset approached, they made their way to the entrance of the time cave, and sure enough, a breeze blew down from the mountains and into the cave.  Jack thought he saw the mist in the cave, but he didn't care to go in and verify it. 


      He looked at William, and said, "Well, I think this is the time.  Good luck.  On parting, people usually say they hope they meet again, but I think it is best to hope that we don't meet again; still I wish you all the best for your career."

      <Patrick>take care of yourself my boy and try and stay out of trouble


      <William>I try great uncle he said and I think it be the last time we meet I look you up in the history books.



      Sita embraced Lakshmi and Emily.  "I know we are friends, but I hope we don't see each other again, in this life." 


      <Emily>friend always sitaand I hope your life will be veryu happt and a long one.you may find has in the family bibile if it still exists in your timer.


      Lakshmi nodded and smiled.


      Sita then grabbed Willie's hand, and looked at William.  "Babuji, let's go."


      <William>william took his wife hand and willie on the othwer and they walked into the mist.thankfullt to find a crew of srtarflet officets waiting for him on the other side witrh a rather irate captin Clifton

      I guess I ghave some explain to do sie.

      And bu the way ahappy april fools dat I think I pulled rather a god one this year

      With the trade maek grin on his face.\


      Kim I leave Clifton to you.


      Lakshmi looked at Pahtreck.  "Babuji, let's go home."


      Jack smiled.  "I second the motion, eh, Emily?"


      <Pahtreck>tyes lets go get the kids.my little indjtd will be waiting for has.


      <Emily>first patrick you have an apology to make I don’t think the colonel will of left yet.\

      That’s for jack to decied not you.

      Get moving before I take you myself.

      Looking to jackses got no tight


      Soon the party arrived back incamp.

      Laskmi and emily took the kids home and jack kead patrick to the colonel office.they both went in and saulted

      Its to dark noe sit but the time cavbes should be sealed tomorrow,the tindals should be safely back in there own timer


      And I have an apology to makei sorry aboutr thettea sir and I pat for a replacement.with a grin did either of tou chexck the sugar and salt.wirth a huge grin you never learn sir you got be up prettyearly to catch me out.



      Hs the left the office

      Your kidding are you not sir

      Has he took up his postion on the gate.at attention has jack went home to his family.





      The Tindalls and de Montforts

      Ali Masjed







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