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444Meeting the holy man (tag Patrick, William)

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  • k.b. charles
    Apr 10, 2013
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      (Ali Masjed)
      Due to mishaps in the time caves, William, Sita and Willie have ended up at Ali Masjed, on April 1, 1885. They and the de Montforts came to the post in time to see Patrick and the Colonel. They all decide to pick up Lakshmi and go see the holy man who lives in a mountainside cave, outside Ali Masjed village.

      William spoke. "Jack I suggest we find that holy man of yours, and you can discuss Patrick's punishment on the way. I've no doubt captain Clifton will be on my back once I get home. The time caves are forbidden, you see."
      "It wasn't your fault." He looked at Willie. "Your boy went in the caves; you just went in to get him out, and the mist happened to flare up at that time."
      "I understand, but my Captain would call it disobeying orders."
      "Tell you what. I'll write a note to that effect, addressed to your superior officer. I am sure that you can have it confirmed as my writing, when you get back to your own time. I'm sure that science has progressed that much, and there might even be samples of my handwriting still around, in the future. But, of course, you should destroy the note immediately after you show it to your Captain and they confirm that it is genuine."
      "Thank you, sir. Would it survive the trip back do you think?"
      "If I keep it safe on me, it may."

      Jack eyed William's garb, which was a Starfleet uniform.  "I don't see any pockets in your uniform but if there are, just tuck it in one, and it will go where you go."
      Emily smiled. "What a clever idea. A note written today will be transmitted hundreds of years into the future, immediately."
      Of course, neither Jack nor Emily ventured the thought, known to all of them, that there was no way to control the mist; it all depended on luck. Well, maybe the holy could give them some help. Jack, of course, was a good Christian, but time travel, he thought, had nothing to do with Christian beliefs, and holiness was not restricted to Christians.
      "Shall we," said Jack, "go and pick up Lakshmi, and go on out to the holy man's cave?"
      "Good idea, Jack. Are we walking or taking the horses sir?"
      "I think we'd better take a wagon.  It might be less noticeable, which is what we want to be."
      It was not long before they reached the Tindall household, and Lakshmi come out of the house, as did Indra, who smiled and said, "Dahdee! Dahdee! You're home early!"

      "Yes, my sweet, and have you been good for mama?"

      "I have been very good for mama."
      Lakshmi came out, wiping her hands.  "Pahtreck, babuji, you are home early?" She noted William and his two.  "Who are these people?"
      "Lakshmi, these are my descendants; there was a time cave accident.  I won't mention their names; the less said aloud, the better.  We are going to the holy man we met when we got married. We need to get our descendants home, and say hello."

      Sita nodded and smiled.  She knew she was of the same family, though not directly descended, of course, as Lakshmi Singh. 
      "Pahtreck, I remember who these people are; Ranjit William and Victoria Sita get their second names from these two.  And that boy"- she indicated Willie- "must be their son."

      At that point, Ranjit William and Victoria Sita came toddling out, as if on cue.
      "Hahah," said Sita, "I'll bet William and I are the only people ever to have ancestors named after them."

      Lakshmi remembered what day it was.  "Did you do anything mischievous , today, Pahtreck?"
      Looking sheepishly at his wife, Patrick said, "I was too late; the Colonel is not pleased with me, so Jack thought it better I come on this mission.
      She rolled her eyes.  "Pahtreck!  Well, thank the gods that it is only two days a year."
      William looked at Lakshmi. "Some things never change. Now I see where the family tradition of April Fool's Day began."
      "Even earlier than me, William. The first William, your great I don’t know how many times, was the first in our family."
      Sita sighed and hoped they would hurry up.  William seemed so calm but she wanted to get back to the other seventeen.  Logan and Hannah were barely in their teens.  Sita avoided the thought that they would only get back by chance and that, instead, they might end up somewhere else in the time line.
      "Let us," said Lakshmi, "drop the children off with Lhasa."
      Presently, leaving a somewhat disappointed Indra, and the other kids, including Miriam and Saya and Emmy and John, at Lhasa's, they proceeded through the village and out to the hills on the other side.  They rode up to the cave where the holy man stayed.  He was sitting in the sun, reading a religious text.  He looked up, as the wagon of sahibs and memsahibs approached, but said nothing.
      The group dismounted from the wagon and Lakshmi stepped forward and, with hands together as if in prayer, bowed to the holy man and said, "Oh, wise man of the hills, we have need of your advice."
      Regarding the whole party, he smiled and said, "I thought, oh, daughter of the hills, that that might be the case." He paused, then said, "I have understanding of the sahibs' language, anglezi, so you may tell me, young man."  He gestured to William.
      The Tindalls and De Montforts
      Ali Masjed
      -  K. B. Charles
      "This we'll defend."