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441A possible solution (tag Jack, Miriam)

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  • k.b. charles
    Apr 6, 2013
      (Ali Masjed)
      Due to mishaps in the time caves, William, Sita and Willie have ended up at Ali Masjed, on April 1, 1885.  They and the de Montforts came to the post in time to see Patrick and the Colonel.

      "Sir," said Jack, "these people"- he indicated the future Tindalls- have been here before now, some few years ago. The time caves are the culprit."
      "By God," said the Colonel, still in a mood, "I will have them blasted shut!" He paused. "After, of course, our guests go back home."
      Patrick said, "We need to get William home first sir.  It could damage the time line if they were stranded."
      "Patrick," said Jack, "the only thing I can think of to do for your descendants; we should go see the holy man that you and Lakshmi visited when you got married. He might have some intuitional feeling about the time caves that might do us good."

      "Yes sir; we should we go now before the Colonel explodes.  You can discuss your retribution on the way.  I think it's one ruined uniform, a teapot and some tea.
      Oh shivers, thought Patrick; if he had to pay for the tea Lakshmi would not be happy!

      Willie spoke up.  "I see Patrick beat you to it, this year dad."

      Willie, while we're here it's uncle Patrick to you.  The rest of the grown men are 'sir', of course."
      "Sorry, dad." replied Willie.
      "Dad forgets, sometime, Miriam."
      William spoke.  "Jack I suggest we find that holy man of yours, and you can discuss Patrick's punishment on the way. I've no doubt captain Clifton will be on my back once I get home. The time caves are forbidden you see."
      The Tindalls, past & present
      Ali Masjed
      -  K. B. Charles
      "This we'll defend."