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439April Fool's (tag Jack, Alwynn)

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  • k.b. charles
    Mar 24 7:18 AM
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      (Ali Masjed)
      Jack looked around. "I think we are back in Khyber Pass, in our time."

      William went up to Jack and said, "What's the day and date in your time?"

      "Uh, if we are back in our time, it is April 1, 1885."

      "Oh, darn! I should have known it would be April Fool's Day. I hope your Patrick hasn't done anything bad."

      Sita, her usual strength of personality draining away at the thought of losing the other seventeen children, couldn't care less about what an "ancestor" was doing! "William! William! We have to do something! The other children are back on Bruin, hundreds of years from now!"

      "Sita, I have no worries.  Hannah and Logan will look after themselves and the other fifteen.  After all, we the chief troublemaker here."

      Miriam and Saya looked at Willie. "You have seventeen brothers and sisters?" said Saya. We only have a brother and a sister, and they are just babies."

      "Yes, dad's right."

      "How did you get that many brothers and sisters?"

      "Miriam, mum had lots of babies at once.  They're called multiple births."


      Sita looked at the other three adults. "We have to get back to Bruin XIX! As soon as possible!" She sat on a rock and started crying.

      "We'll get back has soon as we can, dear."

      "Dad, can we at least look at the village?"

      "I don’t think so, son."


      "I'm sorry," said Jack but there's nothing we can do; only the mist, when it comes up, can transport a person through time. But, wait! There are many things in the universe that we don't know about or that we don't understand, and I know that some of these things happen in these mountains where we are. Many strange things happen in the Himalayas."

      Sita looked up. "Like what?"

      "You can never tell, but I have a thought. It's the only thing I can think of to do, although it might sound crazy."

      "What is it, Jack ?"

      "When Patrick and Lakshmi got married, they went to a holy man who lives in a cave on the side of a mountain outside of Ali Masjed village. The only thing I can think of to do is to go and get Patrick and Lakshmi and ask them to take us to the holy man. He has, I'm sure, much esoteric knowledge about the nature of the universe. Maybe he can suggest something. I know that sounds crazy but it's the only thing I can think of to do. Shall we try it?"

      "I'll try anything! Anything!" said Sita.

      "Yes, let's go before Patrick blows up the whole camp."

      Emily commented, "I do hope you're wrong."

      Meanwhile, Patrick was planning the usual April Fool's Day prank.  He placed a small amount of gunpowder in the Colonel's teapot and was just placing it in the Colonel's office.  He scurried out before the Colonel caught him.


      Patrick turned just in time to see the blackened face of the Colonel and grinned as Singh came up behind him. 
      "I think he forgot the date Singh," he said.  "A tiny bit of gunpowder and one ruined uniform, I am thinking.  No, I've heard nothing from Jack."

      But just then, a small group returned to the garrison. 

      Oh crumbs! thought Patrick. Caught in the act!


      Patrick smirked to Jack.  "I see you returned just in time, sir, to witness the annual fun.  Anyone for tea?"


      The Tindalls, "past and future"
      Ali Masjed