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Superman Family #202 Index Entry

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    Superman Family #202 July-August 1980 Cover Art: Ross Andru (Penciller), Dick Giordano (Inker), signed JSA Roll Call: Superman The Man Who Discovered
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      Superman Family #202
      July-August 1980

      Cover Art: Ross Andru (Penciller), Dick Giordano (Inker), signed

      JSA Roll Call:

      "The Man Who Discovered Kryptonite!" 8 pages

      Credits: Julius Schwartz (Editor), E. Nelson Bridwell (Writer), Kurt
      Schaffenberger (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker); Ben Oda (Letterer),
      Adrienne Roy (Colorist)

      Feature Characters: Mr. & Mrs. Superman

      Guest Appearance: Lois Lane Kent

      Guest Appearance: Jimmy Olsen

      Reintro: Jor-L, Superman's father, seen in flashback only
      Reintro: Lora, Superman's mother, seen in flashback only

      Reintro: Swami Riva (Dan Rivers)

      Reintro: Alexei Luthor

      Villain: Swami Riva

      Plot Summary

      Clark and Lois Kent are alarmed to learn that Dan Rivers -- the con
      man also known as "Swami Riva" -- has been paroled. It was
      Rivers who first exposed Superman to kryptonite, an event which led
      the Man of Steel to discover his origins as the son of Jor-L and
      Lara of the doomed planet Krypton. Since then, Superman has managed
      to keep secret the deadly effects of the extraterrestrial
      mineral on his alien physiology.

      The Kents' concern is well founded. Even as they speak, Rivers is
      retrieving his kryptonite fragment from the bottom of the
      Metropolis River, where Superman had disposed of it. A chemist's
      analysis confirms the parolee's suspicions that the mineral is from
      Krypton and therefore fatal to that planet's sole survivor. Armed
      with this knowledge, Rivers and his gang plan to use the kryptonite
      in their scheme to loot the annual Daily Star charity drive, where
      Superman will be appearing.

      The morning of the charity event, Lois receives a beautiful brooch
      with a glistening green jewel from an anonymous admirer. When
      Superman appears at the Star offices to pose for pictures with the
      staff, he collapses in agony. At that moment, Rivers and his
      henchmen burst in, guns waving. The criminal boasts of his
      successful plan to expose the Action Ace's vulnerability to the gem
      in Lois' brooch... but his triumph turns to ashes when Superman jumps
      up from the floor in perfect health and rounds up the gang. Lois
      explains that she recognized the jewel as the one from Swami Riva's
      turban and worked with Superman to trick Rivers and prove once
      and for all, as the Man of Steel laughs, that "no little green stone
      can harm me!" (In fact, she and Clark substituted a phony gem for
      the real kryptonite, which was destroyed.)

      Dan Rivers returns to prison convinced he was wrong about kryptonite
      but his new cellmate isn't so sure. His name is Luthor.

      Cosmology and Continuity

      Three pages of this story are devoted to retelling the story from
      Superman #61 (December 1949) in which Superman first encounters
      kryptonite and learns of his extraterrestrial origins.

      The kryptonite fragment seen in this issue is the standard green
      kind. The fragment was red in Superman #61.

      The Good Guys

      Jor-L and Lora were last seen in the "Superman" story in Action
      Comics #1 (June 1938). Their names were not given in that story. In
      Superman #61, their names are given as Jor-El and Lara, like their
      Earth-1 counterparts. The -L form of the Kryptonian surname first
      appeared in the 1942 Adventures of Superman novel by George W.
      Lowther and was first established in Earth-2 continuity in the text
      piece in Action Comics #484 written by this story's scripter, E.
      Nelson Bridwell.

      The Bad Guys

      Because Luthor appeared in "Superman" stories throughout the
      1940s, '50s and '60s, there is no point at which the character
      clearly segues from his Golden Age persona to the Silver Age
      version. It is therefore impossible to pinpoint the exact title and
      issue number of the Earth-2 version's last appearance.

      This is the first time the Earth-2 Luthor's given name, Alexei, is
      revealed. The character was simply called Luthor throughout the
      Golden Age.

      Swami Riva was last seen in Superman #61.

      Fashion Watch

      Luthor has regrown the red hair last seen in Superman #5 (Summer
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