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Re: [The Justice Society] World's Finest #250 Index Entry

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  • rob newton
    thanks . that team up he was a part of ranks as one of the best jsa/jla team ups have have ever read and got me in to comics. I guess you remember oracle who
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      thanks . that team up he was a part of ranks as one of the best jsa/jla team ups have have ever read and got me in to comics. I guess you remember oracle who sent them out but was never really heard from again.
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      Stripsey retired after being saved from being trapped back in Ancient Egypt.  He got married, had a son, got divorced.  Got married again.  Converted the old Star Rocket Racer and the original Robotman's body into the suit of armor called S.T.R.I.P.E. and helped out the new Star Spangled Kid, his new step-daughter, in their own series until it folded after just 14 or so issues.
      David McMahon
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      pretty good story.we didnt hear too much about black canary and her mother until a late jla/jsa teamup. anyone one know what ever became of stripesy? the star spangled kid's partner. He should fit in somewhere. good old fashioned muscle hero!
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      From: tbolt58_aka_kurt
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      Subject: [The Justice Society] World's Finest #250 Index Entry
      World's Finest Comics #250
      April-May 1978

      Cover Art: Jim Aparo, signed

      JSA Roll Call:
         Wonder Woman

      "The Reality War" 56 pages

      Credits: Jack C. Harris (Editor), Gerry Conway (Writer); George Tuska
      (Penciller), Vince Colletta (Inker); Ben Oda (Letterer), Carl Gafford

      Feature Characters: Superman and Batman; Green Arrow and Black
      Canary; Wonder Woman of Earth-2

      Intro: Agent Axis (true name unrevealed), not the Earth-2 villain
      first seen in the "Boy Commandos" story in Detective Comics #76 (June
      1943); see the note under The Bad Guys below

      Intro: The Ravager of Time (Professor Mark Ronsom)

      Guest Appearance: Aquaman, The Atom, The Creeper, The Elongated Man,
      The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Wonder Woman

      Plot Summary

      Returning to Gotham City following a mission in space with Superman,
      Batman is astonished to find a pair of World War II-era Panzer tanks -
      - new tanks, not antiques, manned by Nazi soldiers -- wreaking havoc
      on the streets.  The Darknight Detective is able to neutralize the
      tanks' threat but the armored behemoths vanish before he can
      interrogate their crews.  In their place appears a glowing figure
      around which time seems to swirl before it too vanishes.  Knowing
      when he is in over his head, Batman activates his Justice League
      emergency signal.

      Superman, meanwhile, is having a similar encounter with German U-
      boats attacking a supertanker in the waters of Metropolis Harbor. 
      The Action Ace easily defeats the subs but, like the Gotham Panzers,
      they disappear before he can get any answers.  The glowing creature
      appears to Superman as well and vanishes just as inexplicably.  A
      moment later, he receives Batman's signal.

      Meeting in Bruce Wayne's penthouse, the World's Finest heroes learn
      that similar attacks by Nazi German, Fascist Italian and Imperial
      Japanese forces are occuring all over both America and England. 
      Strangely, not a single JLA member other than themselves has appeared
      to deal with these menaces.  Their astonishment deepens when Alfred
      claims to have never heard of the League or its members and has no
      idea of why Bruce is "wearing that bizarre costume."  Scouring the
      country, they find that none of their teammates recognizes the duo or
      remembers his own super-heroic identity. 

      Visiting Paradise Island, where Wonder Woman too has no memory of
      ever visiting Man's World, they learn from Hippolyte that time is
      being disrupted by the glowing being the Amazon Queen calls The
      Ravager.  All Hippolyte has been able to learn through her magic
      sphere is that Green Arrow, Black Canary and an otherdimensional
      doppelgänger of her daughter are somehow responsible for the time
      distortions through their actions on August 13th, 1942… and that if
      those actions aren't somehow prevented, "the world will end with the
      sure finality of a room plunged into eternal darkness."  As they
      prepare to enter the timestream, Superman and Batman realize that
      they have no memories of GA or the Canary.

      Some time earlier, Green Arrow and Black Canary arrive at the JLA
      satellite.  The Canary hopes that a trip to Earth-2 will help her
      come to terms with her unresolved feelings about her husband's death,
      feelings that are inhibiting her relationship with GA.  Though
      Hawkman tries to explain that the transmatter cube was damaged during
      the two Supermen's recent battle with Krogg (as seen in
      the "Superman" story in Superman Family #187), the Arrow impetuously
      activates it anyway… with disastrous results.  Even as Earth-1's
      history changes, eliminating all traces of the super-heroes of that
      dimension except for the off-planet Superman and Batman, the Canary
      and Green Arrow emerge from the interdimensional void in the skies
      over Earth-2's Washington, DC, circa 1942, just in time to collide
      with Wonder Woman's robot plane. 

      Rebounding back through the space-time rift, the three heroes re-
      emerge over Earth-1's Washington on August 13, 1942.  By the time the
      JLA couple convince Wonder Woman of their bona fides, the military
      arrives.  They suggest that the time-displaced trio help a Professor
      Ronsom complete his "chronal transponder," a device that will
      hopefully allow American troops to attack the Axis nations before
      they can start the war.  An assassination attempt by agents of the
      mysterious new Agent Axis leaves Ronsom mortally wounded.  Hoping to
      place himself in stasis until medical help can be obtained, Ronsom
      instructs the Amazing Amazon to activate the transponder.  Instead of
      creating a stasis field, the device transforms the dying physicist
      into The Ravager.  Mere seconds after the creature disappears, the
      nearby Lincoln Memorial fades away.  "Holy Hannah," exclaims Green
      Arrow, "What've [we] let loose?"

      All through the night and into the following morning, the heroic trio
      try to capture The Ravager as he fades in and out of their time
      period.  When Superman and Batman appear from the future, the quintet
      confer with Earth-1's President Roosevelt about the danger the
      transformed Ronsom poses to reality.

      Meanwhile, Agent Axis learns from his spies within Professor Ronsom's
      laboratory staff that they have developed a "neutralizing device"
      that should allow the Nazi villain to gain control over The Ravager.

      Repeated attempts by the five super-heroes to contain the rampaging
      creature are to no avail.  Not even the Man of Steel is immune to the
      aging effect caused by The Ravager's red-hot aura.  As they battle
      on, Axis and his men appear.  Activating the neutralizer, Agent Axis
      and The Ravager of Time disappear.

      Two days later, Military Intelligence learns that The Ravager is
      imprisoned in Festung Todesfall, a "top secret Nazi headquarters in
      Bavaria."  The super-heroes split into three teams and infiltrate
      Germany territory. With the help of the German resistance, Wonder
      Woman and Black Canary disguise themselves as members of the
      fortress' workforce.  While Superman scouts the territory at super-
      speed, Batman and Green Arrow deliberately allow themselves to be

      Coming to in the heart of the castle, they listen to Agent Axis'
      boasting long enough to learn that the Nazis, while able to keep The
      Ravager imprisoned with Ronsom's neutralizer vest, have not yet
      learned how to harnass his "chronal energies" to create weapons.  The
      five super-heroes attack as one, quickly overcoming Axis' men. 
      Vowing that "if the Fatherland can't have the chronal transponder-- --
      neither can the world," the costumed fanatic frees The Ravager.

      Time stops.  In the final desperate seconds before the space-time
      continuum is destroyed, Superman is able to use the last of the
      damaged neutralizer's energies to return Professor Ronsom to human
      form and reverse the distortions to Earth's history.  All the players
      are returned to their places in the timestream before the Arrow's
      activation of the faulty transmatter set these events in motion. 
      Only he and the Canary remember what happened.

      Cosmology and Continuity

      It is not clear where this story falls in the Earth-2 Wonder Woman's
      continuity. Although the story in this issue takes place on August
      13, 1942, that is the Earth-1 date.  If time passes slower on Earth-
      2, as first asserted in Justice League of America #82, dates on the
      two planets probably do not coincide.  Assuming the date is
      approximately accurate would place it between the "Wonder Woman"
      story in World's Finest Comics #249 and Wonder Woman #230, but this
      cannot be conclusively proven.

      The Bad Guys

      Although Agent Axis claims to be the second super-villain to bear
      that name, the only other DC character of that name appeared in
      the "Boy Commandos" story in Detective Comics #65.  This creates a
      continuity problem, however, as the Commandos' teaming with The
      Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy in the "Boy Commandos" story in
      Detective Comics #76 (June 1943) indicates that they operated on
      Earth-2.  While it is possible that the second Axis originated on
      Earth-2, there is no internal evidence to support such a conclusion. 
      It is also possible that either a different "first" Agent Axis, about
      whom nothing else is known, existed on Earth-1 or that doppelgängers
      of the Boy Commandos having nearly identical adventures exist on both

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    • lightoller_ch
      Toward the end of my comic book collecting, I began picking up Superman books I had seen on the rack when I was little but didn t buy or books advertised in
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        Toward the end of my comic book collecting, I began picking up
        Superman books I had seen on the rack when I was little but didn't
        buy or books advertised in other comic books. i would track them down.
        I even bought books other people on the school bus had had.

        I went to the comic book shop and described one book in particular
        with Superman, Batman and Gold of the Metal Men on the cover I had
        seen at the Liberty Grocery store decades ago. The man obviously knew
        that if he had the book, it had to be World's Finest, as he went
        straight to it. Batman, in the hospital and with an oxygen mask on
        his face, is being unplugged by Gold as Superman looks on.

        Anyone else ever tracked down a book like this? One that had been so
        obscure you didn't even know the title of the book, just remembered
        the picture and it is now in your collection?
        I had to do the same thing with two Black Magic books. One I didn't
        even know it was a Black Magic; the one with the thing in the attic.
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