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Wonder Woman #240 - Stats & Summary

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  • tbolt58_aka_kurt
    Wonder Woman #240 February 1978 Cover Art: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Penciller) and Dick Giordano (Inker), signed JSA Roll Call: The
    Message 1 of 5018 , Feb 1, 2002
      Wonder Woman #240<br>February 1978<br><br>Cover
      Art: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Penciller) and Dick
      Giordano (Inker), signed<br><br>JSA Roll Call:<br> The
      Flash<br> Wonder Woman<br><br>�Wanted: One Amazon-- Dead or
      Alive!� 17 pages<br><br>Credits: Larry Hama (Editor),
      Gerry Conway (Writer); Jose Delbo (Penciller), Joe
      Giella (Inker); Ben Oda (Lettering), Jerry Serpe
      (Coloring)<br><br>Feature Character: Wonder Woman of Earth-2<br><br>Intro:
      Seigfried the Speedster (Jay Garrick)<br><br>Intro:
      Napoleon Jones<br><br>Guest Appearances: Steve Trevor,
      Etta Candy, General Blankenship<br>Guest Appearances:
      Colonel Hammond Belushi, Lieutenant Pierre
      Marchand<br><br>Villains: The Duke of Deception, Mars, Napoleon
      Jones<br><br>Summary<br><br>Still under The Duke of Deception's spell, Wonder Woman
      sees Colonel Belushi and his forces as German troops.
      The beleaguered soldiers seem outmatched but a lucky
      swing of a rifle butt takes the Amazon princess out of
      the fight. Watching from afar, Deception is pleased
      with his plan's progress.<br><br>The Flash, meanwhile,
      decides that the sea monster he battles is not real.
      Using his super-speed, he causes the illusion to
      dissolve. Deducing the trick must've been intended to keep
      him from helping Wonder Woman, the Crimson Comet
      races to the Jersey docks but arrives too late: the
      unconscious super-heroine is in chains and under
      arrest.<br><br>It is a confused Wonder Woman who wakes up in
      General Blankenship's office. When Etta Candy explains
      why Diana has been arrested, the Amazing Amazon
      realizes she has been framed. She asks Etta to contact
      Steve Trevor and give him the details of her plan to
      prove her innocence.<br><br>In the Bowery, the Duke
      approaches a down-on-his-luck gangster named Napoleon Jones
      and offers to �give you the destiny you deserve� if
      Jones will serve him.<br><br>The crowds gathered
      outside the Federal Court Building heap abuse on Wonder
      Woman as she arrives for her arraignment. Only Etta and
      her escort, Pierre Marchand, express sympathy for the
      disgraced heroine - though Marchand secretly gloats over
      WW's misfortune because �it will make my own mission
      so much easier� !�<br><br>An hour into the hearing,
      the proceedings are disrupted by a costumed Nazi with
      super-speed powers intent on executing Wonder Woman as �an
      enemy of the Reich!� Identifying himself as Seigfried
      the Speedster, the super-villain's ravings cast doubt
      among the onlookers in the courtroom about the Amazon's
      alleged treason, much to The Duke of Deception's
      displeasure. Steve Trevor removes Diana's chains, freeing her
      to meet Seigfried's attack.<br><br>Continued...
    • Richard J.
      Come in on the ground level with this show and it makes sense. Sort of. The Lana/Lex/Kal El connection as toddlers is interesting and believable. Maybe a bit
      Message 5018 of 5018 , Sep 15, 2002
        Come in on the ground level with this show and it makes sense.
        Sort of.
        The Lana/Lex/Kal El connection as toddlers is interesting and
        believable. Maybe a bit much with Lana's parents being killed in the
        meteor shower, but Lex's hair loss, as much as it may have been
        disliked at saying this was why he hated Superman his old childhood
        chum, is interesting with saying it was the meteor that caused him to
        loose his hair.
        I remember a forty year old comic book story that showed baby Kal El
        throwing his Kryptonian rattle from the rocket ship and it scared a
        snake away from baby Lois Lane who was on a picnic. Endless
        connections like that used to annoy me, but these were okay.
        The meteor shower on Smallville? Bit heavy.
        John Schneider has grown into a believable figure after being a Duke
        boy, whichever one he was. Give him another five or ten years and he
        could play scientists, like Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four, very
        Actor playing the young Lex is doing good too. Lana is a bit of a
        miss. She doesn't say small town.
        Lana having a necklace from the meteor that killed her parents is
        creepy, but attention-getting also.
        Still, a meteor shower? Talk about armageddon.
        Always liked Annette O'toole.
        Episode two: Clark saves the star on the football team from a wreck
        when his truck explodes. This encounter seems to be news to Martha
        Kent, bringing about this question. If she didn't know about his
        indestructibility, then how was Clark's hair cut as a child?
        I know this has been covered in comic books, but wondering how the
        show might explain this?
        Or has this been covered in comic books? How Ma and Pa Kent figured
        out how to cut the baby's hair and trim his finger nails?
        He was much younger in the fifties show when they told him he was
        from outer space. Still wonder how they might have kept up his
        hygeine? anyone know?
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