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  • Kris Theilen
    Dec 18, 2013
      > Okay, I have to admit I miss the old DC.

      > In the last year I have bought less comics
      Than I used to buy in one month. (All I have left
      Is Fables, Fairest, and Warlord of Mars when they
      Decide to publish it)

      I've been re-reading old comics, like all star squadron,
      70s JSA, JLA/JSA crossovers, 90s JSA, etc.

      But I'd like to hear from some of the DCnU post 52 Earth 2
      Readers. Tell me why you think I should give the new
      Book a shot? I read the first issue and set it down
      In pure disappointment.

      Has it gotten better? Why?

      Is it just that I'm an old fart (only 40) and I just can't
      Let go of my childhood heroes?

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