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  • mavrck31
    Jul 2, 2013
      Actually B&B 200 is a tale of 2 earths linked by the villain.  Brimstone is a red bearded mastermind who uses lava and volcano themed traps against the E2 Batman, but he hits his head and goes into a coma.

      Years later, somehow he takes over the younger body of his E1 counterpart, who is not evil at all.  He takes on the E1 Batman and loses.

      I think The story ends with the E2 older Brimstone still in a coma, with a tear rolling down his cheek.

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      BatB #200 was a great story too, IIRC the dynamic duo stop the next generation of Batman in another dimensional Universe

      this all ties into farflung DC multi earth story lines:

      IIRC this was why there was a "new" Superman but not  a new Batman after Crisis (the silver age Batman's adventures continued while SA Superman "retired"
      to Earth 22 (or whatever) to marry Lois and raise their child.

      Frank "first collected comic was JLA #101 so i love multi earth stories" D'U!

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      Mon Jul 1, 2013 8:49 am (PDT) . Posted by:



      I just had the opportunity to revisit 4 old Brave and the Bold stories concerning the Earth-2 Batman family. They appeared in 182, 184 187, 200. The author of the first 3 was Alan Brennert.

      The stories in 182 and 197 are really excellent tales. The first has E-1 Batman meet Robin and Batwoman of E-2. The characterizations and interpersonal intersctions are well done. The villian is a terribly crippled E-2 Hugo Strange. Starman makes a guest appearance.

      The tale in 197 is the love story between E-2 Batman and Catwoman. In the end, Bruce reveals his face to Selina. The villian is the Scarecrow. This story precedes the events in the old Mr. and Mrs Superman tale of the Wayne wedding, and fills out the events in the origin tale of Huntress in DC Superstars 17. It is very well done.

      Did Brennert write any other E-2 material? His stories are excellent and capture the essence to the old Earth-2 well.

      I'm curious if anyone knows what took place in Worlds Finest 271. Is that an E-2 tale? Brave and Bold 182 makes reference to it.

      If you get a chance to re-read these, i highly recommend them. The two I mention are everything an Earth-2 story should be IMO.


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