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12887RE: Worlds' Finest - Huntress and Power Girl

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  • thunderbirdv
    Apr 15, 2013
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      I collect BOTH World's Finest and JSA: Whistling Skull.

      I enjoy BOTH of them, among my favorite titles.

      SURE, in this upside down throw up DCnu52 universe everything is suck.

      BUT, good storytelling is good storytelling.

      Paul Levitz is kicking ass on WF, and TWO of my favorite artists….outstanding….
      The Death of Robin crossover was set up nicely earlier on and paid off very toughingly.

      JSA:WS is a little slower to warm up to, perhaps better when it is collected….the artwork
      takes some getting used to, a little rounder? than Harris's earlier work?  A little hard to figure
      out whom is whom in flashbacks at first but that's okay.

      B. Clay Moore is doing a great job of giving us the "leftover" unpowered JSA members who are not appearing in Earth-2 (yet?)

      SURE maybe they are shoehorned in, but there is a layered story being told, and I am enjoying seeing JSA in one form or another.

      Even IF "regular" DC comes back, things will still still need to be kind of tweaked.  We have TWO JSA titles a month, be happy.

      The way I see it - EARTH 2 series are the stories of the new JSA forming in a post Apokolypian invasion, after what remained of the
      original (?) JSA  (the big three) gave their lives to defeat Darkseid…

      After The Flash was able to "fix" things and reported to Batman (giving him the letter from Thomas Wayne that is still on display in the Batcave)
      this is the universe we've got:

      Earth 1 and 2 have not met…and heroes only recently have appeared…Reverse Flash had done so much damage to the timeline(s) that this is the best
      organic result that DC could deliver….now for storytelling….MUCH could be improved…..for clarity and continuity…STORMWATCH for instance…in issue 18
      has REBOOTED….

      also…if Darksied invasion caused JLA to unite 5 (now 6?) years ago, when was the EARTH2 invasion?  A little bit before then?  (PG and Huntress have been on earth 1 for 5 years)
      Also, has anyone called Earth2 Earth2 yet?

      Frank "likey" D'U!

      Please tell us more about earlier Whistling Skull and whatever other earlier works that inform the JSA:WS series?  What prestige series are you talking about?  What else world?

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