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12885Re: [The Justice Society] Worlds' Finest - Huntress and Power Girl

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  • Esteban Pedreros
    Apr 15, 2013
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      2013/4/15 <mavrck31@...>

      I agree. I stopped buying it after 2 issues.  Tony Harris's art wasn't enough for me to continue buying it.

      That's a weird project. I haven't read it but I would imagine that the JSA was added as an afterthought. Back when Wildstorm was still alive, Tony Harris and B. Clay Moore launched this project (The Whistling Skull), as a creator-owned book, that had no relation with the JSA. If you look for old interviews of Tony Harris he mentions the Whistling Skull as far back as 2010 (maybe more).

      Since that imprint doesn't exists anymore (Wildstorm), it seems that they had to find a way to publish it throught DC and had to compromise to find a way to make it commercially atractive for whoever it was that thought that they couldn't sell the book, and they decided to make it part of the same universe of those old prestige miniseries by Harris and Dan Jolley (I think they were published back in 2001 or so). So... it doesn't really surprise me that it isn't all that good, but I can't say I'm not dissapointed.

      Since now DC is obsessed with the number "52", one of the gimmicks they included in the book was saying that the 3-man units of secret agents like the one formed by The Bat, The Clock and the Owl, were just one of 52 different units, and that the Whistling Skull was part of another one of those. Seems like a waste of effort to try and make a completely different story part of an old elseworlds that very few people remember, just to try to justify its publication.

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