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12883Re: [The Justice Society] Re: Worlds' Finest - Huntress and Power Girl

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  • mavrck31
    Apr 15, 2013
      It has looked okay, but the costumes have seen better versions...

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      While I, too, would prefer to see the original Justice Society of America (with maybe the last couple of years of the pre-Flashpoint version also erased from continuity), I also try to look at the new Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest as a different take on an idea instead of as just an inferior replacement.

      As I said in the original post, the Worlds' Finest pairing at least sometimes seems to me as if it's a bit old-school, but in a good way.

      As for their costumes, Helena's isn't bad in terms of it making sense to cover / protect more of her body, but the mask/headpiece isn't anything I like. And it seems as if Power Girl may be going back to something more like her original outfit.

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      I refuse to buy anything in the DCnU line. I'm waiting for them to undo this Flashpoint spin-off and go back to the real DC.

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