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Re: [thejournal-users] Problem with link, uneditable

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  • David Michael
    Currently, yes, you re limited to using the Edit Link command to edit links. That s on my list to address. -David
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2007
      Currently, yes, you're limited to using the "Edit Link" command to edit

      That's on my list to address.


      teamkuntau wrote:
      > Hi again david,
      > Im not sure this is feature or bug. When I type a wesbite address or I paste it then I pressed space (no TJ will detect it as link) I cant edit it anymore in normal way. I cant do backspace or if I press delete in front of the word it give me some weird thing, the cursor move one space forward but no character deleted.
      > The only way I can edit the word is right click -> edit link or delete link. This also happened to mailto: format, I guess to other link format also.
      > Please enlighten me, Thanks.
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