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Re: [thejournal-users] Now Available - The Journal 6 Build #609

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  • Patricia Harris
    David: I have bought several copies of The Journal, but not in the past year. Do you have a coupon code for the discounted upgrade? Thanks, Patricia Harris.
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 2, 2012
      David: I have bought several copies of The Journal, but not in the past year. Do you have a coupon code for the discounted upgrade?

      Thanks, Patricia Harris.

      From: David Michael
      Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 9:53 AM
      To: thejournal-users@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [thejournal-users] Now Available - The Journal 6 Build #609

      The Journal 6 Build #609 ( is now available:

      The Journal 6 Build #609 is a bug-fix release. Upgrading is recommended.

      Bugs Fixed
      * The Journal is not remembering its maximized window state.
      * If The Journal's system database is closed when resuming from a
      sleep/suspend, close The Journal.
      * Dragging and dropping an image file into a table cell is sometimes
      causing an error.
      * When printing, images in a table cell aren't using the table cell
      dimensions to limit their resize, they're using the whole page width.
      * When editing styles, applying the overrides to the sample text is
      causing confusion.
      * Possible issues pasting RTF from clipboard.
      * Double-clicking to toggle a large image resize-to-fit isn't marking
      the entry as modified.
      * When printing, images that have been resized by the user aren't using
      their adjusted size.
      * Importing html/xml not handling ' correctly.
      * Links in pasted text are not properly merging active font and link style.
      * When pasting HTML from Paste Special..., not using category/user
      default font.
      * Re-worded User Preferences, Editor option to "When pasting, Rich Text
      Format has priority over HTML Format"
      * User Preferences, Editor option "Insert URL when pasting from Web
      pages" feature isn't working.
      * Getting gibberish when trying to paste into the timer.
      * In "Export Entries as Document", when exporting each entry to its own
      document, if there is more than one entry for a date/time, only the last
      entry for that date/time is being exported.
      * Reminders aren't being searched by Search Entries.
      * Image entry and external object entry titles aren't being indexed for
      Search Entries.
      * Missing hot-keys for Insert Media File (M), Insert CheckBox (X), and
      Insert Symbol (Y).
      * Attempting to uninstall an add-on with Tools | Add-ons... causes an error.
      * Importing TIFF, TGA and a few other image formats is not working.
      * When importing from Evernote, spaces are getting lost between
      formatted text.
      * Additional fixes to importing HTML and XML.
      * "Lock All Password-Protected Categories" not properly locking
      * When upgrading a TJ5 Journal Volume, sometimes incorrectly detecting
      that TJ5 is running.

      New Features
      * When importing from Evernote, you can now choose to import into any
      category (calendar as well as loose-leaf).
      * When importing from Evernote or Penzu, the category you choose to
      import into is remembered and used as the default on the next import.
      * Import to-do items from Evernote as checkboxes.

      To see your current version of The Journal, click on the Help menu and
      choose "About The Journal". The version number is displayed just below
      the copyright notice.

      Upgrading from The Journal 6 (any previous build)

      Click on the "File" menu, "Maintenance" sub-menu and choose "Backup The
      Journal..." to create a backup *before* you install the update.

      Then download the current version of The Journal 6 available from the
      web page (URL above) and install it over your current version. Or you
      can click on the Help menu and choose "Check for Update of The Journal".

      NOTE: Please close The Journal before installing the update. The Journal
      cannot be running when you install the update.

      Upgrading from The Journal 5 or earlier

      NOTE: Do NOT uninstall the previous version! (At least, not until you're
      satisfied with the upgrade. Then you can uninstall the previous version.)

      Download and install The Journal 6. If you have The Journal installed in
      the default location, you will be prompted by The Journal 6 about
      upgrading your TJ5 Journal Volumes.

      You will need to close The Journal 5 when you upgrade your Journal
      Volumes. After that, though, you can run both The Journal 6 and The
      Journal 5 without any issues.

      People who have purchased any previous version of The Journal are
      eligible for special upgrade pricing:

      * If you purchased The Journal 5 anytime in 2012, you are eligible for a
      FREE upgrade to The Journal 6. Send an email to mailto:support%40davidrm.com to
      request your free Registration Keys for The Journal 6.

      * If you have purchased any previous version of The Journal (v1-v5), you
      can upgrade to The Journal 6 for only $24.95 ($25 off).

      As always, if you have any questions about or suggestions for The
      Journal, please don't hesitate to contact me: mailto:support%40davidrm.com


      David Michael

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