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{virtualitalia.com} edible weeds & life al dente!

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  • pazzaglia
    VIRTUALITALIA.COM http://www.virtualitalia.com The resource for enthusiasts of Italy & Italian culture. NEW THIS MONTH
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2003
      VIRTUALITALIA.COM http://www.virtualitalia.com
      The resource for enthusiasts of Italy & Italian culture.

      NEW THIS MONTH -----------------------------------------------------

      The very weeds that sprout in your lawn, like dandelions and
      chicory, were purposely brought to the United States by our
      immigrant forefathers as edible plants. Italians, along with the
      Greek and Spanish, are one of the few western cultures that continue
      to forage for wild food.

      Misinformation and false assumptions made by those who may have
      inherited property in Italy have caused some to loose it. Two real-
      life stories, illustrate how easy it is to loose the Italian
      inheritance you may not even realize you have!

      I was the firstborn, the son my father always wanted. And so he
      started almost immediately to mold me into his own image and
      likeness. Unfortunately, there was one obstacle, which he could
      neither overcome nor accept. I was a girl.

      The tradition of the Game of the Bridge dates back to February 22,
      1568. Rival teams from different quarters of Pisa fought for
      symbolic possession of a bridge over the Arno River. In those times,
      the games often degenerated into brutal and bloody man to man

      Today's technology has provided us with many online websites that
      furnish us with information and tips for our genealogy research. The
      Genealogy.com Learning Center is part of Genealogy.com - one of many
      websites that I visit often.

      ADVERTISEMENT -----------------------------------------------------

      You can play a role in educating the world about Italian culture.
      A contribution to virtualitalia.com - an all volunteer website
      will help us pay for the server-space and software enhancements!

      BOOK OF THE MONTH-------------------------------------------------

      Life al Dente: Laughter and Love in an Italian-American Family
      Gina puts her life on a stage in a book that wittily winds together
      details of real-life events until they finally snap into situations
      involving seafood, sports cars, and olive oil that are so incredible
      they have to be real. The humor is balanced with touching insights
      that speak to the unique problem of balancing the Italian dream of
      coming to America, with the American dreams of the next generation.
      When the author describes her family's 'immigration' from a tight-
      knit Italian American neighborhood to the 'burbs she notes "It made
      them treat me as something of a traitor." It's highly entertaining
      and guaranteed to bring back some of your own childhood memories.

      For our library of book reviews: http://www.virtualitalia.com/books/

      INFO SHORTS -------------------------------------------------------

      The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau Board of Directors, Mayor Dick
      Ashford and the City of Sonoma honored Sam and Vicki Sebastiani,
      proprietors of Viansa Winery & Italian Marketplace, with a
      proclamation for their generous support and contributions to the
      Visitors Bureau and the community. As part of the long-standing
      relationship they have held with the Visitors Bureau, the
      Sebastianis' have welcomed the operation of the South Sonoma Office
      of the Visitors Center on site at Viansa Winery. At this location,
      the Bureau maintains an essential presence at the gateway to Sonoma
      Valley. A third generation Sonoma Valley winemaker and an exemplary
      business community leader, Sam Sebastiani, has also shown an ongoing
      commitment to preserving and enhancing the economic health and
      viability of the Sonoma Valley Community. At the proclamation
      ceremony Sam Sebastiani talked about the importance not only of his
      Italian roots but also those of Sonoma Valley. "This year will mark
      the one hundred year anniversary that my grandfather, Samuele, came
      over from Italy and began winemaking in Sonoma," Sebastiani said. "I
      believe it is extremely important to bring visitors to the beautiful
      Sonoma Valley to see not only the work of my heritage but the
      history of a remarkable community." http://www.viansa.com

      Reuters reports that as Italy's presidency of the European Union got
      off to an embarrassing start, a spoof website which has hijacked the
      presumed Italian official address is rubbing salt in the
      wounds. "Will this be the hope and future of the Union?" was the
      banner running above a clownish photo of Prime Minister Silvio
      Berlusconi on the http://www.eu2003.it website. The site, whose
      address steals the standard pattern of holders of the EU's rotating
      presidency, was ablaze with stories about Berlusconi's Nazi gaffe on
      his second day at the EU helm. On the official website
      http://www.ueitalia2003.it, headlines focused on Italy's plans for
      its six-month tenure and the sickly health of the euro zone economy.
      Sources at Italy's foreign ministry have said they were aware some
      time ago that a Belgian had registered the address they were
      expecting to use. But they said they preferred to create a new
      address rather than buying it off the owner.

      Marble discus throwers, bronze sprinters and mosaics of wrestlers
      have re-enacted the sporting heyday of ancient Rome after Italy
      threw open the Coliseum's doors to a new art exhibition. The
      collection brings together statues, busts, mosaics and pottery, some
      dating back as far as the sixth century B.C., from Italian cultural
      hotspots like Florence and Pompeii and farther-flung sites such as
      Paris and Berlin Reuters reports. "These ancient masterpieces have
      never before been seen side by side," Anna Grandi, one of the
      organizers. "We wanted to remove these pieces from their museum
      context and thrust them into the festival atmosphere of the
      Coliseum, which seemed the perfect stage for a sporty art
      exhibition," she added. The exhibition, "Nike: The Game and The
      Victory", runs until January 7, 2004. "You can see the progression
      from the elegant sport of Ancient Greece to Roman times, when it
      became more of a spectacle, epitomized by the gladiatorial games,"
      Grandi said.

      For more Italian news, updated daily, visit:

      ITALIAN PROVERB --------------------------------------------------

      "Molto fumo e poco arrosto"
      (Lots of smoke but no roast)
      All bark and no bite

      LOCAL ITALIAN EVENTS ---------------------------------------------

      Starting this month, a completely redesigned calendar of events will
      debut. This new calendar allows you to submit events easily and us
      to review them quickly. If you belong to a club, or organization
      who has lots of regular events we can create an account for you --
      having an account with the virtualitalia.com calendar will allow
      clubs to edit and update their own events. Contact us at

      For a listing of events in the Los Angeles area, visit:

      For a listing of events in the New York area, visit:

      For a listing of events in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit:

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