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RE: [thehugsproject_annex] Fwd: Order your 2009 Hugs T-shirt ASAP!!!

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  • Malissa Howell
    Karen I would like a tee shirt in extra large,would you please send me the address off line.thank you Malissa ***Youbetcha! I m also posting it here for
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2009
      Karen I would like a tee shirt in extra large,would you please send me the address off line.thank you Malissa

      ***Youbetcha! I'm also posting it here for anyone who might need it....

      The Hugs Project PO Box 6761 Edmond, OK 73083

      One shirt is $23, each additional is $21. XXL to XXXXXL are $2.50 more.

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      Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 02:54:17 +0000
      Subject: [thehugsproject_annex] Fwd: Order your 2009 Hugs T-shirt ASAP!!!

      I posted this over in our main forum but decided to post it here in case some of you aren't also members over there as well...

      --- In TheHugsProject@yahoogroups.com, "K@..." <thehugsproject@...> wrote:

      I know how much you all loved the first royal blue T-shirt we did about 4 years ago so we're going with blue again...this time it's flag blue. Kind of a cross between royal and navy. The picture I just uploaded in our photo album: Hugs Shirt
      shows the design on royal so just try to visualize it a little
      darker. The guy I worked with on this says if we like the mockup that
      we will LOVE the new color and that the artwork is going to pop on the
      new color.

      Notice that we have artwork both front and back this time but (yippee)
      we were able to hold the price down pretty well. 2 years ago, our shirt
      only had artwork on one side and was $20 for 1 or $18 for each
      additional. We had to go up a little on this one because of the extra
      artwork, the higher price they're charging us and higher postage prices
      but I hope that you'll be pleased with the design we came up with and
      will think it's worth an extra $3 dollars per shirt.

      The OKC group will cover the postage costs to you. I need to get a
      final count of how many we want to order so if you want a shirt, you
      need to let me know ASAP. Once they wash the screens, it will cost
      quite a bit extra to get just a few printed. So, if you think you might
      want another in a year or two or you have a friend who would want one,
      order them NOW and it will save you some money. After they wash the
      screens we would need to order an additional hundred to get the same
      discount. That's a LOT so order extras now, that's what I'm doing for

      Wearing your official shirt validates that you're working with The Hugs Project on troops support and helps you obtain community support (items, donations, etc.) to help you do the project.

      I sure hope that you LOVE the new design. Feel free to discuss it in the forum, I want to know what you all think.

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