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Small Children Caps/Scarves & Mittens

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  • Alma Barker
    I went to the local wal-mart in Vivian, La to pick up items I needed. First: I ve beren checking for the Flag Material in Vivian & all stores in Shreveport,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007
      I went to the local wal-mart in Vivian, La to pick up items I needed.
      First: I've beren checking for the "Flag Material" in Vivian &
      all stores in Shreveport, La & haven't found any.
      Second: They had a buggy full of knitted caps, some with scarves
      & gloves, then also just heavy gloves/mittens. These were all for
      children & the price was good but not good enough for me. I spoke
      with the Manager & sh said the prices will be reduced again real
      soon. I told her if I could get the right price I'd be getting as
      many as I could afford. NOW MY QUESTION: The first thing I thought
      about is; Do you send these kinds of items to the troops overseas and
      they can hand them out to the children? I've been a member for some
      time but due to just being diagnosed with Parkinson's I haven't been
      able to do much of anything, get regulated on my medication & I'll be
      back at it. This would be one way I could contribute something to the
      cause. The only thing I've been doing is praying for each & everyone
      of you and most of all our troops. I may have to go ahead & buy them
      if they go down to a great give-away price & if you don't use them
      I'll just have to find some place to get them out. Any suggestions
      with the caps/gloves/scarves anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
      Also if anyone has any ideas for anything I can do I'd take those
      suggestons with open arms. I'm also have some handicaps but don't
      stop me from being able to help & do for this group. I crochet all
      the time but haven't been able to now for months, I'm having
      an "Yarn/hook/book attack" badly. Thank you all so much, just wish I
      could do more but I'll be getting there. I live just out of
      Alma Barker
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