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Re: A little Writing on the side....

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  • Fitz
    Hey Anthony, Thanks for the update. I haven t posted here in well over a year, and it s high time I did. Looks like you ve been very busy, with all that
    Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2008
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      Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for the update. I haven't posted here in well over a year, and
      it's high time I did. Looks like you've been very busy, with all that
      dominating the hands free market and all! :)

      As for the writing; one thing I've learned in recent years: you can't
      force it. The writing will come when it comes. Make the time
      whenever you can and don't stress over not getting more done...
      there'll be a time for it eventually.

      Great to hear from you!

      --- In thehollywoodcamerata@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony Ward"
      <anthonyeward@...> wrote:
      > Hey Guys,
      > Been a while so I'll do the catch up thing.....
      > After my 5 year stint at Microsoft, I started working for the
      Bluetooth SIG just down the road and yes, THE Bluetooth, we own the
      trademark and manage the Bluetooth Specs (that is always the next
      question). So anyway, this has kept me busy with all the work and all
      the traveling (Asia twice a year, Europe once a year, and then 1 -3
      domestic trips each year) It's all I can do to keep my finished
      scripts updated, LOL.
      > I am still writing treatments and getting in some script work when I
      can. My agent is so sick of seeing these great treatments with no
      script in sight... LOL
      > But alas, I am pacing myself, I have 2 yours before my daughter
      graduates from high school and I can move back to Cali, anyway....
      > So, back to the other reason that I am sending this mail. I run a
      site, www.VirtualSportzCenter.4t.com it is in is infant stages but
      coming along nicely, it is also free, for everyone but me as I am, for
      now, doing it for fun and thus cost me money for all the hosting and
      such, but I am looking for some would be sports writers that can tack
      a stat sheet and tell the story of the game, doesn't have to be too
      accurate as long as it is interesting and reflects the stats. We are
      currently running leagues for Basketball, Hockey and Soccer (football
      for the Brits) in Team Play Mode, if you are interested, the way it
      works is I will send you stat sheets periodically and you just write
      something spicy You can go to the site and look at some of the one I
      did to get an idea, and again I am doing all this for fun but with the
      intention of building it up to make money one day.
      > So let me know if anyone is interested. Also, PS3 owners are
      welcome to join the leagues, too. The New Team Play feature is going
      to revolutionize sports gaming and IT'S FUN as HELL.. LOL
      > Anthony~
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