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Re: Summer Camping Weather

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  • happycamperbeth
    Joyce; It s too bad you ve been so busy, but I know how it is... sometimes I feel as though I never have a spare minute, too. But, at least you ll have a new
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 16, 2013

      It's too bad you've been so busy, but I know how it is... sometimes I feel as though I never have a spare minute, too. But, at least you'll have a new kitchen and deck to show for it! The camper and campgrounds will be waiting for you when you're ready.

      Yes, I am lucky there are lots of world-class heart doctors in my state- I hope mine is one of them!


      ~ Beth

      --- In thehappycampers8-D@yahoogroups.com, Jedcad@... wrote:
      > Hi Beth,
      > We haven't been camping for 2 years now, we are in the process of
      > remodeling our kitchen ordered new appliance, talking to kitchen designer next
      > Friday, we also put a large deck on the back of our house this year so that is
      > taking up most of our money want to get things done before we retire, we are
      > also going from electric to propane gas water heater and stove.
      > Sorry to hear all the problems going on with your heart you are lucky to be
      > in a state that has good heart doctors.
      > Joyce
      > In a message dated 8/10/2013 12:14:44 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      > elizabethallbright@... writes:
      > Hi Beth,
      > We moved from Santa Barbara to the northern California gold country to be
      > closer to hubby's parents for a while. We don't have an RV anymore, a power
      > line fell on it in Santa Barbara and blew it up. Seriously bad...fried the
      > wiring throughout.
      > Anyway, we've made few 4-wheel drive trips up into the Sierra Nevada
      > outback to tent camp in the hidden lakes and wilderness. It's been cooler up
      > there without being too extreme.
      > I had that heart surgery done about 5 years ago. I was terrified as there
      > are some big risks...but it went off without a hitch and I haven't had a
      > problem since. I had what they call: Supraventricular hypertachycardia. (My
      > heart would start beating SUPER fast and not really pumping anything.)
      > I hope your surgery goes well. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
      > ~Lizbeth.
      > On Aug 10, 2013 7:45 AM, "happycamperbeth" <_bthm63@..._
      > (mailto:bthm63@...) > wrote:
      > I'm just wondering if anyone else has found their camping plans altered by
      > this summer's weather. Between heat and heavy rains, I've more or less
      > given up on trying to do much until after Labor Day, when at least the hot
      > spells should be dying down. (And, hopefully, the campgrounds and parks will
      > be less crowded!)
      > Of course, work loads and lots of medical appointments have cramped my
      > style, too. My 4th of July week off was abruptly taken up with a sudden work
      > emergency (Grrr! }:-( Someone else didn't do their job!) so now, I'm trying
      > again for the first week of September. I'm hoping the late summer weather
      > will cooperate and to get in a lot of short camping trips between now &
      > November, when I'm going to have to have a procedure done where my cardiologist
      > is going to cauterize part of my heart. (This has been a summer of a
      > gazillion tests as the doctor tries to get to the bottom of my long-time
      > irregular heart beat. Now he thinks they can "kill" the part of of my that is
      > misbehaving so that it will beat properly! In the meantime, since my camper,
      > Parnassus, is my only vehicle, most of it's road trips since being purchased
      > in April have been to take me to various medical appointments. I'll be glad
      > when this is over!)
      > I'm trying to be patient... I guess I'm especially eager to camp since
      > it's been two years since I've gone and now I have my Parnassus and I'm
      > excited to take her out on her first adventure.
      > ~ Beth
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