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  • Michele Van Treese
    Dec 8, 2007
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      Good morning All Happy Campers!
      I have been trying to post, but for some reason I can't I had tried to change my email address, I can read the board, but I can't post at the present time.
      Beth-I am hoping to hear something about the new position the beginning of next week, I am  1 of 3 for 2 positions. So my fingers are still crossed.
      Let your friend who posted about "Short Sale" that means basically the bank will agree to take less than what is owed to prevent a forclosure. But I don't know if they will do that unless you are behind on payments, she would need to talk to the bank to see, what their criteria is for a short sale.
      Hopefully I can get my WW access back, but who know.
      Have a Great Day!

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