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1969Re: [thehappycampers8-D] Re: Photos of Sammy

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  • happycamperbeth
    Mar 14, 2014
      My Vet had originally prescribed a medication that cost $45.00 for a small bottle-full of pills but said I could try OTC Benedryl (the PINK pills, he specified) but added that Benedryl probably wouldn't work as well as the prescribed meds.  He was right, but the OTC stuff is still an improvement.  I also don't give Sammy full-doses (I can't remember the pounds to pills ratio, but I give Sammy about 1/2 of what's recommended) because I don't like loading him up with too many pills.  You could ask your Vet if it's okay to try with your cat.

      I hope you do get to go camping this summer!  Can your current vehicle tow your camper?  Would it be worth installing another tow-package?

      ~  Beth
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