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1967Re: [thehappycampers8-D] Re: Photos of Sammy

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  • anne chlovechok
    Mar 14, 2014
      Hi, ladies! winter is finally almost nearly pretty darn over here in Cambridge/Caldwell, Ohio. My cat, Mary, has been suffering skin problems and other issues all winter. Loss of weight; peeing all over; loss of fur. Had her extensively tested. No kidney trouble; no diabetes; no skin bacteria. She had fleas, so we killed those. Steroids have helped. But the vet wants to try some kind of expensive allergy meds not tried in cats. I'm thinking no. You say Benedryl works on your dog...wonder if there's a cheap over the counter for cats? At wits end.
      May get my camper open this year! But I traded in the vehicle with the two package. bummer. It's been three years since I camped. MUST camp this summer, even if in a tent.
      Anne Chlovechok

      On Friday, March 14, 2014 12:04 PM, "bthm63@..." <bthm63@...> wrote:

      Yes, there were more photos of Sammy; I thought they might show up on the home page, as they used to when we posted new pictures, but that hasn't happened the last few times I've uploaded new photos.  Anyway, they're in my "Beth's Misc." album.

      Sammy is turning 8 this year and he's on antihistamines, too.  I've read that skin allergies and stress or boredom-chewing are common in the breed.  He's on Limited Ingredient Diet dog food, so his food allergies should be minimal.  But, between the vitamins and meds and occasional treats- who know what he reacts to?  He's had a very beautiful, luxurious, soft winter coat this year.... which is shedding the undercoat like crazy at this point!  I hope that's a sign of an early spring! 

      Sammy started with dragging a toe here and there last fall.  The good news is that the OTC joint meds- though expensive- have made a huge difference for him.  He went from being very lame to up on his feet again and although he doesn't walk long distances like he used to, he's still in good spirits and still gets around.  You can see in the recent photos that he's still ready to play.  :-)

      I love the name of your new boat!  Please take photos when you get everyone on board and share them with us!  If there's anything as fun as going camping, it's boating!

      Take care!  ~  Beth

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