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1954Where is Spring?

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  • caesarhockeymom
    Feb 5, 2014
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      Sitting here in snow/ice and sleet and wishing Spring 2014 was here already!

      Our wonderful summer home (Forest River camper) sits on the banks of the frozen Ohio River - just waiting for our return!  All winterized/cleaned and ready for a new summer of fun!  I don't miss the goose poop - but right now I wouldn't complain. 

      Looking forward to tooning on the river with hubby and the furry kids!  Yes - we finally bought a boat!  Can't wait to put her in for the first time.  Picking a name for her has been fun.  It will either be Bernertoonin or Wet Fur Flyin!  So looking forward to summer camping!

        Becky Caesar with Jim and the furry kids Timber, Augie & Cledus

        Athens, OH

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