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1949Re: [thehappycampers8-D] Summer Camping Weather

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  • Elizabeth Allbright
    Aug 10 9:14 AM
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      Hi Beth,

      We moved from Santa Barbara to the northern California gold country to be closer to hubby's parents for a while. We don't have an RV anymore, a power line fell on it in Santa Barbara and blew it up. Seriously bad...fried the wiring throughout.
      Anyway, we've made few 4-wheel drive trips up into the Sierra Nevada outback to tent camp in the hidden lakes and wilderness. It's been cooler up there without being too extreme.
      I had that heart surgery done about 5 years ago. I was terrified as there are some big risks...but it went off without a hitch and I haven't had a problem since. I had what they call: Supraventricular hypertachycardia. (My heart would start beating SUPER fast and not really pumping anything.)
      I hope your surgery goes well. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

      On Aug 10, 2013 7:45 AM, "happycamperbeth" <bthm63@...> wrote:

      I'm just wondering if anyone else has found their camping plans altered by this summer's weather. Between heat and heavy rains, I've more or less given up on trying to do much until after Labor Day, when at least the hot spells should be dying down. (And, hopefully, the campgrounds and parks will be less crowded!)

      Of course, work loads and lots of medical appointments have cramped my style, too. My 4th of July week off was abruptly taken up with a sudden work emergency (Grrr! }:-( Someone else didn't do their job!) so now, I'm trying again for the first week of September. I'm hoping the late summer weather will cooperate and to get in a lot of short camping trips between now & November, when I'm going to have to have a procedure done where my cardiologist is going to cauterize part of my heart. (This has been a summer of a gazillion tests as the doctor tries to get to the bottom of my long-time irregular heart beat. Now he thinks they can "kill" the part of of my that is misbehaving so that it will beat properly! In the meantime, since my camper, Parnassus, is my only vehicle, most of it's road trips since being purchased in April have been to take me to various medical appointments. I'll be glad when this is over!)

      I'm trying to be patient... I guess I'm especially eager to camp since it's been two years since I've gone and now I have my Parnassus and I'm excited to take her out on her first adventure.

      ~ Beth

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